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Holby City: How do you solve a problem like Imelda?

holby city(Series 15, ep.10) How did Imelda Cousins get the CEO job? What,exactly, is her job description? Because all that she actually does is to pop up in each of our key wards on a rotating basis, taking a dislike to the alpha males of the department (Ric, Michael) apparently solely on the grounds that they’re alpha males, issuing random edicts and annoying people. She seems to be constantly pursuing an agenda based on people being horrible to her when she was a nurse. And she has a worrying tendency to appear in operating theatres to distract the surgeons at times when you’d think concentration would be essential.

michael ramona holbyThis week she at least left Keller pretty much alone (Ric’s already suspended, so there’s not so much to interest her there), concentrating her meddling efforts on Darwin and AAU. In the department which is the spiritual home of the vomit-covered shoe, Ramona was doing some fine work helping Michael Spence with an emergency escharotomy, but she perhaps over-reached herself when the same patient needed intubating. Her cry of “We need some help here!” for once failed to summon any consultants at all, and she decided to have a go herself. Michael managed to defend her that time, but he wasn’t able to defend her after she caused a patient to fall out of bed trying to escape the full onslaught of her compassion. Continue reading


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Holby City: You want to cut a piece of my heart out?

(Series 15, ep.8) What a lifetime of suffering poor Aisha Bose had. Leukaemia, heart disease, failed surgery, failed relationship and, worst of all, her whole life being a metaphor and illumination for the problems of Dr Tara Lo. Aisha was brought back to Darwin with an infection, and it wasn’t looking good. The only option was a spot of heart-rearranging surgery that would buy her some time, but Elliott was forced to admit they were now talking about months rather than years.

oli tara holbyShe was obviously upset and angry, and vented her anger on Dr Tara Lo, who was conveniently never more than a metre from her bedside, frowning at her in an upset way. Tara’s attempts at empathy only got Aisha more and more cross, until she realised that Tara was ill herself. This explained why Tara had been so interested to find out how Aisha’s boyfriend had reacted to her illness (badly) – because she’s been grappling with the problem of whether, or when, to tell Oliver. “Tell him,” was Aisha’s advice. Despite a heart-to-heart in the Linden Cullen Memorial Shrubbery (which looks like something whisked up by Ground Force, according to our Inkface), Tara’s default setting is to push people away. It wasn’t until after Aisha had died on the operating table (poignantly, her last words were to tell Oli to look after Tara) and Elliott had sent the emotional Tara to spend the rest of the shift in the wet lab, that Oli finally managed to crack her. “What’s going on in that head of yours?” he demanded, which prompted an ironic smile and the flinging of some brain scan pictures at him. Unlike most men, Oli is now in the privileged position of having seen  exactly what’s going on in his girlfriend’s head, but it wasn’t good news.  Continue reading


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Holby City: Who’s sitting at Hanssen’s desk?

(Series 15, ep.5)   “Who is running Holby City?” Ric wanted to know when he discovered Henrik Hanssen had taken a leave of absence (that’s “leave of absence,” worried Hanssenites – they mentioned him so often in this episode that I’m quite confident he’ll be back. It’s Luc Hemingway all over again). Ric was not perked up to discover that the answer to his question was (temporarily) Serena Campbell, a woman with whom he does not exactly see eye to eye.

She’s confident, that Serena. Her job interview was more like a sales pitch to the board.  “I have what I believe is a compelling solution,” she briskly informed them. “Me.” The thing with Serena is, although she does display flashes of warmth, she is really all about the balance sheet. As such, she did look scarily comfortable in Hanssen’s chair.

Everyone wanted Ric to go for the CEO job, because Michael Spence and Elliott Hope weren’t interested in it and everyone is scared of Serena. The four of them seemed to be the entire candidate pool. I don’t have any particular knowledge of NHS administration, but I couldn’t help thinking this wasn’t the most realistic scenario I’d ever come across. What it did do, however, was set Ric up for the classic patient v future-of-the-hospital dilemma. He had a patient who was about to have a kidney transplant, and the kidney she was about to get might or might not give her cancer. Serena thought it would be dreadful publicity for the hospital if they gave a patient cancer, but Ric felt the kidney was the only option for the patient. It wasn’t ideal that his interview for the CEO job meant he had to leave the operation early and leave the suturing up in the capable hands of The Malick. Naturally the machines started going beep while he was away, and by the time he got back to theatre there was blood everywhere. “You take the vein, I’ll take the artery,” said Ric.   Continue reading


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