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Holby City: A tough gig for a privileged young white man

Holby City S22 - Ep23

(Series 22, ep. 23 by Nick Fisher 28.7.20) I’ve fully checked this episode’s vital signs over at Metro as usual, so please go and take a look. But before you do that…

– I very much enjoyed John Barrowman’s guest appearance. The character was funny, nicely disruptive and fitted in to Holby world just fine.

– He certainly had the measure of Cameron, too.

– Surely someone is going to realise soon that stitches only fall out when Cameron is in charge of a patient’s after care?

– I think my favourite part of the episode was the Ric/Sheena story. It was so delicately done, with him encouraging her not to settle for second best and to value herself. Sheena herself was lovely.

– But I wasn’t expecting Ric’s brain tumour to still be causing problems, and now I’m worried that it’ll be something Max can’t handle for some reason so Selfie will be called in. And we know how he feels about Ric…

– Dominic was very wise in the things he was saying to Sacha, whose behaviour in this episode really was selfish. I can understand him being terrified of losing Essie, though. How will he be able to cope with losing her?

– Someone wondered on Facebook whether Essie’s death episode would be as heartbreaking as Arthur Digby’s. I’m still not over that years later, so I hope not. But in a way I hope it is, if you know what I mean. What I really hope is that it won’t happen at all.

– What was worse, drugged-up Kian in charge of Emma or drugged-up Kian in charge of a scalpel?

– Dialogue of the week: (Jac to Kian) ‘I’m the scariest doctor in this hospital. Agreed?’ (Kian) ‘Actually, you have national scope.’


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Holby City: You did all you could but not enough

dinner holby 21

(Series 22, ep. 21 by Ed Sellek 14.7.20) Have a look at my review of this episode over at Metro, if you please. But before you go…

– The Mythical HR Department of Holby City Hospital have surely done their least impressive work yet by giving Useless Tracey a job in Pulses. If they find their muffin stocks are depleting much faster than usual, I think we’ll know where to point the finger.

– Louis sent Nicky a playlist! How adorable he is.

– But he wasn’t very well rewarded by being invited to the dinner party from hell.

– Oh my lord. Essie. And Sacha! I’m so sad.

– That cupcake did look really nice though.

– Mr/Dr Schrader’s operation looked terrifying. But isn’t Donna a fabulous nurse?

– But there is no way she’d have left that glass of wine untouched.


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Holby City: More of the same? He can Dunn that

Holby City S22 - Ep19

(Series 22, ep. 19 by Katie Douglas 30.6.20) For a full and frank review of this episode, please visit Metro. But before you go…

– I loved this episode – there was so much going on. There was high emotion from Essie, dastardly deeds from Cameron and a whole lot more.

– Cameron has really crossed the line now and has gone the full ‘mwah-ha-ha.’ Methodically picking apart Ange’s stitching was entirely sick and twisted. It was one of those situations where you can’t quite believe what you’re seeing. I loved it (but then my benchmark of high amusement is American Horror Story). And his muttering that he can do more of the same suggests we’re in for even more ‘I can’t believe what he just Dunn’ scenes before he gets his (almost) inevitable comeuppance.

– I wonder what the side effects of Nicky’s next drugs trial will be? Last time she had sausage fingers. Let’s hope whatever it is doesn’t happen when she’s home alone with Callous Cameron, otherwise she may not survive.

– Louis and Nicky. Is that going to be a Thing, or just good friends?

– Essie broke my heart repeatedly in this episode. When she watched Sacha carrying baby Isla down the stairs away from her, you knew exactly what she was feeling.

– I really like the new Evie. In fact I like her as much as the old Evie, and I liked her a lot.

– I also really like Louis, especially how he always steps up to defend his mum.

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Holby City: Not giving up

Holby City S22 - Ep16

(Series 22, ep. 16 by Phil Mulryne 9.6.20) Pop to Metro for a thorough review of a cracking episode. But before you do that…

  For all the reasons I’ve stated in Metro, I think the decision to have both Essie and Fletch ill with cancer at the same time is an excellent one. Usually on soaps a person with cancer is given a mentor friend that they meet during a chemo session and who typically dies. It’s so much more interesting to make two characters who both have a relationship and history with each other and the viewer go through this together. Though I’m fervently hoping that neither Essie nor Fletch will die because I don’t want to lose either of them.

– All the acting applause to Alex and Kaye this week.

– Is it Kian’s turn to go through the storyline I like to call ‘My Drugs Hell’? The path previously trodden by Connie Beauchamp, Eddie McKee, Michael Spence and Mark ‘Jesus’ Williams, to name but a few?

