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Joy of Sets: Supernatural

Dean and SamThis review comes with a disclaimer/health warning. I’m writing this having just watched eight seasons (that’s American, 22-episodes-per-season seasons) of Supernatural in less than six months (and the first five seasons were consumed in less than two months – I had to take a couple of months off to recover from what the Tumblr generation call ‘the feels’) . If I sound like a member of cult, that’s probably because to all intents and purposes, I am one.

I started watching something that was kinda X-Files meets Buffy with a (large) dash of daddy issues thrown in. By season five it became a show that will rip your heart out (if you’re human – if you’re a monster it will simply drive a stake through it).   Continue reading

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Doctor Who 6.2: The Doctor flirts, Steven Moffat teases

Regular readers will know that this is always a spoilery-blog post, but this week it seems only fair to say that if you haven’t seen Day of the Moon yet, you really should go and watch it first and then come back to join us in our ooh-ahh-and-blimey! love-fest.

We were promised answers – and we got some – but even the ones we did get came at the price of more questions. I’m starting to feel like the River Song to Steven Moffat’s Doctor (“I hate you!” – “No you don’t…”).

We start off back in the gorgeous-looking Utah desert with men in black, including Canton Everett Delaware III (the completely fabulous Mark Sheppard), hunting down Amy, all flying, flaming locks against the red and terracotta rocks. Apparently Canton is now working against our heroes as he shoots Amy (giving us our first glimpse of those unsettling black marker strikes on her skin), nearly shoots River (who dives out of the 50th floor of a skyscraper) and then adds Rory to his tally.

All the while the Doctor (bearded – ugh) is imprisoned in Area 51 in  a strait-jacket and chains with Canton taunting him and slowly enclosing him in ‘the perfect prison’ (made of “zero-balanced dwarf star alloy – the densest material in the universe, nothing gets through it” and personally I think all party-walls should contain these magic bricks). Though personally I liked the little notices we passed on our way to the Doctor’s plinth – DO NOT APPROACH THE PRISONER and DO NOT INTERACT WITH THE PRISONER. Lovely.

Only when the prison is complete and Canton and the Doctor are ‘completely cut off from the rest of the universe’ with two body bags (for Amy and Rory) at their feet do we start to understand what’s going on and what all that nonsense about making the TARDIS invisible was about last week. Yes, hurrah, Canton is still a good guy and this is his way of helping everybody escape from the Silence.

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Burn Notice (2.13): In which we learn how to foil a bank robbery

Bad government agent Jason Bly returns to Miami this week. (Previously on Burn Notice: Michael blackmailed him into leaving and never returning (or not it would seem).) He’s determined to destroy Michael if he doesn’t get the blackmail dossier. His doggedness gets them both into trouble when they find themselves among hostages at a bank robbery. The plan? Just to get the hostages out of the bank alive…

Fans of Carl Hiaasen and/or Christopher Brookmyre should enjoy this particular episode.

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