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Splash!, Ripper Street, Spies of Warsaw, Cold Comfort Farm & Middlemarch


Wow! I just did a MASSIVE fart….

I dip in and out of the chlorine-scented Saturday night tosh that is Splash! There’s a kind of compellingly ghastly hypnotic draw to it. Once you switch it on, it’s hard to leave. Thank god, at least, for the ad breaks. They force me to switch channels. Especially the Wickes ad. Someone told me on Twitter that the really annoying voiceover is by the lovely Timothy Spall. How COULD he? I don’t mind the earning of filthy lucre one bit, just not by means of adverts that make me want to rip my own brain out.

One thing I quickly concluded, watching Splash!, was that Vernon Kay and Tess Daly are entirely suited to each other, in terms of their taste in clothes anyway (they are married to each other aren’t they, I’m not fantasising this?).

The choice of swimming costume that is chosen for each celeb – bling, cut-away or cover-all – depending on their age and shape – holds a gruesome fascination, for a few minutes at least. Jo Brand is always marvellous wherever she is. And I may never fully recover my pelvic floor control after watching Helen Lederer being slid into the pool on a large mat by ‘tiny trunks’ Tom Daley. My favourite tweet about Splash! said something like, ‘this is what we thought the Olympics were going to be like’.

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Spooks: Going dark for the last time

First things first. Do not read this if you haven’t already watched every second of the final (sobs) episode of Spooks. Despite my best efforts I had a thing near the end spoilered in the week and  the emotional punch was weakened as a result. (It still made me cry even harder than I already was though.)

Alright then. Into the valley of death and the vale of tears we go…

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The Spies Who Went Into The Cold – No More Spooks

As reported by various news sources today, the tenth series of Spooks to be shown this Autumn will be the last.

Because Jo The Hat would kill me if I didn't use a picture of Richard Armitage

The decision was rather unusually taken by the programme makers Kudos rather than by the BBC, on the grounds that they wanted to stop the show whilst it was still “in its prime”. Anybody who watched the most recent season may choose to strongly disagree with this statement, but still.

Despite its dip in form of late, Spooks can easily claim to be one of the most consistently brilliant dramas of the past ten years. This was due to a number of factors. Firstly, its excellent writing. Secondly, its often shocking plots. It speaks volumes that Spooks became something of a victim of its own success in this sense – you ended up expecting the unexpected, which when it happened became, er, totally expected. But the impact of killing one of its major characters in only  the first series without any warning is more than most serial dramas ever manage. Although I doubt deep-fat fryer manufacturers were quite so welcoming of this turn of events.  Continue reading


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