– I was glad to see Louis back, and that Max took some tentative steps towards accepting him. I also liked his kindness and calmness when he was dealing with Millie’s snagged drip.

– And as two of the nurses have gone down with cancer, that would leave Donna as the sole speaking nurse (apart from in the ED). Louis is a welcome reinforcement to the talking nurse ranks.

– Did you spot Cameron making goo-goo eyes at Selfie? If that lad adopts Selfie as a role model we could see him going from part-time villain to full-blown Mwah-Ha-Ha in no time at all.

– Jac and Sacha’s Batman conversation was sweet. They really are Holby’s best couple.

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Holby City: You did a beautiful, beautiful thing

Holby City S22 - Ep15(Series 22, ep. 15 by Becky Prestwich 2.6.20) It’s back! And I’m back on Metro reviewing it so please have a look. But before you go…

– I absolutely love John Michie as Guy Self and I’m really glad they keep finding ways to bring him back. Despite everything he’s been through, despite the little mention of Zosia and his grandchild, he’s still an ego on a stick and I love that.

– I love Kian too, but as always when Jac embarks on a new romance I find myself conflicted because as far as I’m concerned Joseph is the only man for her. Though of course we wouldn’t want her to waste her life pining and waiting for Faye to get bored of him again.

– Sacha is adorable. He warmed Essie’s socks on the radiator!

– When Essie asked Fletch to come dancing with her I found myself pondering for far too long over what kind of dancing that would be. A techno rave? An American Smooth under a glitterball? A side-to-side shuffle around Essie’s handbag to Kajagoogoo at a retro disco at Albie’s?

– But I am worried about Fletch though.

– Was getting Donna to delete Zav’s message the wormiest thing that Cameron has done so far? Has the man no shame? Luckily what he lacks in shame he also lacks in knowledge of how mobile phones work.

– Hanssen’s face in response to mention of the Kardashians!

– Fraser Ayres was brilliant as Alan, Selfie’s patient. The pain and distress he was in looked absolutely real.

– Jason so often knows the right thing to say or do when people are grieving. He doesn’t overthink or second-guess how people are feeling and how they’ll respond, he just goes with what he thinks will help and it almost always does. ‘You did a beautiful, beautiful thing,’ as The Radiant Donna told him.

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Holby City: Cameron Dunn more bad things

cameron donna holby 10(Series 22, ep. 10 by Isla Gray 10.3.20) Pop yourself to Metro to read my review of the episode. But before you go…

– Cameron gets worse every week. He used to be so lovely that I was pleased the glorious Morven fell for him. He certainly wouldn’t be an acceptable Digby replacement these days.

– I miss Digby. My Pilates teacher still plays the Digby dying music during classes, so I think of him on at least a weekly basis. And normally when my knees are higher than my head.

– ‘Where do we all go when we’re having a crisis?’ Dom said when Ben went AWOL. ‘Aha!’ said everybody’s facial expression and Essie headed off purposefully. I’d have headed purposefully for the roof – surely that is where people go to have crises on Holby? It’s even taken over the basement as the crisis venue of choice these days. But no, Ben was in Albie’s and Essie knew this.

– I did feel sorry for Jason. He really didn’t want to get Cameron or himself in trouble, but he just can’t lie. I really hate the fact that Cameron is using this against him.

– Poor Fletch! That man deserves a nice lie down.

– Nurse Tayo was lovely and very competent. I hope we’ll see her again.

– It seems that Nicky has already started the drugs trial – she said she was probably in the placebo group. This means she probably isn’t and she’ll start getting sweaty and weird very soon.

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Holby City: The one where Cameron is even more of a tit than he was last week

cameron julia parker holby 6 heather bleasdale copy(Series 22, ep. 6 by Claire Miller 11.2.20) Bob over to Metro to read my full review of this episode. But first…

– Cameron is turning into a Nasty Piece of Work, isn’t he? I don’t like it. I liked him when he was sweet and a bit shy. And as for his attitude to Chloe – run, Chloe, run!

– It’s excellent news that Jac is getting her mojo back. We need to see her back where she belongs – elbows-deep in chest cavities*.

– Obviously Ben and Essie aren’t going to last long. He’s an uptown uptempo man and she’s a downtown downbeat gal as the song almost went (google it), at least as far as cuisine goes.

– Line of the week: (Sacha outlines the day’s work) ‘Back to back hernia electives!’ (Dominic) ‘Be still my weakened abdominal wall.’

