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I’m a Celebrity: Kian of the jungle

kian eganI’m not surprised that Kian Egan won I’m A Celebrity. At the beginning of the show’s run, I’d have happily put money on Joey Essex winning. In fact, I can remember saying to PLA Jr that “there’s no way Joey isn’t going to win this.” She agreed, being a TOWIE and Joey fan. I’d never seen him before he went into the jungle, but I liked his open, child-like approach to everything. He wasn’t a soaring intellectual giant, but he knew he wasn’t and he was always ready to learn something new and accept advice. He’s very funny and he seems to have the sweetest nature.

About the time that everybody was agreeing that there was no way Joey wouldn’t win , he seemed to get less prominent in the highlights shows. Whether that was a deliberate decision by the producers I don’t know, but other characters came more to the fore and Joey came fourth.

In the end, the final three were the right ones, I think. Lucy Pargeter was a bit of a cow at times, but I felt like I could relate to her – I’d have been stroppy too under those circumstances. David Emanuel is just a gorgeous man – I could listen to his lilting, soothing voice all day. He mucked in, worked hard and supported anyone who was upset.

And then Kian. If you were writing a romantic novel and you wanted a hero, you could do worse than Kian. Rock-solid dependable, apparently fearless, kind, protective and strong. And he can cook, he can sing, he speaks with a beautiful Irish accent and he loves his wife. He’s adorable – and he even looked sweet with a crown of leaves on his head.

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I’m a Celebrity: The mouses are getting excited with each other

VINCENT_SIMONEA Strictly/I’m a Celebrity mash-up, what could be better than that? Endearing Argentine tango expert Vincent Simone isn’t dancing the Strictly boards this year, and he’s joined the I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here bunch instead. He likes to put on the Italian stallion act, but frankly he’s more of a Thelwell pony with an adorable accent. He has become one of my favourites over the years, sweet once you see past the preposterous flirting and self-aggrandisement. His professional dancing partner is the fantastic Flavia Cacace, so you know he must be a decent sort.

His slippery grasp of English is always a delight. He and model/writer (and ex-wife of Midge Ure Wiki tells me) Annabel Giles were about to join the jungle gang last night. But only after an Aussie hat cork-threading challenge in a cabin, featuring increasing numbers of copulating rats, cockroaches and the usual bug suspects.

Annabel, who has a lovely line in dry wit, said she had been “Hoping to get a macho man to protect her”. Then realised she was going to have to BE that man. As the bugs and rodents streamed in, Vincent and Annabel leapt on chairs, clutched each other, screamed like banshees. Vincent plaintively crying “I want my Mama!”. His explanation for the fact that all the rats seemed to be shagging was: “My aura stimulates menopauses with them”.
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