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Celebrity Masterchef: The Wall

Celebrity Masterchef S13Ready, Set, Cook! Or rather stand looking confused at a chicken, asking which part is the breast (Monty Panesar). Yep, Celeb Masterchef is back. Is it the same as before? No, it has ‘The Wall’.

Gregg’s (aka Celeb-irritant Shrek) saucer-eyes nearly expanded off his face with excitement at announcing this new development. As walls go, it’s safe to say that Trump’s one is still uppermost in people’s consciousnesses. My ten year old liked it though, so I guess it has some appeal. The pairs are sent to either side of the wall to attempt to make exactly the same dish. They can call out to each other, a la Pyramus and Thisbe, about what procedure they are doing but never the twain shall meet. Until they are summoned to the judging table of doom to see which offering looks more like a dog’s dinner. Selfish Martin Bayfield nearly toppled the wall (metaphorically rather than literally, although that would have been fun). At 6 foot 10, the pro rugby player/giant was obviously taller than any of the set designers had reasonably expected anyone to be. He could look straight over the wall. However, he is a sporting sportsman and refrained from doing so.  Continue reading

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Coronation Street news: Compare the Market sponsor Corrie

Meerkats. They’re everywhere. And now they’re getting involved with Coronation Street as well. Compare the Market are taking over the sponsorship of Coronation Street, so those adorable, charming or just plain annoying (delete as applicable) critters will be popping up at either side of every segment of your favourite Manchester-based soap for the foreseeable future.

Watch below as they turn Eric Spear’s famous Corrie theme tune into a bit of a folksy toe-tapper.


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Holby City: Who’s sitting at Hanssen’s desk?

(Series 15, ep.5)   “Who is running Holby City?” Ric wanted to know when he discovered Henrik Hanssen had taken a leave of absence (that’s “leave of absence,” worried Hanssenites – they mentioned him so often in this episode that I’m quite confident he’ll be back. It’s Luc Hemingway all over again). Ric was not perked up to discover that the answer to his question was (temporarily) Serena Campbell, a woman with whom he does not exactly see eye to eye.

She’s confident, that Serena. Her job interview was more like a sales pitch to the board.  “I have what I believe is a compelling solution,” she briskly informed them. “Me.” The thing with Serena is, although she does display flashes of warmth, she is really all about the balance sheet. As such, she did look scarily comfortable in Hanssen’s chair.

Everyone wanted Ric to go for the CEO job, because Michael Spence and Elliott Hope weren’t interested in it and everyone is scared of Serena. The four of them seemed to be the entire candidate pool. I don’t have any particular knowledge of NHS administration, but I couldn’t help thinking this wasn’t the most realistic scenario I’d ever come across. What it did do, however, was set Ric up for the classic patient v future-of-the-hospital dilemma. He had a patient who was about to have a kidney transplant, and the kidney she was about to get might or might not give her cancer. Serena thought it would be dreadful publicity for the hospital if they gave a patient cancer, but Ric felt the kidney was the only option for the patient. It wasn’t ideal that his interview for the CEO job meant he had to leave the operation early and leave the suturing up in the capable hands of The Malick. Naturally the machines started going beep while he was away, and by the time he got back to theatre there was blood everywhere. “You take the vein, I’ll take the artery,” said Ric.   Continue reading


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Holby City: Small things done in a great way

(Series 15, ep.4)   Not wanting to run into board member Cunningham, Hanssen pressed the B button on the lift and found himself in the basement. The basement is generally the place Holby cast members go to collapse, be attacked or have a sulky smoke. Nothing good generally happens there, but on this occasion, Hanssen found himself chatting to a Polish porter, Karol, whose job was under threat. This porter was a wise old sort, although he was blissfully unaware that he was talking to Henrik Hanssen, somewhat implausibly, given that Hanssen’s face had been all over local newspapers and TV news for weeks. It reminded me of the encounter between Kevin and the owner of the toy store in Home Alone 2: Lost In New York (I’m sorry, but that film is my cultural touchstone). Karol was a people-person and liked to make a difference to the people he worked with. He had the following advice: “If you can’t do great things, do small things in a great way.”   Continue reading


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Holby City: Where’s the camoxidan when you need it?

