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Jonathan Creek: A mediocre act

jonathan-creekIt is almost unheard of for a positive soul like myself to post two negative blog posts in a row, which is why I went for the safe option of reviewing Mr Creek’s all new adventure, comfortable in the fact that I had yet to sit through an episode that I hadn’t enjoyed.

The past tense is not accidental, it pains me to say. The preview promised the return of a mystery/comedy, but it failed to deliver on both, leaving a lacklustre hour of sadly predictable and cliche television.

The main gripe must of course be the fact that there wasn’t a mystery to solve. The episode centred around a hammy actress (kudos to the apt casting of a former Hollyoaks star here) who was stabbed in the street by the wife of a stage hand who fancied her. Instead of reporting the stabber to the police, she was persuaded to cover her injury up, with the help of a makeup artist who put prosthetic skin over the wound (honestly, I’m not actually making that up). Continue reading


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Campus: Execration, execration, execration

I have just wasted an hour of my life. An hour! Mind you, the people who made this university-based series have wasted months of theirs. And they have squandered the comic legacy endowed to them by Green Wing.

The Channel 4 announcer was at pains to point out the towering antecedent of this new comedy – ‘If like me you have been suffering Green Wing withdrawals for what seems like forever, then your prayers are answered’, he breathlessly intoned.  With a build up like that it had better be good. And Lord knows it was not.

Benny Hill meets It Ain’t Half Hot Mum with just a hint of The Office. That’s the nearest I can get to listing its real antecedents.

With the same creative team as Green Wing – but none of the same cast – why did it not work?  Here’s a list of my top seven reasons:

  • Can you do a fairly poor imitation of David Brent for us please? The main character – Vice-Chancellor, Jonty De Wolfe (see what they did there?) – was clearly intended to be a corrupt, ruthless, alpha male, making Kirke University spin around his every whim. He came across as the palest copy of David Brent, without the undercutting identity of being a regional sales manager.
  • Let’s take non-PC language and ideas dare to use them in cutting edge comedy, that will defy convention. So we had “spastics”, “cripples”, mockery of Indian students, fat women “jokes”. See that was funny wasn’t it? Continue reading


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Lustbox: Stephen Mangan

I’m ashamed to say I’ve only noticed how attractive Stephen Mangan is recently. Perhaps it’s because he played the cheesy Swiss fool, Guy Secretan, a smidge too convincingly in Green Wing, or maybe I was distracted by the charms of the utterly delicious Julian Rhind-Tutt at the time. The pair of them doing a series of Barclaycard adverts afterwards, presumably for big bucks, didn’t impress me much it must be said.

But I’ve noticed him as a panel guest in the last few months, and in interviews promoting his new film Beyond the Pole, which also stars the entirely edible Swede Alexander Skarsgard (aka Eric the vampire from True Blood). As a consequence, I’ve become somewhat enamoured of Mangan’s hair. I don’t know what it is about unruly curly locks (which Mr R-T is also in possession of, as is Gabriel Byrne and Rufus Sewell) but they are damned sexy. And so it appears that, when he’s not playing a Swiss pillock, not only is Stephen Mangan funny and smart, he is also very attractive to boot.

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