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Holby City: Surgeon or mother?

jac holby(Series 16, ep.36)  I suspect this was an episode that was supposed to be a roller-coaster of emotions, but at the end of it the feeling I was left with was one of depression.

The climax of Custodygate didn’t take place in court, but more appropriately perhaps in the Linden Cullen Memorial Shrubbery. Shortly before taking her last breath, the totally toxic Paula Burrows made sure that Jac’s confidence in herself as a mother was fatally undermined. Jac told Jonny she was going to Stockholm (following a phone call from Hanssen – how I would love those two to have their own spin-off series) and therefore she was giving him the baby full-time. At this point he desperately tried to back-track and unsay all the horrible things he’s said to her in an effort to get her to reconsider and to come to some co-parenting arrangement. At the start of the episode Sacha had reassured Jac that she wasn’t a “heartless automaton,” but Jonny has made the mistake of thinking she was, and that he could say anything he liked to her and it wouldn’t get through her bomb-proof shell. It turned out that everything had been getting through all along – and when you have people telling you that you have no heart and you’re cold and selfish and incapable of love, eventually you’ll believe it.   Continue reading


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Holby City: Bring your daughter to work day

elliot holby(Series 16, ep.35)  Don’t tell me Holby isn’t educational. Aside from learning all manner of instantly forgettable stuff about crustaceans, I also discovered, via Jac Naylor and the power of Google, that Gigglebiz is a real TV series for kids. I’m no longer up on that sort of thing, what with PLA Jr being nearly 17 and that, so I had to check.

We learned a lot about Emma and her preferences, as Jac had sacked the third nanny in a row (for putting Emma to bed too early so Jac never saw her) and was forced to bring her daughter into work. The crèche was full. The crèche is always full, and if Selfie wasn’t so busy building his empire and obsessing about Zosia, he might usefully employ himself in sorting out better crèche facilities.

jonny holbyNo staff member’s child has ever spent a day at Holby without going missing, but Jac was fairly confident in leaving Emma with Elliot while she was in theatre. Unfortunately, as we’ve glimpsed previously, Elliot isn’t quite his usual self and he wandered off and left Emma to her own devices for a bit, during which time she promptly vanished. My money was on her being with Paula, who was in the hospital with pneumonia. Emma did end up with Paula, but that was via Jonny Mac after he found his daughter being looked after by Adele.   Continue reading


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Holby City: Jac is tormented and Posh pounces

jac holby(Series 16, ep. 29)  I’m going to start with Darwin, because frankly I’ve had enough. I get that the essence of drama is conflict. I get that Rosie Marcel is a brilliant actress and Jac Naylor is a wonderful, complex, contradictory character the fans love. I understand that, for these reasons, Jac has to suffer.

But please, enough already. Jac has gone through  a pregnancy that had a high possibility of ending with the death of the baby. Her relationship with the baby’s father has been volatile, to say the least, and for most of the pregnancy he was with another woman and the pair of them were hardly the essence of tact and sensitivity. The baby was born early, endured surgery when she was still tiny, but has survived. Jac had problems bonding with her but now seems to be fine. 

Apparently Jac still hasn’t suffered enough, so now we have Jonny Mac, becoming more odious by the week, threatening to take the baby away from her. And then last week her mother turned up.   Continue reading


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Holby City: Friend of Selfie? You’re in

jesse holby(Series 16, ep. 28)  I know I overuse the phrase “fluid staffing configurations,” but they were once again at play in this episode, as Selfie’s best mate Jesse Law was given a consultant anaesthetist job despite the fact that he had a dodgy CV and Serena didn’t like him at all. He was the Sammy Davis Jr to Selfie’s Dean Martin, and that was the main thing. “Get yourself up to HR,” Selfie told him, hilariously trying to pretend they actually do have a HR department. Even Jesse, who’d only been in the hospital for five minutes, looked like he wasn’t buying that one.

digby holbyI wanted to like Jesse, because Don Gilet is very attractive and I loved him in EastEnders, but it may be difficult because his character is a bit of a prat, on first glimpse. Though he does call Selfie “Selfie.” When Digby disagreed with Selfie and Lawsy about a patient’s treatment (and Serena agreed with Digby, so obviously he was right), Jesse blindfolded Digby and frightened him on the Parapet of Persuasion (it’s that elevated walkway we haven’t seen for a while). This was some kind of macho initiation test thingy, and the upshot is that Digby now fancies being a neurosurgeon and being Frank Sinatra. RoboNurse2000 and Sacha agreed that this would be a short-lived phase and I can only hope they’re right.   Continue reading


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