(Series 15, ep.3)   I watched this episode with a befuffled head, thanks to having a very nasty cold. I say this by way of apology for the fact that this is such a poor-quality blog post. Having spent most of the day slumped in a sneezing heap watching Judge Judy from beneath heavy eyelids, frankly my powers of concentration weren’t what they should have been come 8 PM. Maybe camoxidan would have helped, but I’m willing to bet, now Eddi’s gone, camoxidan will never be mentioned on Holby again. People will go back to getting good old-fashioned paracetamol for pain.

Seeing Ianto Jones from Torchwood popping up on Keller didn’t help my confuzzlement. He (Gareth David Lloyd) was playing new boy Rhys Hopkins. I’m not quite sure what his job title was – I thought he said he was a radiographer, but he seemed to be doing generally doctorly stuff (and possibly dealing with aliens in the basement). As I said, I wasn’t at the peak of my powers, concentration-wise. That naughty Mary-Claire tried to get Chantelle into trouble with him by letting him think it was Chantelle who’d confused saline for anaesthetic. Our Chantelle doesn’t make mistakes like that, and as well as proving herself to be jolly competent on her first day as a staff nurse, she was also invited out for an end-of-shift drink by Ianto Jones Rhys.

There was another new person on AAU in the shape of junior doctor Lilah Birdwood (Natasha Leigh). I’m not sure about her yet – I don’t think we quite saw enough of her to know which way her personality is going to go. And Hanssen and Jac had to grapple with their priorities when a member of the board’s daughter needed an operation but Elliott also had the opportunity to try out his Herzig 3 on Aisha (that’s not a euphemism). This week’s guest star collapsing in the car park (there is always one) was Jack Ryder, formerly of EastEnders.

Next time: Hopefully I’ll have recovered and will be able to offer something a bit more entertaining than the above. In Holby, Jonny finds himself trying to keep both Mo and Jac happy; Sacha has a go at being a consultant; and there are dramatic events for Hanssen. Even more dramatic than being locked in the back of a van with only an upset man and a staple gun for company.

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Casualty: You know it’s a bad day when a rabid dog eats your sandwich

(Series 26, Ep.1) Hurrah! A new series of Casualty! It’s been so long since the end of the last series – a whole seven days. The waiting has been dreadful. So what’s new in Series 26? Well, Adam and his god complex have gone, and I have to say it’s something of a relief. Poor Adam has been nothing but angsty since he lost baby Harry. I couldn’t help thinking it must have been as draining for Tristan Gemmill to play him as it was for us to watch – the lad never had any fun (unless you count torturing Chris Mead from Waterloo Road fun, and there’s probably a few who do). And Maverick Nurse Kirsty preceded him across the Clifton Suspension Bridge Into A Bright New Future.

Replacing Les Miserables, we have two perky newcomers in the forms of paramedics Omar and Tamzin (Dhafer L’Abidine and Gemma Atkinson). Omar is huggy and Tamzin is clumsy (she broke Jeff’s A Team mug!), but they’re both pretty, and pretty keen, and it’s left Dixie and Jeff feeling insecure. This is good news, as a bit of paramedic rivalry is always enjoyable.  Continue reading


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Mildred Pierce: Chicken and a basket case

(Ep.3)  If you were to ask a terse chap to say one pithy word about this week’s Mildred Pierce, he might offer: “depression.” Me? Well I’m not the least bit terse, as a lifetime of snoring chums will aver, but that’ll do me. You see, we’re still in The Depression and Mildred’s life majors in disappointment, bookended by mourning and unhappiness.

Let’s start with the mourning. Last week ended with cuteness & cupcake daughter, Ray Pierce, dying of grippe in a huge and well-staffed hospital that’s empty of other patients. “Grippe” is flu, by the way, which information you will find useful should you ever require the appropriate jab in a big old hospital suspiciously devoid of patient life.

This week we open with lots of achy-breaky heart stuff with ex-husband Bert and  Mildred in the kitchen. We’re also treated to an ominous close up of some Very Sharp Knives indeed. Prophetic or just odd? Who knows, but anything is possible with psychotic older daughter Veda around.

A little later we’re off for a brief spot of funeralising, followed immediately by Mildred visiting a chicken farm. Unworthy thoughts of Ray’s cute & cupcakey body being sold off as animal feed are dispelled when it becomes clear that she’s buying, not selling. Then again, this might be a barter, which would mean Ray returning home as a live and well-fed chicken.  Continue reading

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