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Holby City: New girls on every ward

dominic mr t holby(Series 17, ep.36) There was a new female face on each ward in this episode. Darwin had Zosia March, newly redeployed from Keller. AAU had new nurse Cara Martinez, and Keller had a baby girl.

The baby got the best welcome, her first glimpse of the outside world being Mr T (MR T!!!) and Dominic, whose dominic holbyreaction at a forced glimpse of birthing lady parts was a delicate “Eurgh!” It hasn’t put the lad off, though – he went back for a cuddle of the baby once the new arrival (middle name: Dominique – bless!) had had a bath and was looking more human. Is he getting broody? Possibly, but he’s still queasy about lady parts, resisting Mr T’s attempts to beckon him to a life in Obs & Gynae. Aside from Dominic, is Essie getting broody? Who knows? Presumably Sacha will be informed in due course.  Continue reading


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Casualty: In loving memory

charlie connie casualty(Series 29, ep.22) In this episode, we received an explanation about why Connie is currently an ED doctor rather than a CT surgeon. It took a lot of coaxing by Charlie to get her to part with the information, but nobody can withstand a Charlie coax for long. It turns out that her father died after being left uncared for on a trolley for 45 minutes (not at Holby, because several people were anxious to point out that things like that never happen at Holby). So it’s Connie’s mission to ensure that doesn’t happen to anybody else.  Continue reading


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Holby City: Bring your daughter to work day

elliot holby(Series 16, ep.35)  Don’t tell me Holby isn’t educational. Aside from learning all manner of instantly forgettable stuff about crustaceans, I also discovered, via Jac Naylor and the power of Google, that Gigglebiz is a real TV series for kids. I’m no longer up on that sort of thing, what with PLA Jr being nearly 17 and that, so I had to check.

We learned a lot about Emma and her preferences, as Jac had sacked the third nanny in a row (for putting Emma to bed too early so Jac never saw her) and was forced to bring her daughter into work. The crèche was full. The crèche is always full, and if Selfie wasn’t so busy building his empire and obsessing about Zosia, he might usefully employ himself in sorting out better crèche facilities.

jonny holbyNo staff member’s child has ever spent a day at Holby without going missing, but Jac was fairly confident in leaving Emma with Elliot while she was in theatre. Unfortunately, as we’ve glimpsed previously, Elliot isn’t quite his usual self and he wandered off and left Emma to her own devices for a bit, during which time she promptly vanished. My money was on her being with Paula, who was in the hospital with pneumonia. Emma did end up with Paula, but that was via Jonny Mac after he found his daughter being looked after by Adele.   Continue reading


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Holby City: A whole day (almost) spent trying to make people better

emma holby(Series 16, ep.14)  After last week, the question on everyone’s lips was, “What will Jac and Jonny’s baby be called?” It wasn’t on everyone’s lips for long, because it had already found its way into programme information for a few episodes hence, and from there people couldn’t wait to plaster it all over Twitter and any other available outlet.

So when the paediatrician kept telling Jac and Jonny that they really ought to give the baby a name, I already knew it was going to be Emma. The only remaining suspense lay in who would come up with the name, how and why.

jac holbyI said last week that as soon as the birth was over, Jac had shut herself down emotionally, prepared for the worst. This week she carried on with that, by going back to work straight away, not visiting the baby, and pretending life was normal. Jonny Mac couldn’t understand it, because he was busy emoting all over the place, like he does.   Continue reading


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Holby City: The one with the unexploded device

ric holby(Series 15, ep.47)  In light of the title of this post, I think we’d better put on our blast-proof clothing and go straight to AAU, where a patient was brought in with Something embedded in his chest. Dr Posh was assigned to talk to the patient’s brother to try to get a clue about what it could be.

Prior to this, Dr Posh had annoyed Ric Griffin by being unexcited at the prospect of watching him perform an appendectomy. Posh was disappointed to learn that the procedure was going to be a ground-breaking, first-for-Holby, laser type of thing, but it was too late – Ric gave the gig to Dr Honey instead.

Posh discovered that the embedded Something was an unexploded rocket of some kind, and the army were duly called. Soon AAU was resembling outtakes from The Hurt Locker, with Dr Honey and Edward Campbell getting kitted out in helmets and body armour to go in and change the blood bags and keep the patient monitored. I loved how Serena looked just a tiny tad worried that her ex was in peril.   Continue reading


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