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Holby City: Digby seizes the chance to shine

digby holby(Series 16, ep.48)  Ooh, Arthur Digby! A man of many fine qualities, including being the top F1 in the world (or thereabouts) and having the most beautiful smile in the NHS. He’s not usually what you would call dynamic, though. Indeed, he was seen sporting a rucksack with wee horsies on it in this episode and I don’t think you’d ever see Michael Spence with that kind of accessory.

But in this episode he had a moment which made me go, “Hell, yeah!” in a way I haven’t done since the aforementioned Michael Spence went on sabbatical. It was when he told Zosia to go home and followed it up with, “It’s not a request, Dr March.” Thrilling! The lad is manning up at last.   Continue reading


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