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Coronation Street: The Rovers burns!

coronation street fireSo the Rovers Return as we know it is no more. Gutted (or “ga’id” as they say on EastEnders) by a fire started by the ghastly Carl, which has claimed the life of expendable only-here-for-the-plot firefighter Toni and is presumably about to claim the life of Sunita (since Shobna Gulati is no longer working for Coronation Street). Presumably it’s also claimed the memorial picture of Betty Williams that used to hang on the wall, too.

The fire scenes were rather exciting and well done, and quite amusingly juxtaposed with the team of “stripping” firefighters over at Nick’s Bistro.

Actually, most of the heat generated from the fire episodes will have been from viewers cringing with embarrassment at the sight of the likes of Factory Owner Rob, Jason the Builder and Dr Carter gyrating toplessly (and cluelessly, in most cases). I was especially shocked by Dr Carter’s behaviour. I know he’s meant to be youngish and trendyish and has already been out with Tina McIntyre (who dumped him because he was boring), but would a GP really get involved in stripping in front of his patients? If there isn’t something in the Hippocratic Oath about that, there should be. I can only thank every deity you can name that my GP hasn’t thought of doing it. Ugh.   Continue reading


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Coronation Street: Just say no

Education’s not all it’s cracked up to be, is it? Michelle sent Our Ryan away to university thinking he would come back all educated and ready to earn an honest living and that, but what’s happened? His appearance has totally changed – indeed, one might even think he wasn’t the same person any more – and he’s been thrown out of college and has taken up a cocaine habit.

The morphing into a new actor bit is a considerable improvement. Our Ryan Mark 1 bore an unfortunate resemblance to a Playmobil character and he had the acting talents to match. Ryan Mark 2 (Sol Heras) is somewhat easier on the eye and has presumably been chosen because of that and because he can handle “adult” storylines.

On the subject of which, are the Street’s citizens all so naive that nobody noticed he kept disappearing to the toilet at regular intervals and always came back with rather more of a spring in his step than when he went in? The ghastly truth of his descent into drugs hell was revealed last night when Michelle caught him at it, hoovering white powder off a toilet seat in the Rovers. The Rovers! There’s been no Class A activity in there since Becky got framed by a corrupt copper. At least we can rely on Stella to keep her surfaces clean. Who knows what he’d have inhaled in the Flying Horse? It’s all such a shock it’s no wonder poor, innocent Kylie Platt practically had a fit of the vapours when he offered her a line. The former cage dancer has apparently never been exposed to such corruption and decadence.

Elsewhere, poor Izzy has had to contend with the double trouble of a miscarriage and all the men in her life being a tad intense. It can’t be easy to find Gary looming just inches from your face at any given time.

I expect Carl is starting to feel the same about Sunita, who is trying her hardest to ignore the fact that he’s obviously not that bothered about her or her Beautiful Children and is trying to pretend she has found True Love. Really, Sunita. We know Dev has his drawbacks – a tendency to yodel in times of high emotion, a hairstyle from the 70’s and a strange enthusiasm for golf, but these are not reasons to dump him in favour of a gambling-addicted Len Fairclough lookalike who’d rather be with another woman and/or in the bookies than be with you. Have some self respect, woman.

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Coronation Street: Toast, Tragedy and Terry versus Tommy, Tina and Tirrone

Toasted cheese mishaps, community flower wars, heads banged on concrete, copious close-up buttock squeezing, coppers packing underwear instead of heat and the Platts at war…another standard week was had by all in Coronation Street.

The main item on the menu in Corrie’s big week (aside from toasted cheese and toasted Lesley) was the culmination of the ‘Terry ImageDuckworth is still a rogue’ plot twist. As he ambled around the Street trying to get his podgy paws onto Tirrone’s 9-grand, the only person with enough intelligence to see through him was, rather worryingly, Tina, which says a lot for the mentality of the other players in the storyline. With pantomime villain glares at the end of every scene and his usual unpleasant charm on show throughout, it wasn’t really difficult to figure out that Terry was less interested in a relationship with his son than Sunita is in monogamy.

