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Doctor Who (8.9): It really is bigger on the inside

Doctor Who Series 8 (episode 9)


[Spoilers all the way down this week]

Now that was more like it… Flatline was proper scary Doctor Who, the kind of Who that gives its youngest viewers nightmares and leaves older viewers thrilled and delighted.

You could say the basic premise is that two-dimensional creatures are wreaking havoc on Earth by experimenting with the three dimensions they are now encountering. But, you could equally say that the basic premise of Flatline was to make Clara walk in the Doctor’s shoes for an episode…

Either way, Jamie Mathieson has done an excellent job (even better than last week’s Mummy on the Orient Express).  As have the lighting crews, SFX and CGI teams, and director – Flatline looks amazing, in particular the creepy scenes in the houses and the subway murals coming to life.

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Casualty: It’s what we do best

image(Series 29, ep.5) Staff members in peril is a thing that happens a lot in Casualty. Who can forget Tess impaled on a spike, Charlie having a heart attack and Sam plummeting from the first floor? There have been too many staff traumas to mention, but it always brings out the best in Holby’s top quality A&E staff.

This week, the staff members in peril situation was dialled up to 11, as not one but five of them were involved in a nasty car crash – and a brilliantly-done car crash it was. I’m sure I lost contact with my seat for a second, it was so sudden.   Continue reading


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Casualty: That’ll teach me to miss episodes

charlie casualty(Series 29, ep.2) Dipping my toe back into the waters of Casualty after quite a long break, I found myself a bit confuzzled. I thought Jeff had left? Didn’t he go off with Stella from Corrie? Anyway, it was a pleasant surprise to see his beautiful teeth once again. My sentiments were also shared by the radiant Tamzin, who has dumped her fiancé and was last seen outside The Pub (the one Casualty staff go to because they simply aren’t welcome at Albie’s) with her face firmly attached to Jeff’s. Bless.

Someone who really ought never to leave Casualty is Charlie Off Of Casualty, though in this case my sentiments are not shared by his colleagues, who apparently can’t wait to give him a carriage clock and wave him off. The reason for this is that he’s been behaving a bit oddly recently (how can they tell?), which is partly explained by the angina that Lovely Elliot Hope was diagnosing in the “Previously…” segment – but was there also a hint that Charlie might be heading for a dementia storyline? That would be interesting.

Since I last saw Rita her hairstyle has gone a little out of control and so has she. I’ve obviously missed some big plot point concerning her former/current husband, but she was behaving in a very upset manner, getting very over-involved with a bogus rape case, and hitting the bottle. Obviously I don’t know everything that led up to this, but I found it a somewhat depressing storyline for a woman who was formerly as competent and assured as Rita.

And there was a storyline about an ageing rocker called “Tyger Wicked,” who was Britain’s answer to Iggy Pop in his day, apparently. I was going to say that “Tyger Wicked” was a completely silly and implausible name for an ageing rocker, but then I thought of Alvin Stardust. Anyway, Tyger’s presence made Max get all excited, which took his mind off missing Zoe, who is away doing Strictly Come Dancing.

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Casualty: Fletch’s heroic exit

fletch casualty(Series 28, ep.43In this episode, Tess faced my biggest train-related fear – having to sit opposite an annoying kid who whinges on about his life and makes you play table football with Skittles.

As if that wasn’t dreadful enough, the train also derailed spectacularly and Tess was left in a terrible state waiting for a knight in shining paramedic garb to come and rescue her. Cometh the hour cometh not just the expected Jeff, but also the unexpected Fletch, who told Tess he loved her before un-impaling her from whatever was impaling her and carrying her out of an exploding train carriage to safety. Hero!

tess casualtySo Tess is safe, Fletch is safe, their secret love is no secret any more, so it’s hurrah all round. Except not – because Tess, who is practically built from Moral Fibre, can’t be happy in a relationship that started off with lies and cheating and whatever. Indeed, the reason she was on the train in the first place was that she was on her way to a job interview in Birmingham, because she can’t cope with seeing Fletch and his lovely quiff day in, day out.   Continue reading


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Casualty: Connie’s new queendom

zoe jeff casualty(Series 28, ep.42) I really should make the effort to watch Casualty every week, because when I do watch it I invariably enjoy it.

This was a cracking episode. There was a dramatic helicopter crash, followed by one of those tense “the roof’s about to cave in!” moments that always sees at least one of our plucky medics in dire peril. In this case it was my favourite, Dr Zoe Hanna, who was being ably assisted by my other favourite, The Lovely Jeff. Zoe had wisely taken the option of attending a dangerous incident rather than the alternative, which was being summoned upstairs to have a chat with (my unfavourite) Selfie. 

connie casualtyBecause I don’t watch every week, I’ve missed what’s been going on with Zoe/Connie/Selfie, but from what I’ve gleaned, Selfie was just looking for an excuse to oust Zoe from the Clincal Lead job so the more ruthless and corporate Connie could take over the role. Something happened previously to ensure that Zoe was on shaky ground anyway, but this week she realised that there’s more to doctoring than Selfie’s targets and performance indicators, and she told him he ought to give the Clinical Lead job to someone who wants it. “You want it, don’t you?” she asked Connie. “Yes,” said Connie, after only the briefest of dramatic pauses just to be polite.   Continue reading


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Casualty: Too many chiefs

connie casualty(Series 28, ep.38) There really are too many chiefs in Casualty at the moment. Connie Beauchamp is still giving Zoe’s office glances that suggest she’s a short step away from ordering fabric swatches and paint charts, but she had time this week to get back to her CT roots with a bit of chest cracking and heart squeezing. This was obviously fabulous, but I couldn’t help worrying about infection risks. Surely Connie and Ash had time to pop a cap, gown and mask on, rather then just a plastic apron? When people are rushed into theatre on Darwin and Keller in an emergency the surgeon doesn’t just wander along in her/his street clothes to do the procedure? Maybe that’s just me being old fashioned.

zoe ash casualtyAnyways, apparently Ash resigned but then he unresigned again, and he’s formed a bit of an anti-Connie pact with Zoe. Like I said, too many chiefs in that place and something will have to give sooner or later.  
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Casualty: Beauchamp is back

connie casualty(Series 28, ep.31) Connie Beauchamp (Amanda Mealing, as if that needed saying) made her much anticipated return to Holby City hospital last night – albeit via the ED entrance in Cardiff rather than the Wyvern Wing entrance in Borehamwood.

She was accorded the traditional “foxy female” arrival – a taxi door opens and we see killer heels, legs clad in trousers that say “I’m here to do business – but in style,” then the full gloriousness of Connie and her new, longer hair.

She was accorded many a “Phwoar”-type glance from any male she passed and a “who is that fabulous woman?” glance from the women. The wardrobe department had also given her the most figure-flattering set of scrubs ever seen in the NHS.

The scrubs were part of the reason why I didn’t feel quite relaxed with this Casualty debut, though. I’m used to Connie only wearing scrubs in theatre. The rest of the time she’s supposed to wear something stylish and perfectly accessorised and swan from bed to bed dispensing “Let’s just wait for the test results, shall we?” brisk kindliness to the patients and snappy “Why am I still waiting for those test results?” to junior doctors and nurses.   Continue reading


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