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Holby City: The scary shouty lady and the frankly terrifying man

isaac-holby(Series 19, ep. 20) Imagine the scene. You have a cage fighter with anger management issues and a grudge, trapped in a lift with one of Holby’s premier surgeons. And the cage fighter is not the scary one.

Marc Elliott was absolutely mesmerising in this episode. From almost the first scene, when he saw Dominic talking to another man (the cage fighter, Adam, who was a patient) when he’d said on the phone he was with Zosia, Isaac Mayfield was in A Very Bad Mood Indeed.  Dominic was the obvious target of his wrath, but in provoking Adam, who was already angry and frightened and embarrassed about his planned surgery (for breast cancer), Isaac demonstrated that he’s even more dangerous than we thought. He has an unnerving understanding of psychology and how to press people’s buttons, which he chooses to use to needle people and exert power over them. In the scene in the lift, Yinka Awoni as Adam was also brilliant. It was one of those scenes where I hardly remembered to breathe.  Continue reading


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EastEnders: The uses of prayer

In a storyline that’s shockingly like something from the 1960s, Syed has been going to a therapist who has promised to “cure” him of being gay. He was told to visualise the man he loves, Christian, covered in lice and pus. Well, Syed had a go at this, gripping Christian’s gleaming biceps in a manly way in the middle of the market. Later on, he shook Christian’s hand, to prove that he can touch him and not be affected by lust at all. “I’m not attracted to you… any more,” he muttered between clenched teeth, as his attempts to visualise something quite vile and disgusting no doubt backfired behind his eyeballs, what with Christian being all buff and that.

“It was like an electric shock through me,” he told his “therapist” later. Pseudo science having failed to “cure” him, Syed turned to a higher power. “I need to pray,” he told his long-suffering little brother Tamwar, a boy who permanently wears the expression of someone who was promised a nice, logical planet to live on but who finds himself sadly disappointed.

Lucas Johnson is a man who prays a great deal, and if his prayers were asking for him to be endowed with superior psychological cunning, they have been answered. The police have apparently not entirely bought into the idea that Denise killed Owen and then killed herself. Lucas finds himself needing an ally, and also someone to shift the burden of guilt to. So he decided to confess to Patrick. Not that he was the serial murderer, obviously, but that he was guilty of helping Denise to cover up her crime against Owen. He did it because he loved Denise, and he didn’t want the kids to have to know their mother was a killer. It’s all about the kids, you see, and right on cue Jordan appeared so that Lucas was able to demonstrate just what a rock he is to the young ‘uns. This is something Patrick can relate to, so he’s on board to help Lucas avoid police attention. Cunning!

Cunning is not a word we can apply to Phil Mitchell, who is praying that son Ben will survive being “sent dahn.” I’m surprised Phil hasn’t thought of sitting Ben down with a DVD of Scum to give him scene-by-scene pointers about life in juvenile detention. Shirley was able to give some practical advice. Ben now knows that “psychopaths are very touchy people” – advice which he may well want to pass on to Patrick.


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