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Silent Witness: You can’t marry a man you just met

silent witness pic 6.jpg(Series 21, episode 3: part two, Graham Mitchell) Starting scenes switch seamlessly between a gormless, silent Nikki, and a loud police investigation asking, “where the hell was security?”. Our annoying British DCI has no time for Nikki’s emotions, questioning her about what had happened the night before. Something wonderful in this opening part of the episode is the subtle references to Nikki’s experience in Mexico, showing it is still an important arc. Her senses have heightened, picturing exactly what had happened, and being able to replay the muffled sounds she had heard while being trapped in the bathroom, mirroring her experiences while being trapped ‘underground’ in Mexico. Because of her personal involvement with Mr Garcia, Nikki is moved off the case, but knowing Nikki, viewers realise this won’t be for long.  Continue reading

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Material Girl: Sexing up haberdashery

Is it just me that gets a frisson every time I visit the John Lewis Haberdashery Department? Despite not being able to sew for toffee, and definitely not someone who has a designer dress habit, I do like dramas about the rag trade. Whether it’s the bitching, backbiting or plethora of eating disorders, it’s always such fun. Maybe I identify with the evil, scheming dominatrix -Meryl Streep in The Devil Wears Prada, and a fabulously over the top Dervla Kirwin in Material Girl, dressed in black with a red slash of a mouth. 

Material Girl is as frothy as a pair of tennis knickers. Basic storyline of episode 1 -genuis underling Ali gets her ideas nicked by fiendish boss Davina (Davina! What a name to choose) and rushes off to set up alone, or rather with the help of Marcus (Michael Landes), thus staging a revenge drama where you know fur, feathers and probably buttons are going to fly. It’s very *Judith Krantz but with less filthy sex so far (I suppose it is on before the watershed).

*Also a key part of my growing up, since I learned about sex from Scruples until it was confiscated by a games teacher, who returned it several months later, after which time it fell open at the rude parts.

The London settings of Material Girl (the South Bank for a bad construction of what was supposed to be a red carpet walk) reminded me a little of  Gems, a soapy drama about frocks that I used to sneak home at lunchtime to watch when I was in the sixth form. Set as it was in Covent Garden, I thought at the time that it was the height of sophistication.

I may know better now, but I still enjoy watching a good bitch fight over a fetching (or sometimes hideous) frock. Definitely shows promise.

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