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Holby City: Well that was a shock

(Series 20, ep. 32 ‘Bygones’ by Jon Barton 8.8.18) For my more in-depth look at this week’s episode, please head over to Metro. But before you go, read on for a few random thoughts.

– The scene where Serena helped Evie tell Fletch how she felt and he reacted with tears was brilliant. Alex Walkinshaw and Macey Chipping have such a natural on-screen rapport, and it came across as absolutely realistic and genuine.

– I honestly didn’t guess that the person in the bed at the beginning/end was going to be Jac. I thought Steven, Evie, possibly Essie (though it probably wouldn’t have been Fletch at her bedside), maybe even a patient who’d suffered as a result of Fletch being too preoccupied with his family troubles. So that ending came as a real shock.

– Steven was appearing everywhere – he was in Pulses, he was in Fletch’s office, he was in Albie’s (when Albie’s was actually closed). If he gets this porter job Fletch wants him to go for (and of course he will), expect him to turn up in the basement, on the roof and in random operating theatres. Expect him to find parts of the hospital we didn’t even know existed.

– Sacha’s tears when Essie got the news about her cancer! Bless him, he’s like a well of loveliness. And I’m ever so glad Essie is coming back.

– When Donna drew the man with the beard, I thought it might be Tom Wyrick, the patient on Darwin. That would have put the cat among the pigeons if Lofty had transferred MRSA to Darwin.

– Actually my first thought about Donna’s drawing was that it was Jarvis Cocker.

– It’s amazing how even though most people seem to die or suffer terrible effects not long after the Prof’s scalpel has touched them, everyone is still (just about) convinced he’s a miracle worker.

– I loved Essie’s shirt dress thing.

– And how can Donna just fling a fascinator on her head and look fabulous?

– I’m now desperately worried about Jac. I don’t do prayers, but if any eyelashes fall out this week that I can wish on, I know what I’ll be wishing for.


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Holby City: The mysterious smoking man

(Series 20, ep. 31 ‘Child in Your Shadow’ by Elliot Hope and Johanne McAndrew 31.7.18) Here’s this week’s Holby City summarised in handy bullet points. For my more in-depth review, please head over to Metro.

– I loved Jac being too posh to push Fletch’s car, but at the same time being willing to help him out. I still don’t know if romance is possible between them, or whether I even think that would be a good idea, but I love their friendship.

– It’s also lovely how Holby keeps reminding us of Arthur Digby, with Serena pointing out that one of the F1’s was very much like him.

– Henrik Hanssen is very good at wrapping presents. He’s also very thoughtful with his gift-giving. Despite Roxanna’s reaction, that little brooch that reminded him of her student days said so much.

– Evie and Fletch together are always brilliant, and Macey Chipping is such a good actress. 

– Donna sticking up for Fletch with social services was really nice to see. Donna can be so kind.

– When Serena said that Meena and Nicky needed taking down a peg or 12, I heartily agreed. I was thinking more along the lines of the time Michael Spence rammed little admin guy George Binns’ head towards a corpse though. Maybe I wouldn’t be such a great mentor.

– Essie is apparently going to be ‘head bridesmaid’ for Lofty and Dominic’s wedding. I also want Zosia to come back to be a bridesmaid.

– Hanssen’s face when Dominic told him he was happy. I love how Hanssen cares for his people.

– Jesse Birdsall was well cast as Fletch’s dad. You can see an Essex geezer through-line from him via Fletch down to Mikey ‘Artful Dodger’ Fletcher.

– Fans of Holby/Casualty crossovers will have been pleased to hear Evie mentioning the time Fletch ran off with Tess-from-Casualty. Fletch was less pleased to hear this.


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Holby City: Lock up your handbag!

(Series 19, ep. 24) If you’ve been knitting ickle baby things since last week, put away your knitting needles right now. Baby Zollie isn’t going to be happening any time in the near future, it seems. Being cautious about knitting was only the second lesson to be learned from the Darwin story line, though. Lesson one was to never leave your handbag carelessly stowed behind the nurses’ station (particularly as Darwin has no nurses to keep an eye on it).

