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Love, Nina: Don’t ever give her socks

love ninaBritish comedies with a central female character usually fall into two camps. If she is young, she must be impossibly cute and winsome; the main premise being her woeful love life, her quest to get hitched, or her attempts to have a baby. If she is older, it’s possibly all of the former, but more likely her status within her family, her juggling of her exceedingly busy life, or her illicit affair with Roger from Number 36. What drew me to the five-parter ‘Love, Nina’ was that it was less about her traditional role as female and more about a young person coming of age in London in the early eighties, working as a nanny for an eccentric family.

Faye Marsay was the titular heroine, a fairly under the radar actress, who will no doubt pop up more in the future. Cute, but not impossibly so, she captured that sense of gangling awkwardness of the just turned twenty but still feeling like a little girl and not quite knowing how to be grown-up. Padding barefoot between the supermarket, her yoga class and her almost-boyfriend Nunney’s house while trying to fathom her place in the brave new world she found herself in was captivating. She often puts her bare foot in it, frequently embarrassing herself, or acting thoughtlessly, but still very endearing.  Continue reading


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Box Set of Lust

rob loweNo, Nick Hornby, it’s not just boys that can do nerdy list making. An idle and extremely pleasant pastime for a soggy summer day is to take a favourite box set series and list the objects of lust. Then, put them in order of whom you’d like to shag first. West Wing is my favourite box set of lust. Ah, Aaron Sorkin, you spoil us with your marvellous world of sexy, smart White House staff.

jed bartletThe most fanciable varies depending on what series I’m re-watching, but diminutive as he may be, Martin Sheen/Jed Bartlet is always near the top. I just wish he was the real leader of the Free World. And my world come to that. Then there’s his fictional wife, the slinky Abigail Bartlet played by Stockard Channing, forever the fabulous vamp from Grease.

 cjAllison Janney is glorious as the lean, witty and magnificent C.J. Cregg.  Having more than one character at once, or indeed in any combination, is allowed of course. 


 I’ve had some delicious and utterly filthy discussions about the slightly translucent quality of naked flesh of redhead, Josh Lyman/Bradley Whitford. Then there’s Rob Lowe as Sam Seaborn, although I’m not such a fan of the white t shirt under the shirt look he favours. Toby Ziegler is a melancholic, laconic man of unexpected flashes of dark wry intelligence and humour. And in later series, of course, we have the tall Latino joy that is Jimmy Smits.

Never mind the stylish fastpaced ‘walk and talks’ for which the series is so well known. Stuff Bill Clinton. What we’d like is an orgy on the immaculate carpet of the Oval office.

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