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Doctor Who (7.4): Brian, pants and Ravens of death

I’m worried that I’m getting the seven-year itch, but I don’t honestly know if I can say to Doctor Who “It’s not you, it’s me…” I was totally cream-crackered when I watched The Power of Three on Saturday night and it didn’t do anything for me at all. Having finally rewatched it tonight I’m relieved to find that I actually quite like it – but that’s it. I don’t love it. The basic plot’s not bad, though the whole tally of the Shakri thing was a little weak (no weaker than the Tardis towing Earth halfway across the universe I guess). Jemma Redgrave used the phrase “Ravens of Death”. Matt Smith is fabulous – I can not take my eyes off him when he’s on screen. Mark Williams is great and should have been introduced ages ago. So why am I left slightly dissatisfied? There’s lots to like, and I want to like it. Answers on a postcard (or feel free to recommend a counsellor).

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Doctor Who (7.2): “Spelling it out is hereditary. Wonderful.”

I’ll be honest with you, I was a little worried that Dinosaurs on a  Spaceship would be a letdown. There was so much that could go wrong – the dinosaurs being giving only enough screen time or plot weight to justify the child-baiting episode title for a start. I should have known better of course. The second episode of the new series has made me very happy indeed.

It had its dud moments, (Queen Nefertiti like a cat on heat with the Doctor for one) but they were fleeting. Instead we got an explanation for the extinction of the dinosaurs, the chance to meet Rory’s Dad (the brilliant Mark ‘we wanna be together’ Williams (or, yes Arthur Weasley if you’re too young to remember that building society ad)), the first stirrings of sadness as our time with the Ponds shortens (a quarter of that time elapsed while you were watching this episode – assuming Steven Moffat hasn’t lied about the timing of their leaving), a chance to slam those who know the price of everything and the value of nothing and remind them not to judge everyone by their own greedy, shallow standards (here ends the Save-the-NHS-from-privatisation speech) and Rupert Graves looking damnably hot.

Here be spoilers…

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Holby City: Don’t go breaking my heart

For several weeks now The Stunningly Beautiful Dr Penny Valentine has been getting increasingly fond of Scott James (Joshua Bowman), her hunky firefighter patient who is waiting for a heart transplant. Last week she got into trouble for bringing him sandwiches, this week she got told off for bringing him a television to watch football on. Seeing a goal scored got him a bit too excited, and this is not what you want when your heart is only being kept going with the help of an electronic box.

Worse still, when Dr Penny was being pestered by a sleazebag patient (who also happened to be an old colleague of Elliott’s), Scott James leapt in to defend her, scattering heart monitor leads in his wake. How thrilling! It gave Scott a funny turn, but how could Penny resist when he asked her to join him for a snuggly Boxing Day appointment with a DVD? As long as it was something fairly sedate and not too action-packed, as we have to remember his heart could give out at any moment.

Sadly, when you’re a junior doctor there’ll always be a senior doctor to rain on your parade, and this time it was Elliott, who reminded the beautiful Pen that professional boundaries ought really to be maintained. She had to tell Scott that he’d be tackling the Quality Street on his own come the 26th.

Better Boxing Day luck for Matron and Mark “Jesus” Williams, who have arranged a post shift mince pie assignation for that day. It was a fraught episode for Matron, whose son was brought in to AAU with alcohol poisoning with a side order of ruptured appendix. Then her estranged husband (Max Farnham/Steven Pinder from Brookside) turned up, and let’s just say things between them are somewhat tense.

Not a great shift for Maria either, who was left in charge of the ward while Daisha was on a course. Naturally The Radiant Donna used this as an excuse to pop up to paeds to spread Christmas cheer among the kiddies, and Maria spent far too long sorting out a homeless woman whose pride had stopped her asking for help. That’s the thing with Maria – her heart is as shimmeringly lovely as her hair.

I’m getting increasingly upset at the non-appearance of Connie Beauchamp. We haven’t seen her or Ric for weeks now – are they possibly appearing in panto somewhere? There was no sighting of Joseph or Jac this week either (or Leslie Ash). I just hope they’re all lying down in a darkened room, limbering up for those oh-so-dramatic festive episodes.

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