Last week Zosia stood up to Isaac because she knows he hasn’t been treating Dominic well (this is an understatement, and it looks like things are about to get a lot worse). So Isaac set about eliminating that particular threat by messing things up between Ollie and Zosia, and when he discovered she’d apparently taken pills to end her pregnancy (after he rummaged in the aforementioned handbag for evidence), he had the ammunition.  Continue reading


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Holby City: Happy families

jac jasmine holby(Series 18, ep. 46) Jac has apparently been away on some happy-clappy retreat thing with Emma (can you imagine it? No, me neither). The short-term effect was to make her smile a lot and be all co-operative and amenable with her colleagues, and it didn’t last long. There was no long-term effect.

Any thought of peace and good will to all got blown out of the water as soon as she discovered the identity of her new F1. Jasmine, who’d been bouncing about like a medically-trained puppy and impressing Jac with her knowledge and her keenness, didn’t wait all that long before telling Jac who she really is – her half sister. Jac’s reaction was about what we’d expect, given her relationship with the toxic Paula. “If anyone finds out we’re related, you’ll never work in medicine again,” Jac told her sister.

It’s going to be fascinating to watch how the relationship between these two evolves. Jasmine said that she hadn’t had an easy time with Paula – including not knowing that she was dying. I can’t imagine Jasmine giving up easily, either, even though Jac has gone into her usual state of emotional armour-plating. Meanwhile, Jasmine is consoling herself with Oliver Valentine.

In what was a very well-crafted episode, Selfie was at the same time struggling with his own issues with his mother. Valerie died in the operating theatre, and in the conversation that followed it was clear that Jac and Selfie have more in common than either of them would like to think. It’s part of what attracted them to each other (though I didn’t really buy that attraction at the time, but that’s because I don’t think anyone but Joseph is good enough for Jac) and it’s part of what makes Jac hate him so much. In fact she hates him so much that even though he offered to leave (having said he would to try and persuade Jac to do a Herzig procedure on Valerie), Jac said she didn’t want him to. She wants him gone, but on her terms: “I will get rid of you, and it will be painful.”  Continue reading

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Holby City: Unfinished business

selfie holby(Series 18, ep. 45) Guy Self. Selfie. Self-centred, selfish, self-absorbed, self-promoting, always the villain of the piece. And yet an episode which started with Selfie in typically arrogant mode with the publication of his memoirs (Head Space – sadly not currently available from Amazon and all good book shops) ended with him in tears – and frankly, I was almost in tears with him.

The cause of this turnaround was the appearance – as a patient – of his mother Valerie, beautifully played by Brigit Forsyth. Zosia didn’t know that Granny was still alive, and she seemed so nice, too. But it was clear that Selfie was a haunted man. It wasn’t until Valerie made her presence felt at a meeting where Selfie was trying to impress bigwigs that her sweet facade started to crack – and as soon as Zosia wasn’t around, we caught a glimpse of something very nasty indeed.  Continue reading


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Holby City: Welcome to the Self Centre

selfie annabelle zosia holby(Series 17, ep.28) This was always going to be a transitional episode – last week’s festival of happy-ever-afters tied up so many loose ends and saw so many departures that it feels like Holby is moving into another phase (which thrillingly will involve the return of Henrik Hanssen and Oliver Valentine).

zosia annabelle selfie holbyThere was already a new arrival in the form of neurosurgeon Annabelle Cooper (Nina Wadia). When she arrived to start her new job at the Self Centre for Brains And That, she was surprised to discover it closely resembled a general surgery ward, namely the ward we usually refer to as Keller. It was a work in progress, explained Selfie to a clearly disappointed Annabelle, who’d been led to expect a facility like the one on Critical. She seems like a can-do sort of person, though, and rolled her sleeves up and got stuck into a day pleasantly filled with taking Zosia under her wing mainly to annoy Selfie. I like her already.  Continue reading


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Holby City: The first day of the rest of Fletch’s life

fletch holby(Series 17, ep.15) Since his transfer from Casualty, Fletch has been floating decoratively around AAU being funny, relatable, supportive – but without having anything very much to do apart from a bit of banter. This was fixed in dramatic style this week, as he was given what we might call an “emotional rollercoaster” of an episode to get his very nice teeth into.  Continue reading


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