– Line of the week 2: (Jac) ’As long as everything’s exactly the way I want, I’m totally flexible.’

– Line of the week 3: Jac brings Fletch a sandwich. (Fletch) ‘As a thank you?’ (Jac) ‘As a sandwich.’


* Thanks Geoff


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Holby City: The person who made him who he is

cameron holby 4(Series 22 ep. 4 by Davey Jones 28.1.20) You can read my somewhat long review of this episode over at Metro. But before you go…

– I’ve actually said pretty much everything in the somewhat long Metro review, but I will admit that I struggled to find a polite word to describe Cameron’s behaviour. It wasn’t so much what he did in the lift, it was the way he deliberately manipulated Jason afterwards. He’s going to have to work very hard to get back in my good books after that.

– Maria’s story was heartbreaking, and well done to Holby for marking Holocaust Memorial Day in this way. Maria was a beautiful character and the story was really one of love and hope.

– One thing I missed from the Metro review was Nicky taking a sickie from Holby to do a locum shift at the Mythical St James’s (which may be Mythical but its name badges are Real). That’s going to come back and bite her in no time at all.

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Holby City: Evan’s back! Dead!

19076400-low_res-holby-city(Series 21, ep. 44 ‘Hubble Bubble’ by Joe Ainsworth 29.10.19) Pop over to Metro to peruse this week’s review. But first…

– You’d have assumed things would have gone back to normal after the craziness of last week, but you’d be wrong. It’s Halloween, so we must have ghosts. Evan was a very good ghost (he even did that twitch thing that he started to do in the cottage-in-the-country episode).

– I’d have also enjoyed a Ghostly Gaskell, but you can’t have everything.

– They keep showing Joseph in the ‘Previously’ sections (thank you, Holby people) – so I think we have to blame a lot of Jac’s mental anguish on her heartbreak at having to deal with losing him yet again. I can relate.

– Bernie (whom we and Cameron have to deal with losing on a gradual and weekly basis) has now taken her rightful place in the Linden Cullen Memorial Shrubbery where her remains will be free to drift around the delightful landscape and possibly settle as a fine dust on the Raf Di Lucca Memorial Lump.

– It was nice of Cameron to offer Serena a bit of ash and also nice of her to refuse (‘She was your mother’), but what about his sister Charlotte? Did she have no view as to her mother’s final resting place?

– I hope Jac’s getting lawyered up ready to fight That Stacey and the Man with the Missing Balls for custody of Emma.

Dominic was so sweet with the trick-or-treat kids. It seems to be Lofty who has the problem with impending fatherhood, which is inconvenient to say the least.

Line of the week: (Ric, on possibly meeting the health minister) ‘I must remember to wear my formal pyjamas.’ 

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Holby City: Ric’s a great-granddad, even if he isn’t a great granddad

Holby City(Series 21, ep. 38 ‘Circle of Life’ by Alison Hume 17.9.19) Leap like a gazelle over to Metro to see my review of this episode. But before you go…

– I’m very cross with the unspeaking lady in Pulses for not letting Cameron have those milkshakes. He had his ID badge on, she could have got the money back from him any time. And poor Darla looking all unwell and pregnant too. Jobsworth.

– Plus, why didn’t Cameron just bob back to AAU to borrow some money from Donna or Zav? Or from flatmates Chloe and Nicky up on Darwin? Of course the answer is Plot Reasons.

– Because if Darla had hung around to enjoy her refreshing milkshake she’d have given birth in Pulses with hordes of doctors and nurses and porters and trolleys and Fleur Fanshawe close to hand, and it wouldn’t have been half as dramatic.

– I don’t want Ric to be all shouty and making mistakes all over the place. I want him to be his usual calm, dignified self. I’m sure he wants that, too. His confusion while Darla was giving birth was really hard to watch.

– Sacha loves Essie to bits, doesn’t he? Deciding to cover for her about Isla was easy(ish) because she has the best motives and she is a little bit related to Isla by marriage. I really think he’d do anything for her, though.

– If I was as jumpy as Chloe is, the last place I’d want to be is a cottage in the middle of nowhere.

– Talking of Chloe, she did that semi-mystical thing again in theatre that she did once before when she restarted a baby’s heart. She’s a strange one.

– Slightly contrived line of the week: May (Keller patient’s daughter) ‘Like a black hole – cold on the inside but incredibly hot on the outside.’

Dom: ‘You’ve just described pretty much all of my exes, actually.’ But not Kyle. He was adorable.


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