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Doctor Who (8.2): Of shrinks and shrinking

dw into the dalekI wonder if Steven Moffat hates the Daleks as much as the Doctor does by now? They’re expected to make an appearance at least once a series, but finding new ways to present the psychopathic pepperpots must be something of a challenge.

Into the Dalek does find a new way to look at the old enemy – albeit one that combines elements of several previous stories, most notably the best Dalek story (in modern Who at least) – Robert Shearman’s stunning s1 episode Dalek and s6’s Let’s Kill Hitler.

It also questions, not for the first time, the Doctor’s morality. We’ve been here many times (for example, Davros goading Ten in The Stolen Earth/Journey’s End about how he turns his companions into soldiers and the numerous bodies he’s left in his wake), and we didn’t learn anything new in this outing. (I suspect we’re heading for a similar reckoning with the mysterious Missy further down the line though, so I’m not complaining. Yet.)

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