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Casualty: Fellowship or fiancéeship?

(Series 33, ep. 20 by Rebecca Wojciechowski 19.1.19) My full review of this episode can be found over at Metro, but before you go I have a couple of things to add.

– I found myself pondering, not for the first time and probably not for the last, exactly where Holby is supposed to be these days. How far from Manchester is it? Would a long distance relationship between Holby-based Ethan and Manchester-based Alicia have been so difficult? I suppose when you factor in the long shifts etc, it might have been.

– And what did the fine hospitals of Manchester make of Connie’s conviction that Ethan going there would be ‘career suicide’? Surely there’d be an opening somewhere, with a possibility of career progression, for an experienced ED doctor?

– So many questions, but the fact remains that George Rainsford and Chelsea Halfpenny did a beautiful job with this storyline, considering that until this week I was not quite certain that they were even a proper couple. The ending was suitably tear-jerking. I was just glad that Charlie wasn’t in this episode, because Charlie saying goodbye to beloved colleagues totally does me in.


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Casualty: Our hero

image(Series 32, ep. 30 by Rebecca Wojciechowski 31.3.18) What a sad, touching episode. Lovely nurse Robyn and her equally lovely brand new husband Glen ended up back at Holby ED much quicker than anyone hoped or anticipated after Glen had a seizure and Robyn crashed their car.

It soon became clear that Glen’s condition was worse than anyone had thought, and he only had days to live at the very most – probably only hours. Plans were put in place to allow him to die at home, with Robyn, Charlie and Duffy in support (the Rolls Royce of palliative care), but poor Glen didn’t even get that far and passed away at Holby.

This was heart-rending stuff, with particularly poignant performances by Owain Arthur and Amanda Henderson as the newlyweds. As with the death of Arthur Digby on Holby, this was something that affected the entire cast, and there was a similar gathering of supportive colleagues at the end, as everyone decided to keep vigil in support of their friends. And, like Digby, it wasn’t all doom and gloom. That wasn’t Glen’s personality, and he said he felt liberated by the knowledge that his death was imminent, rather than being the dreaded cloud on the horizon like it had been for so long.

Elsewhere, a doctor with red hair whose name I don’t know disagreed with Dylan’s diagnosis of a patient and managed to out him as an alcoholic in the process. Army Dr Sam wasn’t pleased to learn he’d kept that a secret from her during their brief marriage.

Read about Casualty/Holby crossovers in the official Holby City book – out now. More info here


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Holby City: Happy families

jac jasmine holby(Series 18, ep. 46) Jac has apparently been away on some happy-clappy retreat thing with Emma (can you imagine it? No, me neither). The short-term effect was to make her smile a lot and be all co-operative and amenable with her colleagues, and it didn’t last long. There was no long-term effect.

Any thought of peace and good will to all got blown out of the water as soon as she discovered the identity of her new F1. Jasmine, who’d been bouncing about like a medically-trained puppy and impressing Jac with her knowledge and her keenness, didn’t wait all that long before telling Jac who she really is – her half sister. Jac’s reaction was about what we’d expect, given her relationship with the toxic Paula. “If anyone finds out we’re related, you’ll never work in medicine again,” Jac told her sister.

It’s going to be fascinating to watch how the relationship between these two evolves. Jasmine said that she hadn’t had an easy time with Paula – including not knowing that she was dying. I can’t imagine Jasmine giving up easily, either, even though Jac has gone into her usual state of emotional armour-plating. Meanwhile, Jasmine is consoling herself with Oliver Valentine.

