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Holby City: He hates everyone almost as much as he hates himself

Holby City S22 - Ep20

(Series 22, ep. 20 by Julie Parsons 7.7.20) My full review of this is over at Metro, so please go and have a look. But before you do that…

– The bit of the Nicky heart attack story that I liked the most was Louis calming her down when she was having the panic attack. He is marvellous.

– Though Belinda Owusu did a really good job of gasping on the locker room floor. I was thinking she wouldn’t be found in time and it would be like poor Mason on Casualty, with everyone beating themselves up that they hadn’t read the signs and paid enough attention. Though of course they should maybe think that anyway.

– Essie and Sacha continue to break my heart.

– But it’s good news from Fletcher Towers apparently, as Fletch continues to improve.

– I loved Hanssen telling Cameron that he should pop along and have an ‘all encompassing career chat with Ms McGerry’ rather than trying to creep up to him. Hanssen has no time for odious little twerps.

– I was right about Cameron being ready to deliver more bad behaviour to impress Ange – but frankly trying to get Louis into trouble is going too far. I was very glad that Max stands ready to support her son.

– Please don’t give Tracey a job at Pulses. She’ll put people off their muffins with her whingey demeanour.


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Holby City: What happened to Paris?

Holby City S22 - Ep18(Series 22, ep. 18 by Katie Douglas 23.6.20) Bob along to Metro to read my nice long review of this episode. But before you go…

– Did we know previously that Fletch starting his career as a car mechanic before becoming a nurse? I liked his advice to Evie that you don’t have to have your path in life all mapped out when you’re young.

– Hurrah for the helpful urologist who was only too happy to do Fletch’s op in the down-time between the end of his shift and Emmerdale. Fletch shouldn’t even have contemplated going to The Mythical St J for surgery.

– Does this mean Fletch is completely cured? Let’s hope he is, although the ‘two nurses with cancer’ storyline will have been fairly short-lived if so.

– So Kian is in Canada seeing his mum, is he? Adorable as he is, Jac is really better off without him.

– I’ve already mentioned it on Metro, but Ric’s ‘You’re gonna need a bigger bag’ comment to Louis really was a brilliant line. It was unexpected, hilarious – and heartfelt. And it makes it more likely that the little hand gesture that Thunderchild spotted last week (look at the comments under last week’s post) was deliberate.

– Jac’s ‘Are there any patients on the ward that you aren’t related to?’ comment to Nicky was also good and could probably be deployed most weeks on most wards at Holby.

– And we were treated to more Jac and Sacha scenes, which are things of great beauty and joy.


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Holby City: It’s more than a bit. It’s a lot

ange carole holby 51 pla(Series 21, ep. 51 ‘Lemons’ by Ed Sellek 17.12.19) Pop over to Metro to read my proper review. But first…

– I’m very sad to see Lee Mead leaving Holby. He was one of the people I interviewed for the Holby book (just before the photo at the top of this blog was taken) and he was so lovely – serious and thoughtful about his work, grateful for all his opportunities, genuinely humble and very kind and considerate to me.

Line of the week – (Carole and Ange look at the Winter Wonderland that’s appeared in the garden)

Carole: It’s a bit… actually, it’s more than a bit. It’s a lot.’

Ange: ‘Yeah, it is a bit.’

(Dom comes over) Dom: ‘Do you think it’s a bit..?’

Carole: ‘Well I thought that’s what you were going for.’

Line of the week (2) – Carole: ‘A year’s not long. Think how quickly Strictly comes around. That’s a year.’

– Dominic giving Lofty a new saxophone! Bless!

– Max saying that Zoe has given up smoking and they’re trying for a baby! Also bless! Though I do recall that Zoe had quite serious fertility issues?

Max generally. Still gorgeous.

– I liked that Robyn was in Lofty’s first ever episode of Holby and she was also there for his last (for now – I hope he’ll come back).

Daisy Wood-Davis is really good as Phoebe. She has some of the same intensity of Evan himself, which is quite unsettling.

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Holby City: The end of Evil Evan

chloe ange 2 holby 40(Series 21, ep. 40 ‘Divine Justice’ by Andy Bayliss 1.10.19) Another stunning episode of Holby City! My full review can be found over at Metro as usual. But before you go…

– I can only hope and pray (I don’t actually pray, so it’ll be double hope) that all rape victims are treated with the empathy and kindness shown to Chloe by police officer Sheena in this episode.

