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Casualty: Charlie’s not himself

Casualty - Series 34 - EP32(Series 34, ep. 32 by Jeff Povey & Steven McAteer 25.4.20) Pop to Metro for a full review of the episode. But first…

– That was a mad number of pregnancy tests for Fenisha to take.

– And Will was a bit of a twonk, the way he reacted to her news.

– It’s much more interesting that the father is probably Ethan.

– Though if anyone was going to ‘be careful,’ you’d expect it to be Ethan.

– I do realise that accidents happen no matter how ‘careful’ you are, though.

– Poor Charlie. Derek Thompson played these scenes beautifully. 

– The patient storyline with the idiot stealing the car and the idiot dad locking the injured boy in the garage – meh. The whole lot of them needed their heads banging together.

– Line of the week (Charlie) ‘You’re calling me Charlie but I’m not him am I? Not any more.’ In fact yes you are and you always will be.

– Line of the week 2 (Connie) ‘Your efforts to provoke me are transparent and doomed.’


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Casualty: Still missing Mason

Casualty - Series 34 - EP24

‘Don’t forget the garlic bread!’

(Series 34, ep. 24 by Dan Berlinka 15.2.20) Pop over to Metro (almost) right now to read more about this episode and lots more beautiful soaps coverage. But before you go…

– I thought it was funny that the lesson of Will’s story was supposed to be that work and romance don’t mix. Tell that to half the staff of the entire hospital who do nothing but mix business with pleasure.

– Why didn’t Ethan mention Duffy? (Or did I miss it? I do get distracted by the cat sometimes). It was all about Mason again. 

– And other than that, I have nothing else to add. Which doesn’t mean I didn’t enjoy the episode because I did.

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Casualty: It’s nothing kinky

Casualty - Series 33 - Ep45(Series 33, ep. 45 by Colin Bytheway 3.8.19)  You know the drill – click the link to Metro for my full review of this episode. But first…

– Ciaran’s dislike of Connie is coming across as not entirely professional (to say the least). ‘The mighty Beauchamp is still gliding through the department’ sounds petulant and hissy. And he was so thick not to look in her bag for the pills.

– Jade is adorable. Memorising a poem for Marty’s mum was above and beyond the call of duty.

– David is also adorable, though I’m not sure he had to tie Charlie up with a bum bag to convey his message that Charlie and Duffy would get lots of support from the team. It was funny, though. 

– Poor Marty, though. ‘You’re just not the son that I envisaged’ was absolutely cutting.

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Casualty: Nasty, nasty man

Casualty - Series 33 - Ep32(Series 33, ep. 31 by Jeff Povey 13.4.19) Pop over to Metro to read my review of this episode. But first…

– Bill was a nasty man, wasn’t he? Even allowing for the fact that he was grieving for his wife he was horrible to Maureen, and when you remember the brutality of the way he attacked Connie – well, he deserves all he gets.

– It seems like it’s going to take more than knowing her attacker is off the streets to make Connie feel comfortable again, though.

– But I was glad that Connie was more friendly towards Elle this week.

– I loved seeing Fletch in Casualty again. He adds something that Casualty is a little bit lacking at the moment, and that’s someone with proper authority and presence. With Connie floundering and Charlie behaving in all sorts of un-Charlie-like ways, it’s like nobody is in charge.

– The Dani story is interesting. It’s still just about possible that her ‘stalking’ of Ruby is just a lonely girl getting too attached to someone who was kind to her, but there are hints that it’s going to get quite a bit darker.

– It doesn’t look as though messing up with Angeline has taught Will anything at all. He’s going to be one of those doctors who needs several life lessons before he catches on and settles down, by the look of things.

– Robyn was excellently angry with him. She’s so smiley and nice, but when she’s angry she gets really angry.


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