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Casualty: Iain in control

Casualty - Series 33 - Ep30(Series 33, ep. 33 by Barbara Machin 27.4.19) For my long review of this stunning episode, pop yourself over to Metro. But first…

– This episode was so good that I reckon there’s mileage to be had in yet another Casualty spin-off series, this time set in ambulance control.

– I liked how most of the attention was on the control room and specifically Iain, but to break it up we saw glimpses of what was happening at the scene – enough to feel involved but also to share Iain’s feeling of frustration and helplessness.

– When Iain was talking to Rox and realising he had more care for other people than he does for himself was a brilliantly dramatic moment, and Michael Stevenson played it perfectly.

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Casualty: Oh brother

(Series 31, ep. 33) Last week we left Dr Lily Chao unconscious in a car park somewhere. Luckily, this week Gem called an ambulance, and it wasn’t long before Iain and Jez were on the scene. Lily arrived in the ED all confused and shouty, which is normally a very bad sign indeed.

A CT scan showed that nothing terrible was amiss, so hurrah and phew and that. But it had been widely publicised (there’s such a thin line between whetting your appetite for a show and giving so much away that you may as well not watch it) that someone would die. So if not Lily,who?  Continue reading


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Casualty: Waterloo sunset

(Series 31, ep. 32) Rebecca Ryan, who plays Iain’s sister Gem, was previously in Waterloo Road. Anyone who watched Waterloo Road for more than a few episodes will know that what pissed-off and pissed-up teenagers tend to do is drive stolen cars in circles around car parks. It happened so often in Waterloo Road that it became A Thing. And it seems that Waterloo Road’s effects rub off on its cast members. Tom Chambers is currently reprising his role as head teacher Max Tyler (while reprising his role as Mister Strachan), and Rebecca Ryan is still being a disgruntled and misunderstood teenager (or early twenties, possibly).  Continue reading


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Waterloo Road: Undone, by a sat nav and a Regency Hotel pen

(Series 7, Ep.19) The secret love of Michael Byrne and Sian Diamond is a secret no more. Jez’s suspicions were confirmed by his supposed-to-be-clever wife forgetting to erase the recent locations on the car’s sat nav. When it showed that Sian had been overnighting at the Regency Hotel rather than comforting a fed-up mate, and when a Regency Hotel pen turned up on Michael Byrne’s desk, Jez put two and two together and showed it’s not only maths teachers who can do sums. Then he punched Michael, and PLA Jr and I cheered. Well, he’s had it coming, and he has such a punchable face. The Regency Hotel had another visitor, in the shape of Linda Radleigh, who has taken to skulking in the corridors and sending little notes to Michael. What a deeply weird woman she is. But maybe not as weird as Sian, who is Jaye Jacobs and therefore stunningly beautiful. What on earth does she see in Michael Byrne? Not much of a catch, is he?

One man who is a catch is the utterly magnificent and wonderful Ronan Burley. He’s leaving soon, and I’ll miss him a lot. This week he had a poor misunderstood girl throwing herself at him. It wasn’t Vicki, it was another one. This was pupil-with-issues-of-the-week Andi O’Donnell. She was the daughter of a local radio presenter whose USP was talking in a cheesy voice (ok, that’s not particularly U for a radio presenter) and being very confessional about her personal life and her family. This included telling all of her listeners that her 15-year-old daughter was a virgin and had never even been on a date. Andi’s classmates had never twigged that Andi was this woman’s daughter. Probably because they’d never seen her before this week (we’d have noticed her because of her lurid hair extensions). But when Mommy Dearest was invited to broadcast from the school as part of this week’s Controversial New Initiative, Andie was humiliated in front of the whole school.

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Waterloo Road: Long live WR!

(Series 7, Ep.10) Whenever I think of Chris Mead, I shall picture him bounding like a young gazelle across Formby sands in pursuit of Finn and Amy. It was a magnificent feat of athleticism, and one which he reprised in the final episode of this term, as he jogged gamely along the platform at Manchester Piccadilly Station to save Scout and Our Little Liam from evil drug dealer types. Not a hair out of place. Breathtaking. Scout, however, was less impressed. She didn’t want to go into “curr.” She curred so much about not going into curr that she made Denzil swurr not to tell anyone that she was planning to take Liam, a fistful of drugs money and a packed lunch to That London on a train. But Denzil is a curring type of lad and he’s seen the documentaries, so he told Chris what was going on.

Chris’s hasty departure from the school premises in pursuit was badly timed for Karen, who was busy trying to impress school inspector Alison (Tracy-Ann Obermann). Throw in Finn, Josh, Amy and Lauren taking a turn around the school car park in Tom Clarkson’s car, via the cycling proficiency class helmed by nervous cyclist Daniel Chalk, and you have all the makings of what most school inspectors would term “failure.” “Your deputy head just seriously undermined your authority, minutes after four of your pupils were caught joyriding,” summed up Inspector Alison. Put that way, it didn’t sound good.   Continue reading


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Waterloo Road: From now on, it’s strictly professional

(Series 7, Ep.9) Last night’s Waterloo Road reminded me of an episode (any episode) of Brothers & Sisters, where everyone starts off promising they “won’t tell Mom,” and five minutes later somebody tells Mom and all hell breaks loose.

Chris Mead didn’t promise he wouldn’t tell his mom anything, but he did promise Karen that he’d be on his best behaviour, and in particular he’d steer clear of any contact with Scout that wasn’t classroom-related. “From now on, it’s strictly professional,” he told his boss. But that was before Scout’s feckless mother (Lisa Riley) decided to have a bit of “me time” by leaving Scout and her three year old brother to fend for themselves while she went on holiday with her latest bloke. Scout couldn’t risk not going to school, so she left little Liam parked in front of In The Night Garden while she went off to do some gardening herself, courtesy of a community initiative overseen by Kelly Crabtree from Corrie (Tupele Dorgu, whom I would love to see joining Waterloo Road on a permanent basis).

Scout wasn’t the only reluctant gardener with thoughts elsewhere. Eleanor Chaudery, who’d been co-opted because a female staff member was needed, was completely out of her comfort zone in wellies. She was a troubled soul, too – it seems that enjoying the pleasures of Tom Clarkson had made her rethink the way she’d been telling tales about Karen to the Slimeball from the local authority.   Continue reading


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Waterloo Road: Scout’s honour


(Series 7, Ep.9)  If doctors make the worst patients, then surely teachers make the worst pupils. Has Chris Mead not learned anything, either from his own life or anyone else’s? Look at the mess he got into trying to help out Vicki when she was pole dancing. Look at the mess Cesca Montoya got into when she confiscated drugs and didn’t tell anyone. Look at how cross Karen got with him for not sharing his concerns over the mysterious Evie.

But he’s got a heart of gold, has our Chris. If we hadn’t seen the inside of his flat for ourselves, when Jess was trying to re-seduce him, I would picture it stuffed full of stray kittens and other unwanted pets. He’s one of life’s born rescuers. This week he tried to rescue Josie “Scout” Allen, she of the unwashed hair and aptitude for maths. It turns out that the unwashed hair etc (but probably not the aptitude for maths) is because she lives with a feckless lump of a mother who is happy for her to supplement the family income by being a drugs courier. And having a paper round.   Continue reading


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