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Casualty: Who’s going to play him in the movie?

(Series 36 ‘Balancing the Scales’ by Simon Norman 5.3.22) Please head over to Metro for my review. But first…

Line of the week: (Marty knows how to deal with a bigot) ‘[We’ll get to you] straight after the Polish gays, the gypsy bar-mitzvah and the non-binary bus crash, how’s that?’

Line of the week 2: (Stevie is unimpressed by Matthew) ‘Who’s going to play you in the movie?’

This episode was quite like a movie, in fact. The flashback sequences were very cinematic.

There’s something about Matthew that makes it hard for me to sympathise with him. I never feel like we get under the skin of his character somehow, and frankly he should have been suspended at least twice in this episode alone.

Whereas I couldn’t love Rash more. He’s gentle and kind and always ready to help other people.

And Marty dealt beautifully with his horrible old patient and his son.

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Casualty: Summat different

(Series 36, ‘Warning Signs’ by David Bowker 2.10.21) Pop along to read my review in Metro, but before you go…

Line of the week: (I’ve already quoted it in Metro but I loved Teddy’s reaction to being called to a crossbow incident) ‘That’s great! It’s just summat different in’t it?’

I wonder when we’ll find out exactly what happened to Matthew in Africa?

Looks like he’s going to be around for a good long time, as he now has a permanent job in the ED.

But heaven help him if he ever gets on the wrong side of Stevie. He may wish to be back in Africa.

And I’m very worried about Rash. Hafsa may be even more scary than Stevie.


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