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Waterloo Road: Twisted firestarter

(Series 8, Ep.4)  Connor and Imogen, the James Dean and Natalie Wood of Waterloo Road, didn’t have an easy week this week. There’s Connor’s mother (Jane Beale) for starters. Being an alcoholic is one thing – Rose Kelly was an alcoholic but she was fairly charming with it and used to smile a lot – but Jane Beale is a nasty piece of work. I’m not sure if we’re supposed to believe that it’s all the fault of the drink and she’d be a shining example of maternal cuddliness if she was sober, because we haven’t seen her sober yet. She’s perfectly horrible to Connor and was also perfectly horrible to his new girlfriend Imogen. Connor’s go-to strategy for dealing with his mother seems to be arson, and this week it was a bit of fire-setting in the WR basement. Guess who put the fire out? Tom Clarkson, of course. Everybody’s hero. It was Connor who got the blame, which was fair enough because he was to blame, but where’s Pious Kim Campbell when we need her to (a) be on top of arson and (b) spotting a cry for help when she sees one?   Continue reading


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Waterloo Road: We need to talk about Tariq

(Series 8, Ep.3)  I’m getting used to the weird new setting, with its Scottish accents, Toblerone-shaped school and bizarre boarding house. This means I can now concentrate on the everyday madness that is Waterloo Road.

I have to say I’m a little concerned about Tariq. The poor lad only broke his back at the start of the summer holidays, yet a mere couple of months later he seems to have been left to fend for himself. When his wheelchair rolled off out of reach while he was in the bath, the poor lad had to haul himself out of the tub and ended up lying on the bathroom floor waiting for Grantly to break the lock and come and help him.  Added to this indignity the fact that his father isn’t speaking to him, his sister Trudi is in Canada with Finn (awww, bless!), the other sister is too young to understand what he’s going though and the Adorable Josh thinks the way to help is to dish out motivational self-help books, and poor Tariq was feeling like he’d be better off as a memorial tree.   Continue reading


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Waterloo Road: Out of body experience

(Series 8, Ep.2)  I missed episode 1 of the new series of Waterloo Road (apart from the first 10 minutes) and decided to just dive straight in to episode 2. Frankly, it was like falling down a rabbit hole.

Some of the familiar landmarks were there – Tom Clarkson, Grantly Budgen, The Adorable Josh – but we weren’t in Rochdale anymore, Toto, we were within picturesque shimmering distance of the Clyde. Michael Byrne has always spoken with a Scottish accent, what with being Scottish and that, and I expected a certain amount of Scottishness, but certainly not from Jane Beale out of EastEnders, who’s apparently an alcoholic teacher these days. She’s the mother of an extremely pretty son, Connor, who may be easy on the eye in a pale-eyed, alien-type way, but is more than a tad weird. You can forgive him this, what with the alcoholic mother and everything, plus he is not the strangest kid in the school by a long chalk.   Continue reading


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