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Waterloo Road: Leo and Sonya let the school down

leo waterloo road(Series 10, ep.19) The penultimate episode, and a few plot strands were resolved. Justin was permanently excluded for cyber-bullying Bonnie, but a bit of detective work from Kenzie soon uncovered the real culprit to be mild-mannered younger Fitzgerald brother Leo. Oh, Leo. That’s no way to impress people.  Continue reading

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Waterloo Road: Just trying to feel something

sonya ianto jones waterloo road(Series 10, ep.18) The appearance of Ianto Jones off of Torchwood at the end of this episode has finally made sense of ten series’ worth of barmy madness. Waterloo Road is the centre of an alien invasion! Most of the staff and pupils are humanoid(ish) visitors from other worlds! There was another clue in this episode when New Marco told his science class that extra-terrestrial life was a “mathematical certainty.” Thank heavens that Torchwood are finally on the case (though I seem to recall that Ianto Jones is technically dead…).  Continue reading

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Holby City: Luc’s heart of darkness

(Series 15, ep.11 & 12) Since I was too busy being Christmassy to write about last week’s episode, here are a few random thoughts about it. Serena was in full Connie mode (looking sooo A/W 2012 in a furry hat), manipulating away with the result that Imelda was somehow lured off to do Ric’s job with Big Pharma in Las Vegas. All a little lame, plot-wise, though Serena was rather magnificent. I couldn’t help thinking Las Vegas wasn’t ever going to be the cleverest idea for recovering gambling addict Ric, anyway.

There was also some wonderful stuff between Jac and Jonny. I’ve thoroughly abandoned the idea that Joseph is the only man for her. He may have been the only man for Jac’s younger self, when she was all about the career, but now she’s older and more or less where she wants to be work-wise, she needs someone like Jonny to bring out the more playful side of her. Yes, she does have one. It was so sweet when she admitted she’d never decorated a Christmas tree before. I’m constantly impressed that the writers and the wonderful Rosie Marcel keep finding new sides to Jac and evolving her character and it looks like there’s quite a bit of evolving to come in the next few weeks.

luc holbyOn to this week, then, and despite featuring a new year party with a Hawaiian theme, it was all rather intense. Luc had been working round the clock since Boxing Day on a new drug that would stop people bleeding to death. Sacha had been sweating blood bringing him blood to experiment on, but when the supply ran dry Luc started using his own. Continue reading


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Holby City: How do you solve a problem like Imelda?

holby city(Series 15, ep.10) How did Imelda Cousins get the CEO job? What,exactly, is her job description? Because all that she actually does is to pop up in each of our key wards on a rotating basis, taking a dislike to the alpha males of the department (Ric, Michael) apparently solely on the grounds that they’re alpha males, issuing random edicts and annoying people. She seems to be constantly pursuing an agenda based on people being horrible to her when she was a nurse. And she has a worrying tendency to appear in operating theatres to distract the surgeons at times when you’d think concentration would be essential.

michael ramona holbyThis week she at least left Keller pretty much alone (Ric’s already suspended, so there’s not so much to interest her there), concentrating her meddling efforts on Darwin and AAU. In the department which is the spiritual home of the vomit-covered shoe, Ramona was doing some fine work helping Michael Spence with an emergency escharotomy, but she perhaps over-reached herself when the same patient needed intubating. Her cry of “We need some help here!” for once failed to summon any consultants at all, and she decided to have a go herself. Michael managed to defend her that time, but he wasn’t able to defend her after she caused a patient to fall out of bed trying to escape the full onslaught of her compassion. Continue reading


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Holby City: Where’s the camoxidan when you need it?

(Series 15, ep.3)   I watched this episode with a befuffled head, thanks to having a very nasty cold. I say this by way of apology for the fact that this is such a poor-quality blog post. Having spent most of the day slumped in a sneezing heap watching Judge Judy from beneath heavy eyelids, frankly my powers of concentration weren’t what they should have been come 8 PM. Maybe camoxidan would have helped, but I’m willing to bet, now Eddi’s gone, camoxidan will never be mentioned on Holby again. People will go back to getting good old-fashioned paracetamol for pain.

Seeing Ianto Jones from Torchwood popping up on Keller didn’t help my confuzzlement. He (Gareth David Lloyd) was playing new boy Rhys Hopkins. I’m not quite sure what his job title was – I thought he said he was a radiographer, but he seemed to be doing generally doctorly stuff (and possibly dealing with aliens in the basement). As I said, I wasn’t at the peak of my powers, concentration-wise. That naughty Mary-Claire tried to get Chantelle into trouble with him by letting him think it was Chantelle who’d confused saline for anaesthetic. Our Chantelle doesn’t make mistakes like that, and as well as proving herself to be jolly competent on her first day as a staff nurse, she was also invited out for an end-of-shift drink by Ianto Jones Rhys.

There was another new person on AAU in the shape of junior doctor Lilah Birdwood (Natasha Leigh). I’m not sure about her yet – I don’t think we quite saw enough of her to know which way her personality is going to go. And Hanssen and Jac had to grapple with their priorities when a member of the board’s daughter needed an operation but Elliott also had the opportunity to try out his Herzig 3 on Aisha (that’s not a euphemism). This week’s guest star collapsing in the car park (there is always one) was Jack Ryder, formerly of EastEnders.

Next time: Hopefully I’ll have recovered and will be able to offer something a bit more entertaining than the above. In Holby, Jonny finds himself trying to keep both Mo and Jac happy; Sacha has a go at being a consultant; and there are dramatic events for Hanssen. Even more dramatic than being locked in the back of a van with only an upset man and a staple gun for company.

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