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Casualty: Tough love

charlie casualty(Series 29, ep.36) Charlie’s waste of skin son Louis is a handful. No sooner was Charlie’s back turned than Louis had summoned a dealer, acquired some drugs and was found in a toilet cubicle about to inject them into himself. Earlier on a patient had died in the department of a heroin overdose, and it would be callous to say Charlie used this as a handy learning resource for Louis, but that’s what happened – there’s nothing like having your face shoved at a corpse while your normally placid dad goes all shouty at you (“It’s take your son to work week!”), to make you reconsider your life’s goals. Louis had a bit of a cry and asked his dad to help him, so Charlie took him home and locked him in the kind of room serial killers generally keep their victims in while they wait for Robson Green or Idris Elba to track them down. I don’t think Robson or Idris will be visiting Charlie any time soon, but Connie and Tess might pop round with flowers and/or soup (probably not soup, in Connie’s case, unless she has a hamper delivered from Fortnum’s), because they’re both worried about Charlie.  Continue reading


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