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Casualty: Lev cheated on you

Casualty - Series 34 - EP43

(Series 34, ep. 41 by Katie Douglas 15.8.20) Pop to Metro to read this week’s review. But before you do…

– I like the teasing way that Faith is with Dylan. You can see why he’s fallen for her – nobody else thinks of him as ‘fun.’ Though I do.

– I think she’ll now go home with Lev and be watching him and thinking about things. Dylan’s accusation isn’t something she could easily dismiss, though she’ll want to believe it’s not true of course.

– I’m very worried about what Lev might do to Dylan if he finds out he told Faith.

– I was interested to discover that this storyline has always been planned for Lev and it was what attracted Uriel Emil to the part. It must be an actor’s dream to play a character with all of these layers to him.

– I like Fenisha better when she’s a bit less cocky and self-assured, like she was tonight. It was nice to know that she really does want Jan’s approval and wants to be the best paramedic she can be.

– Did it seem odd to you that Jacob’s patient Mr Taylor didn’t see a doctor once when he was in the ED? Luckily Jacob has become a diagnostic marvel, so he was in safe hands.

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Casualty: One willing pair of hands

Casualty - Series 34 - EP26(Series 34, ep. 26 by Adam Hughes 29.2.20) Have a look at this week’s review over at Metro. But before you go…

– Luka’s surgery scenes were very intense and difficult to watch.

– And how rare that an eminent surgeon is brought into Holby to do their thing, and their thing turns out to be not quite enough. Generally we could expect miracle cures, but this was maybe more realistic – though brutal.

– My favourite scenes were when Zsa Zsa and Connie crossed paths. It was a shame that Zsa Zsa’s stay was such a brief one. I could have done with more of their rivalry.

– The butcher’s accident – ugh.

– I am very worried about Marty. He needs to look after himself.

– Charlie’s face when he saw Duffy’s dementia-friendly badge. To anybody who’s lost someone close to them, that expression of fleeting happiness at a memory of them alongside the deep sadness of their loss will have been really relatable.

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