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Silent Witness: Five murders for the price of one

Guest post by Hannah Yates

(Series 21 ep. 1 ‘Moment of Surrender’ by Ed Whitmore) This episode was exactly what we needed to ease Nikki back into the Lyell and for us viewers to ease into a new series and fully understand what was going on without having a migraine. I am joking, of course.

The episode started with a creepy house in woods where a family were on holiday, as all good murder stories should start. This was followed by the angry father grabbing a knife and shouting at some kids in creepy masks outside to match the setting. We don’t actually see what happens because this is where the new theme tune kicks in. It’s as though they know the viewers aren’t going to be happy with the theme tune change, as they follow this up with scenes of Jack in a tightly-fitting t-shirt. Less nice is the fact that Nikki is still having flashbacks and hunky Jack isn’t answering her calls. As we find out later, he feels guilty that he wasn’t the one to find Nikki and can’t deal with her being back or in fact looking at her, or talking to her, so much so that he misses various pieces of evidence. I personally feel like this episode is setting them up as a potential couple, although if you have taken a look at spoilers for future episodes, you’ll have seen that Nikki is due to have yet another love-interest this series – we’re taking votes now on whether this one is either a bad guy or will be dead by the end of the two-parter he arrives in.  Continue reading


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Lustbox: Stephen Mangan

I’m ashamed to say I’ve only noticed how attractive Stephen Mangan is recently. Perhaps it’s because he played the cheesy Swiss fool, Guy Secretan, a smidge too convincingly in Green Wing, or maybe I was distracted by the charms of the utterly delicious Julian Rhind-Tutt at the time. The pair of them doing a series of Barclaycard adverts afterwards, presumably for big bucks, didn’t impress me much it must be said.

But I’ve noticed him as a panel guest in the last few months, and in interviews promoting his new film Beyond the Pole, which also stars the entirely edible Swede Alexander Skarsgard (aka Eric the vampire from True Blood). As a consequence, I’ve become somewhat enamoured of Mangan’s hair. I don’t know what it is about unruly curly locks (which Mr R-T is also in possession of, as is Gabriel Byrne and Rufus Sewell) but they are damned sexy. And so it appears that, when he’s not playing a Swiss pillock, not only is Stephen Mangan funny and smart, he is also very attractive to boot.

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