– Ange and Cameron were getting on my nerves a bit as they both tried to make it all about them, but I was touched by Ange and Chloe’s reunion at the end.

– Amy Lennox did a perfect job with this storyline.

– I’d expected Ange to be the one to possibly let Evan die or cause him to die, but it made sense that Cameron was the one to do it. He was at a point of huge vulnerability having just had the confirmation that his mother was dead. There’s something about him having the power of life or death, of being able to ultimately protect Chloe, that must have just clicked into place in his mind in that split second to make him behave so uncharacteristically. As soon as he had a moment to reflect, his humanity and his training as a doctor would be appalled at what he’d done. 

– I think Naomi Katiyo is going to break my heart when Darla has to give the baby up. And that is a ridiculously cute baby (or twins) playing Baby Griffin.

– It was touching that Ric was looking at a picture of Jess before he decided to go for the scan. I wonder whether she’ll appear to support him through his treatment?


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Holby City: ‘It felt like I’d fallen off the face of your earth’

dominic ange holby 20(Series 21, ep. 20 ‘The Wrong Horse’ by Nick Fisher 14.5.19) There’s a full review of this episode at Metro.

I’m currently trying to get the next few weeks’ reviews etc ready for Metro as I’m going away on holiday soon, so apologies that there are no random thoughts this week. I’m already several episodes ahead and very nervous that I might give spoilers away by having a random thought about something you haven’t seen yet!



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Holby City: No flies on Darwin

kian jac holby 18(Series 21, ep. 18 ‘Vinegar and Honey’ by Ed Sellek 30.4.19) For a full review of this week’s episode please bob over to Metro (the home of top quality soaps coverage). But first…

– The episode was called ‘Vinegar and Honey’ because Fletch told Jac ‘You catch more flies with honey than you do with vinegar.’ I loved Jac’s reply: ‘Why would I want flies?’

– So Kian is the cousin of Marty in the ED. I wonder whether we’ll see Kian summoned to a Casualty crossover one day? It would be even nicer if Marty was there – he hasn’t been seen in a while.

– I understood Ange’s explanation of why Chloe would be devastated to find out Dominic is her brother while she was saying it, but looking back I’m not sure I agree with her now. What do you think?

– Dominic is getting quite obsessive though. When he told Ange ‘You don’t get to abandon me again,’ it sounded borderline threatening – not in a scary way, but in a very needy way. He isn’t a character whose emotions you can just dabble with, as Ange is finding out.

– I knew all wasn’t well in Scary Sue’s romantic life. Bless her.


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Holby City: Behind the eyes

kian 2 holby 17(Series 21, ep. 17 ‘Pleased to Meet You’ by Ed Sellek 23.4.19) For my full (and rather long) review of this brilliant episode, head over to Metro. But first…

– I’ve not always been the greatest fan of Nicky as a character, but she absolutely stole the episode for me with her breathless fan-girly appreciation of Kian. Even when she was in the background she was giving him admiring little glances. It was really funny and well done.

– Talking of funny, I love Ed Sellek’s episodes. He’s the man who gave us Hanssen with a theremin, as I’ll never cease to keep reminding you because it was genius.

– And Scary Sue! She’s absolutely brilliant. I loved her comment about London making her bogies black. It’s such a northern thing to say (I speak as a northerner who lives in London). The genius of Sue’s character is that she has this ‘scary’ reputation but she’s ever so vulnerable and sad really, and I like that Donna recognised that about her.

– It was a good debut for Kian. He’s like a Mills and Boon fantasy doctor come to life with his tattooed hunkiness, but he’s got an air of danger and secrets around him that makes him quite interesting.

– Dominic was being really horrible to Carole and I could have slapped him at various points, but David Ames lets you see everything play out in Dominic’s eyes – the emotions of the moment are on his face, but his eyes tell you how he really feels inside and he is hurting.

– Julia Deakin and Dawn Steele are also being brilliant in this storyline and even though I still wish it hadn’t happened, it’s bringing some ninja level drama out, which I suppose is the entire point.

– Though when is Chloe going to get her chance to start emoting like everybody else? It must come soon.

– I’m glad Dom’s father was just a nice boy who liked Wham! and had a look of John Taylor from Duran Duran, rather than something sinister or icky. Such as looking like Simon Le Bon from Duran Duran.


