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Holby City: The vanishing smile

(Series 19, ep. 54 ‘Thicker Than Water’ by Peter Mattessi 17.10.17) Everyone was having fun with Swedish in this episode, in which we learned that a name that’s spelled Sjoberg is pronounced something like Herbery. Holby is so educational.

Anna (pronounced ‘Anna’) Sjoberg/Herbery (Linda Ekman) was at Holby with a mystery illness, which Fredrik diagnosed pretty brilliantly. The diagnosis seemed slightly less brilliant when we discovered that he had previous knowledge of this patient, and indeed her arrival at Holby was no coincidence. It was all part of his trial of a fictional wonder drug, and his attempt to get Hanssen to put his official stamp of approval on a phase 4 trial of it.  Continue reading


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Holby City: We’ll always have Radiohead

(Series 19, ep. 33 ‘Enigma’ by Peter Mattessi) It’s a rare staff member who doesn’t get surprised at the hospital by their secret past turning up at some time or another. Just look at Ric Griffin – and we will look at him a little later, the naughty man.

Lofty got his ‘secret past surprise’ very early in his Keller career, considering he only started last week. When a new patient, Lenny, arrived on the wards there were some meaningful looks exchanged between him and Lofty from the outset. They were “family friends” they said, but this hid a more complicated truth. Eventually Lofty admitted that he’d been engaged to Lenny’s sister, Alice, but jilted her at the altar. No wonder Lenny seemed angry. In fact, Lenny seemed very angry indeed. I really liked this character – he was a bit of a bad boy, an ex drug user, the kind of person who’ll break the rules to have a cigarette in the staff room, but loyal and in his way very charming. His sister, when she turned up, was also lovely and you could see why Lofty had been attracted to her. But the real attraction was Lenny. They’d had a little Moment at a Radiohead concert and it was enough to convince Lofty that he had no business getting married to Alice. He really loved her, but not the way he loved Lenny.  Continue reading


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Holby City: Take your hands out of the patient

zosia-holby(Series 19, ep. 2) I like these episodes that start with a dramatic thing at (or near) the end, and then go back in time to what led up to it. This one started with Zosia coming out of an operating theatre, looking upset and distracted. When we flashed back to six hours earlier, she was all poised and confident and doing brilliant things in surgery. What could have happened in just six hours to effect such a drastic change?

Part of the problem was Zosia’s own mental health. The death of Michael Malone last week seemed to take the lid off a whole lot of bottled up emotions, and as she’s done in the past, Zosia’s coping mechanism was to throw herself into her work.

Overhearing a conversation between the superficially charming (never trust a Tristan) Tristan Wood and the completely charmless (don’t trust him as far as you can throw him) Selfie, Zosia discovered that plans were afoot (again) to snatch away one of the Darwin theatres for neuro.  Continue reading


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