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Casualty: Iain in control

Casualty - Series 33 - Ep30(Series 33, ep. 33 by Barbara Machin 27.4.19) For my long review of this stunning episode, pop yourself over to Metro. But first…

– This episode was so good that I reckon there’s mileage to be had in yet another Casualty spin-off series, this time set in ambulance control.

– I liked how most of the attention was on the control room and specifically Iain, but to break it up we saw glimpses of what was happening at the scene – enough to feel involved but also to share Iain’s feeling of frustration and helplessness.

– When Iain was talking to Rox and realising he had more care for other people than he does for himself was a brilliantly dramatic moment, and Michael Stevenson played it perfectly.

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Silk: Bigwigs and gangsters

Sad that the marvellous first series of Homeland had come to an end, the only two shows I’ve been regularly tuning into recently are The Bridge and the exceptionally superb Simon Amstell vehicle, Grandma’s House.

I needed something else to distract me from the rigours of everyday life. Then along came the second series of Silk. I’m a sucker for legal dramas, and I’ll watch anything with Phil Davis. Then I saw Frances Barber on Saturday Kitchen Live saying she’d be in the new series. Love that woman.

The three characters at the heart of Silk are Martha Costello (now QC, played by Maxine Peake), fellow barrister, Clive Reader (Rupert Penry-Jones, not QC, and not happy about playing second fiddle) and Senior Clerk at the Shoe Lane Chambers, Billy Lamb (Neil Stuke, last seen, by me, on Celebrity MasterChef). Continue reading


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Doctor Who (6.7): More twists than a twisty-turny thing

Put a finger on your lips and breathe one word: “Spoilers”.

I’m at a loss for words frankly. Not because A Good Man Goes To War isn’t masterful, magical storytelling from Steven Moffat – it is all that and so much more, but how to do it justice. The last time I felt like this was after the last episode of Ashes to Ashes aired.

The plot is the easiest bit to deal with. Rory and the Doctor set out to raise an army and free Amy and baby Pond – Melody – from the kidnappers. They do so but walk into a trap and find that Madame Kovarian (for this is the name of Eye-patch lady) has tricked the Doctor again, stolen Melody and left a flesh avatar of the baby in Amy’s arms. How Amy is even able to stand in the last five minutes of this episode I don’t know, as motherhood is emotionally draining even when your baby hasn’t just melted into a pool of white emulsion.

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