Nevertheless, braindead Tommy spent his week faithfully taking on loan sharks that wouldn’t look out of place in a retirement home and pilfering money from his equally idiotic friends to pay off his devilish dad. This led to a rather painful experience (and an even more painfully executed stunt) for Tina as she fell over and bumped her head lightly, before falling asleep. This led to another trip to what must surely be a purpose built hospital set for Corrie, seeing as it has had to accommodate so many storylines recently.  Continue reading


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Coronation Street: Review of the Year

Warning: This article contains SPOILERS

Here we are at the end of another year. The mince pies have been reduced to crumbs, the Christmas tree has turned from a symbol of festivity to a reminder of work to be done and we’re still recovering from the revelation that it wasn’t a good idea to let Aunty Brenda at the bottle of port.

But no matter how eventful our years have been, we can take comfort in the fact that we haven’t endured it on Coronation Street, whose residents have had a typically traumatic twelve months. With gambling addictions, rogue charity workers, cross dressers, hapless serial killers, car crashes, UFOs, infernos, fake weddings, heads stuck in railings, sledgehammer attacks, stolen fish, brutal rapes, miscarriages, robberies, jailings, on set births,  jiltings, affairs, babies left at photoshoots, lesbian love triangles, homelessness, alcoholism, dodgy car-lifts, clingy policewomen, brain tumours, salon wars, pet deaths, drug dealers locked in fridges, rejected proposals, tram crash memorials, sackings, meltdowns and Dev, it’s been a horrific time on Coronation Street.  But, as always the disasters have been lovingly interspersed with kitchen sink drama, unbeatable comedy, warm character driven moments and a real community feel. Here is a tongue in cheek reflection of 2011 on the cobbles.

We left 2010 with a bang as a rather large, screeching tram landed on the Street and failed, once again, to kill Rita. After an extremely melodramatic week of event television, the start of 2011 was destined to be low key and more reflective of true life…so we started the year with an attempted murder on the Barlow doorstep. As Coronation Street continued it’s unfaltering bid to better Eastenders (forgetting that it always has been better), a whodunit mystery unfolded among the shrill cries of Auld Lang Syne. Nobody was very surprised when Tracy Barlow was left in a pool of blood a mere week after her return, considering she was outdoing even herself in the pantomime villainy.

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Coronation Street: Newcomer to be a lesbian?


Speculation is rife that a new character heading to Coronation Street will be a lesbian. According to reports, the daughter of new character Stella (who is rumoured to be the long lost mother of Leanne) will arrive in coming weeks and quickly be revealed as a lesbian.

Eve is due to make her first appearance on the Street alongside Stella in the summer, after Stella rescues Leanne from an armed robbery at the bookies.

The news comes amid an ongoing row that Coronation Street is relying too much on gay characters. Some representatives of the media (no prizes for guessing which ones!) have suggested that there are far too many gay characters in the show for it to be realistic. They argue that with Sian, Sophie, Sean, Marcus, James and the recent one-off appearance from Todd and his boyfriend, that Coronation Street is presenting an unrealisitc portrayal of a British street.

Personally, I tune into Corrie to get away from real life and would probably choose to look outside of my window if I wanted to see a realistic street. it’s very easy to attack the gay ‘issue’ with the realism card… but then how many streets house numerous murders and have seen two tram crashes in forty years?

Coronation Street may be based on everyday life, but of course it will never be an accurate representation of a street in any way, not just the ratio of homosexuals to heterosexuals.

What are your thoughts on the argument? Does the sudden influx of gay characters not ring true for you? Are you excited for the arrival of Stella and Eve?

Leave any thoughts you have in the comments box.

