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Emmerdale: A Wylde Ending


“What’s going on!?” a confused Katie asked a rather stressed looking Natasha Wylde this evening.

“It’s a long story!” replied Natasha. She’s not wrong. Tonight was a culmination of a year long saga. Here’s a brief summary:

Natasha loves Mark. Natasha has three children with Mark: Maisie, Nathan and Will. Mystery redhead turns up. She hates Mark. Mark isn’t called Mark, he’s actually Daniel and still married to redhead, called Faye, whom he left while pregnant and faked his own death. This boy, Ryan is all grown up, arrives and knows nothing. Natasha finds out. Natasha now hates Mark. Faye loves Mark again. Natasha forgives Mark. Mark has an affair with Faye. Natasha suspects. Ryan falls in love with Maisie, his half sister. Natasha catches Faye and Mark out.

If you’ve been able to keep up with all of that over the twelve months then tonight’s pay off was surely worth the wait. No soap does dramatic showdowns quite like Emmerdale and there were spectacular performances all round as Natasha found out that her husband was a cheat, Faye found out he was a selfish worm, Nathan saw his family fall apart, Ryan discovered his dead dad was alive and a slimeball and Maisie discovered that she was minutes away from sleeping with her brother.

So it was an average day in Emmerdale and no explosive showdown would be complete without another villager becoming a murderer. It was the turn of fiesty Natasha, played wonderfully by Amanda Donohoe who entered the woods to stop Mark shooting himself. However, when she found out his suicide plans were just a ruse to get some more sympathy, the red mist descended and she turned the gun on him in a glorious twist and put the git out of his misery.

Of course, this is Natasha Wylde and she even murders in a classy way. With a background of relaxing/chilling classical music playing, Natasha turned her back and trotted away in her high heels, without a backwards glance.

That's what you get...

Once you can forgive the master of wooden acting Maxwell Caulfield (yes the guy with the terrible American accent from Casualty and the lead from Grease 2. The less said about that the better!)  from delivering some occasionally cringey and hilarious performances and facial grimaces, this was top rate drama from some fine actors.

So with faked deaths, incest, punch ups, botched suicides, showdowns and murder it was a normal day in Emmerdale. Now that we’ve moved on from this, we can look forward to next week where we have a crazed stalker being hit by a speeding car.

Who said village life was quiet!?

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