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Casualty: Ethan finds the honey

ethan dixie casualty(Series 29, ep.12) The repercussions of the crash in which Jeff lost his life (#RIPJeff) are still being felt all over Holby A&E, but this week everybody ended up taking a few steps forward on the road to recovery.

After scattering Jeff’s ashes last week, Dixie even felt restored enough to play a little joke on Iain (it still sounds odd to me when Dixie arrives at a trauma scene and says, “My name’s Dixie and this is Iain,” rather than “this is Jeff”). She pretended she’d kept a few ashes back and placed them in a toy ambulance on the dashboard of the real ambulance. Iain kept giving this funny looks throughout the episode, till he summoned up the courage to have a peep inside – to find a note saying GOTCHA! Oh, how I laughed, while wiping away a tear for the late lamented Jeffrey.  Continue reading


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Casualty: Lily Chao – ace detective

lily casualty(Series 29, ep.10) Sitting nicely on the interface between medical and crime drama, this episode (thrillingly titled ‘Deadfall’) was full of moody, flickering lighting (a dodgy generator, apparently) and grainy flashbacks and had a wonderfully eerie, paranoid mood to it.

The bodies kept piling up, but there was a plucky detective to hand in the form of Dr Lily Chao, as well as a handsome prime suspect (Gary Lucy) and comic relief from Max and his bad back.  Continue reading


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Casualty: There’s detached and there’s too detached

connie holby(Series 29, ep.7) There’s a huge, Jeff-shaped hole in the department, and everybody is feeling it. Dixie can’t sleep, but work isn’t really doing it for her either: “He’s at home, he’s here… there’s nowhere I can go to get away from Jeffrey Collier.” So she spends her time trying to take every shout, and back at base clutching Jeff’s own personal coffee mug to her heart and glaring at Ash. If only Ash hadn’t gone and got his leg carelessly impaled, none of this would have happened, etc.

Everybody else is suffering too. Robyn is emotional; Big Mac talks to Invisible Jeff when he’s alone. What’s needed is sensitive and kindly leadership. What they have is Connie Beauchamp.   Continue reading


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Casualty: Our hero

charlie casualty(Series 29, ep.6) To throw the loss of Jeff into terrible and heart-breaking perspective, his beautiful teeth were front and centre in many of the scenes in this episode. Not just his teeth, obviously – that would be very macabre indeed. And a bit sick. But the many photographs of him at the funeral, in lockers, at the wake etc, all showcased the former nicest pearly whites in the NHS.

The funeral itself was genuinely moving. For once there wasn’t the usual scene where someone tries to give a eulogy, gets overcome with tears and the eulogy has to be finished by someone else. Jamie (who’d jetted in from Australia) and Dixie (who’d come direct from answering a shout to a rubbish dump) gave lovely speeches, and then all the paramedics held up their radios so someone in the control room could add one last call to Paramedic Collier before signing him off for the last time. There was even a faithful dog to watch the coffin make its final journey.   Continue reading

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Casualty: It’s what we do best

image(Series 29, ep.5) Staff members in peril is a thing that happens a lot in Casualty. Who can forget Tess impaled on a spike, Charlie having a heart attack and Abs plummeting from the first floor? There have been too many staff traumas to mention, but it always brings out the best in Holby’s top quality A&E staff.

This week, the staff members in peril situation was dialled up to 11, as not one but five of them were involved in a nasty car crash – and a brilliantly-done car crash it was. I’m sure I lost contact with my seat for a second, it was so sudden.   Continue reading


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Casualty: Casualty without Charlie? Seriously?

noel charlie casualty(Series 29, ep.3)  “Do I really want a department without Charlie?” mused Tess at the start of this episode. The answer to that should really be an unequivocal “no,” but nobody seems very convinced of that. Charlie showed up at the hospital twice – the first time because he was bored and he thought they might be able to do with his help; and the second time because he’d been called by Tess when she realised they really could do with his help, but he turned up only to declare he’d had half a pint of beer and was therefore unfit for work, and spent the rest of the shift in the waiting room doing a crossword. These appearances were accompanied by any passing staff members gazing sadly at him, or being mildly irritated by his presence, and I still can’t really work out why.

Only Lofty was able to find some value in the former stalwart of emergency medicine, by enlisting his help with a vulnerable patient – none other than Carl Au (formerly known as the legendary Barry Barry in Waterloo Road), sporting a dental abscess so bad it was making his eye bulge.   Continue reading

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Casualty: That’ll teach me to miss episodes

charlie casualty(Series 29, ep.2) Dipping my toe back into the waters of Casualty after quite a long break, I found myself a bit confuzzled. I thought Jeff had left? Didn’t he go off with Stella from Corrie? Anyway, it was a pleasant surprise to see his beautiful teeth once again. My sentiments were also shared by the radiant Tamzin, who has dumped her fiancé and was last seen outside The Pub (the one Casualty staff go to because they simply aren’t welcome at Albie’s) with her face firmly attached to Jeff’s. Bless.

Someone who really ought never to leave Casualty is Charlie Off Of Casualty, though in this case my sentiments are not shared by his colleagues, who apparently can’t wait to give him a carriage clock and wave him off. The reason for this is that he’s been behaving a bit oddly recently (how can they tell?), which is partly explained by the angina that Lovely Elliot Hope was diagnosing in the “Previously…” segment – but was there also a hint that Charlie might be heading for a dementia storyline? That would be interesting.

Since I last saw Rita her hairstyle has gone a little out of control and so has she. I’ve obviously missed some big plot point concerning her former/current husband, but she was behaving in a very upset manner, getting very over-involved with a bogus rape case, and hitting the bottle. Obviously I don’t know everything that led up to this, but I found it a somewhat depressing storyline for a woman who was formerly as competent and assured as Rita.

And there was a storyline about an ageing rocker called “Tyger Wicked,” who was Britain’s answer to Iggy Pop in his day, apparently. I was going to say that “Tyger Wicked” was a completely silly and implausible name for an ageing rocker, but then I thought of Alvin Stardust. Anyway, Tyger’s presence made Max get all excited, which took his mind off missing Zoe, who is away doing Strictly Come Dancing.

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