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Big Brother: Shabby is as Shabby does

So Shabby has “walked” from the Big Brother house, opting to leave by the back door rather than face booing crowds on an eviction night sometime soon.

The house will be a tiny bit more boring without her, but whenever someone leaves, their loss is never as big as you expect it’s going to be (apart from when Federico went. I cried for, like, literally, minutes). No matter how “big” the character or how many arguments and passions they stirred up, there’ll be another controversy along in a minute to fill the void.

My feelings towards Shabby fluctuated a lot during her time as a housemate. To begin with, I really didn’t like her. Early on, Ben incurred her (petty, childish) wrath by saying he never knew when she was acting or not. A fair comment when directed at a professional actress, you’d think. She did her nut, dragging everyone else into her drama at the same time. How dare Ben accuse her of being anything other than her glorious self?

A day or two later, the Tree of Temptation showed us that Shabby is, indeed, perfectly capable of being deceptive, when she was told to talk to Ben all afternoon and give him 20 compliments. She did such a good job that everyone marvelled at how lovely she was and how nice that she and Ben could be friends. Meanwhile she couldn’t wait to tell Caoimhe how clever she was and how she really couldn’t stand Ben at all.

Then there was the “I love Caoimhe” business, which didn’t ring at all true to me, but what do I know. And then there were the bloody hats. Well done Big Brother for getting the Albert Steptoe one off her, but someone should have burned that furry thing with the earflaps while they were at it.

Anyway, after all that, I did start to like her a bit. There were hints of sweetness and vulnerability, fun and humour, an ability to laugh at herself. Maybe once the hat was gone, the true Shabby would emerge like a butterfly to spread love and joy all around her.

Well, that lasted about five minutes. Then she and Caoimhe decided to get bitchy in Ife’s direction, because Ife had had a drop of cider and was showing off her Tina Turner moves. “Cringe!” they mimed at her through the glass. How dare she look like she was having more fun than they were? Ife had it right when she described them as “mean girls.”

To be fair, Shabby looked genuinely sorry when she realised that Ife was properly upset. Unlike Caoimhe who resorted to “Don’t you dare raise your voice to me!” which is the close cousin of “Are you disrespecting me?” in the family of aggressive-yet-banal comments to introduce to an argument.

So Shabby is  gone, shuffling out of the diary room exit dressed, as usual, like a circus clown minus the big shoes and little car.

Meanwhile her former bezzie mate Caoimhe has won the “save and replace” task this week and thus escaped nomination. John-James and Nathan are now in the firing line for Friday. Who goes? You decide – but Josie’s going to be gutted either way.

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Big Brother: The Addams Family v the non-smokers

I can’t remember a more bad-tempered, fractious and fractured start to a Big Brother. Barely two weeks old, we’ve already had strops a-plenty and the house dividing up into groups.

One group, assembled early on by the unifying forces of nicotine addiction, gender and having “unusual” names, consists of Shabby, Caoimhe and Ife. They’ve been dubbed “the three witches” by posh, Weetabix-haired Ben. Hilarious and original, Ben! Shabby and crew are also referred to as The Addams Family, possibly because one of them has an Uncle Fester and gets her post delivered by a hand in a box. Or it might be because of Shabby’s eyeliner.

Ben and his sidekicks Mario, Dave and occasionally Steve and John James, have had more trouble coming up with a nickname for themselves. The best they could come up with yesterday was “The Non-Smokers.” They may not have the funniest lines, but at least they’ll have less risk of an early death from respiratory diseases.

John James is a strange soul. Blond surfer-looking boy with an Australian accent – you’d be thinking laid-back Antipodean cool. But he’s like Mr Angry, harrumphing round the place on the slightest pretext. The other night he was talking about how his father was killed in an accident a couple of years ago, and I can’t help wondering whether this has something to do with how brittle and vulnerable he can sometimes seem.

Talking of vulnerable, Govan had a bit of a moment yesterday. He’s worrying, as housemates do, about how he’s being perceived in the outside world. He had a little cry with Corin. She is so lovely, kind, funny and natural, and already I want her to win.

And as I type this with one hand, with the other I’m preparing a packed lunch so I can march on Borehamwood with my Get Shabby Out banner. What an irritating, self-promoting and unpleasant young woman she seems to be.

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