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Casualty: What really happened at the college shooting

(Series 25, Ep.7) I’m going to start like many an episode of Casualty – at the end. By the end of Saturday’s traumatic 50 minutes Simone was walking again; Simone’s mum (Cindy Beale) had agreed to drop the lawsuit against the hospital; Jeff had revealed to Dixie what happened in the college; and Adam had gently repelled the sexual attentions of Maverick Nurse Kirsty.

It started with dripping taps, and various people having flashbacks, including Devlan,  the man who did the shooting remembering childhood humiliation when the other kids laughed at him for wetting his pants. Only one little girl was nice to him and gave him a sweet – Simone. She grew up, got herself a dancing career and a hunky boyfriend and forgot all about the sad little boy, but he never forgot her and kept the sweet paper with him always – he even gave it to Ruth for safekeeping when he ended up in A&E.

Meanwhile, Maverick Nurse Kirsty decided the best thing for Simone’s psychosomatic paralysis was to take her back to the scene of the crime so she could relive the traumatic events. It was all too much for her and she ended up having a seizure, which had the double effect of getting her back to A&E where she could run into Devlan, and getting Jeff to the college where he could start to relive what had happened to him.

Both Jeff and Simone were trying to cope with their own feelings of guilt. Jeff had been attending a dying girl when the shooter appeared, and Jeff dragged the girl (now dead) behind a door and hid. He couldn’t face the idea that he’d hidden instead of trying to do something heroic.

The real coward was Simone’s boyfriend, who, when given the choice as to whether Devlan should shoot him or Simone chose Simone. Simone’s guilt came from having her finger on the trigger when the boyfriend got shot, even though it was Devlan holding it there.

Jeff failed to pick up his medal for bravery, but I’d like to give him another medal anyway for a marvellous bit of acting in these last few episodes. And for having lovely teeth.

So what was going on with Kirsty and Adam, then? A nerve-shredding day at work, simmering sexual tension and a few after work tequilas is what. She followed him to the romantic haven of the pub toilet and pounced on him. Adam politely declined. He’s a true gentleman as well as a Trueman, and just as well because it looks like Kirsty’s home life is somewhat complicated.

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Casualty: Whatever’s the matter with Jeffrey?

(Series 25, Ep.6) Warning: this review contains some nudity. And a bit of violence. And Bing Crosby.

Jeffrey, officially The Paramedic With The Nicest Teeth Ever, was supposed to help with Nick Jordan’s latest scheme – convincing the world in general and the Holby regional press in particular that Holby A&E is fabulous – by picking up an award for his heroic actions at the college siege, and by demonstrating CPR on local telly.

You’d think this would give Jeff ample opportunity and reason to demonstrate his lovely teeth by grinning in a proud and happy manner all day long, but not so. In fact Jeff was decidedly grumpy and tense throughout the episode – he even punched someone (who did deserve it). And while Dixie and Big Mac were left to do the CPR demo, Jeff was at home, curled up in the shower in a foetal postion having a good cry.

I’m guessing it’s post-traumatic stress because of what happened at the siege (which apparently we’ll discover more about next week). Despite the soothing presence of Charlie, Holby A&E really aren’t very good at dealing with upset staff – hence we had weeks of Polly being freaked out after Alistair’s suicide, and months of Adam behaving in all kinds of wacky ways after his baby died. They have an occasional staff counsellor (Toby’s boyfriend), but he seems neither use nor ornament.

Meanwhile, Adam and Maverick Nurse Kirsty are circling ever closer to each other, as they bonded over Simone (who was hurt in the siege and shot in the hospital and whose mother, Cindy Beale, is a bit of a pain).

And Lenny dumped his nasty journalist girlfriend, and looked after a patient with a brain tumour and a fondness for Bing Crosby.

Nick and Zoe watch: He had a little dig at her about her smoking, but otherwise no Nick & Zoe action to speak of. But as she sat at the bedside of a dying man, was she thinking about Nick? I’d like to think so.

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