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Casualty: This is the chance we have to say goodbye

Casualty - Series 34 - EP23(Series 34, ep. 23 by Oliver Frampton 8.2.20) I’ve reviewed this episode over at Metro. I don’t really have many further thoughts this week. My further thoughts tend to be a bit more flippant and there wasn’t anything flippant about this episode at all.

– Though I did wonder whether having a funeral cortege pulled up outside the entrance to A&E was a good look for people who were there hoping they were going to be made better. Especially when the entire staff team bobbed out as well.

– If you didn’t cry at the end when Charlie was crying you have a heart of stone. Stone, I tell you.

– It was almost as moving as after Stan Ogden’s death in Corrie, when Hilda sat holding his glasses. Ask your gran if it was before your time. She’ll remember.


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Casualty: She’s gone

TCasualty - Series 34 - EP22(Series 34, ep. 22 by Katie Douglas 1.2.20Have a look at Metro for a full review of this tearjerker of an episode, plus an extra piece about Duffy. But first…

– This was such a sad episode. We’ve known it was coming, really, but like Charlie we hoped it wouldn’t have come so soon.

– Derek Thompson and Cathy Shipton played their scenes perfectly. Has there been any other soap couple which has endured so long?

– It was nice that Connie made her peace with Duffy and also, to an extent, Charlie.

– Robyn breaks my heart.

– Violette is lovely. I want her to train to be a paramedic or nurse and stay.

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Casualty: The perfect man

Casualty - Series 34 - EP21(Series 34 ep. 21 by Phil Lawrence 25.1.20) My review of this episode is over at Metro. Before you click over there to have a look…

– Connie is really trying hard with Archie, isn’t she?

– Poor Charlie. I knew he was going to go and bring Duffy back. How could he not, really, seeing her there with her coat on and her bag packed?

– Also poor Marty, but obvs for very different reasons. Jack seemed like the perfect man, which of course sets alarm bells ringing among a drama-viewing audience because we know that either he’s not perfect or if he is he’ll be crushed under a truck within the next 20 minutes.

– Jack was really horrible to Marty, which made me think he’d had a lucky escape. But throwing himself back onto the dating scene is also, in Casualty terms, a worrying sign. Is he making himself too vulnerable? Holby fans will be getting uneasy thoughts about Evil Isaac at this point.

– I’m glad we didn’t have to go with Archie to see Dr Megan do eye surgery. Connie has saved us all an ordeal there. I’ve said it before – I can watch all manner of yucky procedures but I draw the line at eyes and noses.

– The storyline about the twins was nicely done, especially the scene at the end where Nerys helped her sister to look at her mastectomy scars.

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Casualty: The one in which Charlie becomes an NHS art installation

Casualty - Series 34 - EP15(Series 34, ep. 15 by Mark Catley and Colin Bytheway 7.12.19) You’ll be wanting to click over to Metro to read my full review of this episode. But before you go…

– I didn’t think there could be anything sadder than Duffy hallucinating her dead cat, but there is. It’s Duffy all ready for work, uniform spotless and gearing up for a day of world class caring and compassion, and not realising that she’s now the person being cared for rather than the person doing the caring.

– And also Charlie sobbing like a baby on the floor in the ED. Even though David’s comment about people mistaking him for an NHS art installation was very funny. You should see some of the weirdness they have standing around at my local hospital (not the patients. The art).

– Mason made brownies! Well done for steering away from cupcakes, which are the usual impress-your-colleagues baked goods.

– It’s always lovely to see Max Farnham from Brookside.

– I very much enjoy the start of Casualty when you have to try to work out who the casualty is going to be. Well done in this one for making it a three out of three.

– Though sometimes I’m less interested in the patients’ emotional traumas once they get into the ED because you know that in most cases you’ll never see them again so it’s hard to get invested. This one was quite interesting, though. That golf instructor man was entirely creepy.

– I guessed the golf instructor’s problem would be to do with the coffee – it was mentioned far too often for it to be an innocently by-standing beverage – but I didn’t guess that Max Farnham had been tampering with it.

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Casualty: Whatever comes their way

Casualty - Series 33 - Ep35(Series 33, ep. 35 by Oliver Frampton 11.5.19)

Head over to Metro for my review of this week’s episode. 


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Casualty: Charlie’s love muffin

chuffy reunited(Series 33, ep. 34 by Dana Fainaru 4.5.19) Pop over to Metro for a proper review of this episode. But first…

– Is Duffy being brave or a bit daft by telling patients and their relatives that she has dementia? I admire her not wanting to keep it hidden, but on the other hand (as we saw in this episode) it is a bit risky. Patients need to have confidence that they’re going to have the best care. Also we’ve seen Duffy making mistakes due to her dementia before she was diagnosed. How does she expect to know whether or how it’s affecting her now, if she didn’t before? Or am I being guilty of exactly the sort of prejudice Duffy is trying to fight?

– I’m very glad Charlie and Duffy are back together again, though. The awkwardness between them was just wrong.

– David is absolutely precious, isn’t he? Telling Duffy about Charlie getting her the last muffin: ‘That’s love, that is.’ He understands that the biggest love expresses itself in the smallest ways sometimes.

– I admit I missed a good few months of Casualty at one point (when Connie was ill) so I really don’t understand the weird dynamic between Connie and Elle. Can anyone enlighten me?

– Hurrah for Iain being back at work. Now we just need Jan to ease up on him a bit so he can get on with what he does best.


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Casualty: Chuffy and other worries

Casualty - Series 33 - Ep31(Series 33, ep. 30 by Kim Millar 6.4.19) My full review of this episode is at Metro, so please have a look. Before you go…

– Charlie’s face at the beginning of the episode! His poor heart is breaking for Duffy. I wish those two would get back together so they can properly support each other.

– Is the Iain story going to go back into “‘You need to go to counselling’ – ‘Fine, I’ll go’ – Doesn’t go” mode again? I hope not.

– Connie’s not right either, is she? That attack has affected her badly.

– If the Dani/Ruby story is going to go down a sinister route, I’m quite excited. Ruby needs a juicy storyline of her own because Maddy Hill is brilliant.

– I also love Jade. She’s like early Donna Jackson (on Holby) – a great nurse, brilliant with patients, keen and smart – but with one or two attitude issues to sort out first. Dylan knows all this and we should trust his judgement.

– I was ever so glad that the tapeworm in the woman’s eye hadn’t yet been added in the preview version I saw. These days I’m not squeamish about medical things (this comes after numerous episodes of Inside the Ambulance as well as Holby and Casualty) but I draw the line at eyes. Somewhat ironic as I’ve just started doing social media for the International Glaucoma Association (give them a follow @TweetIGA and on Facebook if you or anyone you know has glaucoma or if you want to know more about it).

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