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Holby City: Happy families

jac jasmine holby(Series 18, ep. 46) Jac has apparently been away on some happy-clappy retreat thing with Emma (can you imagine it? No, me neither). The short-term effect was to make her smile a lot and be all co-operative and amenable with her colleagues, and it didn’t last long. There was no long-term effect.

Any thought of peace and good will to all got blown out of the water as soon as she discovered the identity of her new F1. Jasmine, who’d been bouncing about like a medically-trained puppy and impressing Jac with her knowledge and her keenness, didn’t wait all that long before telling Jac who she really is – her half sister. Jac’s reaction was about what we’d expect, given her relationship with the toxic Paula. “If anyone finds out we’re related, you’ll never work in medicine again,” Jac told her sister.

It’s going to be fascinating to watch how the relationship between these two evolves. Jasmine said that she hadn’t had an easy time with Paula – including not knowing that she was dying. I can’t imagine Jasmine giving up easily, either, even though Jac has gone into her usual state of emotional armour-plating. Meanwhile, Jasmine is consoling herself with Oliver Valentine.

In what was a very well-crafted episode, Selfie was at the same time struggling with his own issues with his mother. Valerie died in the operating theatre, and in the conversation that followed it was clear that Jac and Selfie have more in common than either of them would like to think. It’s part of what attracted them to each other (though I didn’t really buy that attraction at the time, but that’s because I don’t think anyone but Joseph is good enough for Jac) and it’s part of what makes Jac hate him so much. In fact she hates him so much that even though he offered to leave (having said he would to try and persuade Jac to do a Herzig procedure on Valerie), Jac said she didn’t want him to. She wants him gone, but on her terms: “I will get rid of you, and it will be painful.”  Continue reading

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Holby City: The cake eating man and the tell-tale kidney

image(Series 18, ep. 44) Another triumph for the casting department, this time in the form of Bernie’s son Cameron (Nic Jackman). He really did look like he could be related to Bernie, not just in looks but something about his manner – that quality that Bernie has that I can only describe as “stillness.” He had that too, and obviously it’s not all about the casting but also the actors working well together.

Cameron succumbed to the Curse of The Holby Relative by becoming a patient, following a car accident for which he was taking the blame. It was a complicated and interesting story which had Bernie covering for Cameron and Serena covering for Bernie when the alleged passenger in the car was found to have a kidney injury that could only be caused to the person driving.  Continue reading


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