In what was a very well-crafted episode, Selfie was at the same time struggling with his own issues with his mother. Valerie died in the operating theatre, and in the conversation that followed it was clear that Jac and Selfie have more in common than either of them would like to think. It’s part of what attracted them to each other (though I didn’t really buy that attraction at the time, but that’s because I don’t think anyone but Joseph is good enough for Jac) and it’s part of what makes Jac hate him so much. In fact she hates him so much that even though he offered to leave (having said he would to try and persuade Jac to do a Herzig procedure on Valerie), Jac said she didn’t want him to. She wants him gone, but on her terms: “I will get rid of you, and it will be painful.”  Continue reading

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Casualty: It’s a special place

duffy casualty(Series 30, ep. 39) Once again, Duffy is back in Holby ED. And, once again, she neglected to tell her oldest and bestest friend Charlie Fairhead that she was back, but as soon as they clapped eyes on each other they went all warm and wistful. Actually, every time nobody was looking apart from we viewers at home, Duffy was looking a little worried. What problems have pursued her from New Zealand only time will tell.

I’m not actually a huge Duffy fan. Cathy Shipton is an excellent actress, but as a character I’ve always found Duffy’s saintliness a bit much. The way she sat with a man who thought he was about to lose his second child but instead lost his wife would have totally creeped me out – she’s just too intense. And she keeps gazing radiantly about her, telling everyone how special Holby is.  Continue reading

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Holby City: Please not Digby!

digby holby(Series 18, ep. 25) This was the most beautifully written and acted episode. The scenes between Dominic and Digby were heartbreakingly perfect as Dominic was the one to discover that his friend’s cancer had spread. The moment when he put Digby’s glasses on for him was such a tender expression of his care and Digby’s vulnerability – I had to make a very big effort not to cry loud snotty tears, particularly as I was watching it on a train. Beautiful, Hanssen-level acting from David Ames and Rob Ostlere.

adele holbyElsewhere, Adele was very committed to neurosurgery. We knew this because she said so every five minutes. It took the death of her old holiday rep friend, Denise Welch, to make her realise that she wasn’t that committed to neurosurgery after all. After a glittering career progression in which she’s been expert in everything from hearts to brains to radio presenting, she’s finally found her true calling in the world of palliative care. Unbelievably, Holby is not the centre of palliative care excellence (well, they can’t be brilliant at every specialism), so she’s off to The Mythical King/St/Whatever John’s to be trained. Or to train them, because she’s bound to know better.

cara raf holbyAnd lovely Nurse Cara Martinez finally plucked up the courage to ask Dr Raf Not Smug on a date (a proper date, not involving Fletch and the Fletchlings) – but then realised that she wasn’t over her miserable husband, Jed ‘Alias’ Martinez, who has been banged up for five years. This has prompted Cara to seek a new post on Darwin. 


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Holby City: Lots of pain caused by small things

mo william holby(Series 18, ep.5) Mo Effanga is a wonderful character. She’s strong, skillful, feisty, funny – and she can break your heart. So it did seem a bit odd a few weeks ago that she seemed to give wee William back to his father without too much of an effort and quickly console herself with quiz night. Where was the big emotional leave-taking?

They were saving it up for this week. Faced with the possibility that William might be going to live with his granny Viv (Sorcia’s mother, with whom Sorcia had had a difficult relationship), Mo and the little boy got in her funny pink car and headed off. She didn’t seem to have much of a plan – by then she was operating completely on instinct and emotion and wasn’t thinking much at all. Mr T, who knows her better than most, tracked her down to the local bus station.  Continue reading


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Holby City: Fletch’s life of crime

fletch digby holby(Series 17, ep.40) I wouldn’t have wanted to have been a patient on AAU last night. The most senior doctor and nurse available were both bundles of nerves and distractedness.

In Digby’s case, I’m still not exactly sure what’s the matter with him. He did say that Morven is “driving him mad,” plus he was super-keen not to have to summon on-call back up, who happened to be Connie Beauchamp (Morven thinks with that name Connie must be like a little mouse nibbling cheese. She’ll learn). During a day spent totally ignoring the machines when they went beep and staring into space with a look of terror, Digby mentioned a time when he was the cause of an accident which really hurt someone he loved. Is the car crash that he, Hanssen, Malick and Chantelle were involved in still haunting him? I need to know, because he’s popping pills and he’s just not himself.  Continue reading


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