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Lustbox: Horrible Histories Boys

Anyone with kids won’t have been able to miss the hugely successful CBBC series, Horrible Histories, but increasingly, large numbers of women are watching for entirely different reasons. Yes, the comedy sketches are genuinely, award winningly funny and the songs are infuriatingly catchy but underneath the beards, wigs and historically accurate outfits, those boys are HAWT.

(I don’t want to forget the women of Horrible Histories who are gorgeous too, but I shall leave their virtues to another time and another blogger…)

When I first mentioned the attractiveness of the HH cast on twitter, I was surprised by the reaction, not that it came back positively (and then some), but how different the focus of people’s lust is, I’d assumed that *everyone* just fancied Mat, but not so…

For ease, I like to list my lust for them in order of which George they play in the fabulous West Life pastiche Born 2 Rule. So for me it goes: George I, George II, George IV and then George III, yet I’ve met women who have that list entirely reversed.

So here is why each cast member deserves to be in the Pauseliveaction Lust Box (in the order I’d let them in)… Continue reading


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