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Holby City: A rainy day in old Holby town

(Series 14, Ep.34)  There was ever such a lot of hurtling about in this episode. They used to send Jac on her motorbike to fetch emergency organs, but now they’ve got Jonny and Mo to do it and Mo’s so heavily pregnant she probably can’t fit on a motorbike at the moment, so they go by car. On this occasion they were sent to collect a heart, but arrived to find the father of the current owner of the heart wasn’t emotionally ready to let it (or his son) go. Against his better judgement and protocol, Jonny found himself taken into the confidence of this poor man and eventually the heart got the thumbs up, as it were. I found I liked Jonny more when he was being kind and sensitive and nurse-ish than I do when he’s back at Holby being a leery old Jac-magnet.

While all this was going on, the intended recipient of the heart had gone AWOL, as patients on Holby tend to do all too frequently. Tara Lo had taken rather a personal interest in this patient, and she took it upon herself to go and get her back. Young Dr Oliver Valentine took it upon himself to go with her. So off they went in the biggest downpour Holby has seen since that time there was a flood and Mark “Jesus” Williams had to deploy sandbags and his best sorrowful expression to keep the floodwaters at bay.

Someone at Holby HQ had clearly been having a think. “What could be more photogenic than Oli and Tara?” they pondered. “Gosh, I know, we’ll get them wet.” Bravo for coming up with that idea, because it really worked.

In Tara, Oli has found someone who can sort of fill the void left by The Radiantly Beautiful Dr Penny Valentine. Like Penny, Tara is intelligent, caring, a bit reckless, a little bit naive and very beautiful. And unlike Penny, she isn’t his sister, which comes in handy during those “Oops, I just fell face down on you while you were lying face up” -type moments.   Continue reading


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