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Holby City: Baby Zollie!

nicky zosia holby 16(Series 21, ep. 16 ‘North and South’ by Joe Ainsworth 16.4.19) To read my full review of this episode, bob over to Metro. But first…

– I knew the baby was Ollie’s! I suppose it was fairly obvious, really, once Arlo had been ruled out. But how lovely that she’s going to keep the baby and she’s letting him be involved too. Bless. Though I wonder what they’ll give it as a surname. Self-Valentine? Valentine-Self? It sounds like a recipe for bullying, either way.

– Which reminds me of one of my favourite Ollie lines, when Faye Byrne gave birth to her and Joseph’s son Harry: ‘Has anyone signed a card for Byrne Baby Byrne?’

– Sad that Camilla Arfwedson has gone again. Zosia is a brilliant character, I feel there’s still a lot to explore with her. With luck she’ll be back at some point (and bring Ollie with her – please?).

– It’s also sad for Dominic that she’s gone. He was just about to confide in her and he badly needs friends at the moment, especially as you-know-who is returning soon.

– I hate seeing Carole sad. I felt her pain when Dominic called her ‘Carole’ instead of ‘Mum.’ It’s not even funny like when David Platt calls his mother ‘Gail’ on Coronation Street. It’s just sad.

– Ange and Fletch: please, no. Unless it provokes a jealous response in Jac and she takes Ange out to the Linden Cullen Memorial Shrubbery for a good battering. Not that I condone violence at all.

– Can we have Fleur Fanshawe every week, please? She is magnificent.

– Nanette Duval is also magnificent, in her own way. Suzette Llewellyn plays the part really well. Nanette is nasty, spiteful, funny, outrageous and manipulative, but also clearly in a lot of pain. It’s a clever portrayal to make her sympathetic while she’s being horrible to the lovely Zav and Donna.


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Holby City: Family matters

dominic holby 15(Series 21, ep. 15 ‘The Family Way’ by Becky Prestwich 9.4.19) As usual, pop over to Metro to read my full review of this episode.

But before all that…

– David Ames is wringing every last drop of emotion out of this storyline and he’s being brilliant as usual. Bringing Roger back was a lovely idea, both as a sort of avatar for Lofty but also because he’s a lovely character in his own right and it was nice for Dominic to have some support.

– I’ve had a scathingly brilliant idea that Steven Fletcher should turn out to be Dominic’s father (the father hasn’t been mentioned or asked about, weirdly). That would make Dominic Fletch’s brother and Dominic would become a Fletchling. Of course that’s too far-fetched even for this far-fetched storyline, but a girl can dream.

– The episode was beautifully written (by the marvellous Becky Prestwich) and didn’t go over-the-top with Ange’s reminiscences about her six months with Baby Dom (was it Ange who named him Darren? If not, what did she call him?). This left the imagination to fill in the gaps of those sweet and stressful months as she bonded with her little boy only to realise she had to give him away.

– The scene where Serena talked to Donna about daughters was beautifully written, too, and Catherine Russell delivered the most touching performance.

– Zav’s little talk with Mia was perfect. It took me a while to warm to Zav, but I think he’s entirely precious now. The relationship between him and Donna is a wonderful thing.

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Holby City: Long-suffering Dominic

carole ange holby 14(Series 21, ep. 14 ‘Ask No Questions’ by Kathrine Smith and Michelle Lipton 2.4.19) Pop over to Metro for my full review of this episode.

I have a couple of things to add:

– As I expected, Carole totally broke my heart in this episode. The way she sat outside all day long, hoping Dominic would come out and talk to her. I loved how he left her his coat.

– I feel so sorry for Dominic. No sooner has he built himself up after Arthur and Isaac than this happens. It’s a really bad idea to be a popular Holby character – they put you through all sorts.

– Evan’s little sabotage of Cameron was interesting. I wonder whether this is the start of another Holby villain, or whether he was just doing what he had to do to secure the affections of the fragrant Chloe.

– Heartbreak ahead for Mia! This could be a very sad story indeed.

– What does being a Junior Doctor Lead involve, exactly? Cameron didn’t seem to do very much leading while he was in post. He didn’t even get a special uniform. Essie would have insisted on one, because she loves a special uniform.

– Why has Zosia never had a scan? What is she afraid of? Is she further along (or not as far along) in her pregnancy than she’s claiming? Is she worried that something might be wrong? Could this be connected to the potential father? I just had a thought – maybe she’s worried it’ll be twins. Non-identical twins can run in families. Who do we know who was a twin?


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