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EastEnders: Old enough to be your mother

“Don’t ask me to work in your restaurant,” Kathy told Ian towards the end of last night’s episode. “I worked in the caff and a bus crashed into it. I worked in the chippy and a car crashed into it…”

It did, as well. Kathy had the grazes on her face to prove it, but luckily the deep fat fryer stayed intact otherwise it could have been a lot worse.

Kush sustained a dislocated shoulder, and when Denise finally decided to kiss him, she inevitably chose the dislocated side to go in from, although she’d been at the other side of the bed for the rest of the evening. This made him wince. But not as much as Carmel is going to make them both wince when she finds out her best mate and her number one son are an item.  Continue reading

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EastEnders: Life’s ups and downs

kush shabnam eastendersI’m constantly amazed at how good EastEnders is. Though there are still too many tedious scenes involving superannuated beetroot-faced thug Phil Mitchell, or Ronnie and Roxie bleating “you’re my sister and I love you” at each other every five minutes, there’s also brilliant drama like the current baby storyline and the fiendishly clever way the Lucy Beale murder story seemed to be resolved and then came roaring back into life. I feel like I actually care about a lot of the characters, and in a soap that used to be accused of being relentlessly bleak there’s now a lot of comedy, thanks to some great writing and some very versatile actors.

The last few episodes have been astonishingly good. Thursday’s was one of the funniest half hours of television I’ve seen for ages – Masood’s sudden transformation into an awkward lothario, bedding Bonnie Langford and trying to kiss his sister in law in the space of 30 minutes; Martin happily chundering all over the Square while Stacey gave him her best disapproving face (which is actually Stacey’s only face, as her default setting is miserable) and wondered if he was really parent/boyfriend material; the long-suffering Tamwar as always gazing around him like he’d just arrived from Planet Normal to be faced with an out of control world.  Continue reading


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Casualty: Jamie goes to the land down under

jamie robyn casualty(Series 28, ep.24)  He’s a lovely lad, Jamie. Sweet, kind, fairly small, loveable. Not all that exciting, but pleasant enough. He was given a suitably sweet, loveable send-off for his last episode in Casualty, joining the very small band of people who gets to have (at least the hope of) a happily-ever-after by going with new boyfriend Ramin to live in Australia.

What I liked most about him leaving was the sight of Jeff trying not to cry when he dropped Jamie off in the town centre to catch his bus to the airport. I also liked Robyn failing not to cry in the pub after he’d gone, and being comforted by Good Old Charlie.

Also in the pub and sharing a table and a discussion about whether young women actually do find older men attractive was Dr Lily Chao (a young woman) and Dr Martin Ashford (an older man, whom Lily does find attractive). The official topic of their conversation was Ash’s daughter Ella, who’d been spending the day observing what goes on in a busy ED. I really liked Ella – she was opinionated, a bit lazy, helpful despite herself and independent. As such she reminded me of the early days of The Radiant Donna Jackson in Holby City, and I’d quite like to see her join the staff.

Next time: Lily becomes a magician’s assistant. Seriously.


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Casualty: Dixie arrested!

rita dixie casualty(Series 28, ep.22)  Poor Dixie. One minute she’s enjoying an unexpected snog with Rita at Holby’s premier night spot (no disrespect to the late Carol #RIPCarol, but Rita definitely counts as an upgrade), and the next she’s banged up in Holby’s most depressing police station.

But what was her crime? Not much, as far as I could see. “Overbalanced a rapist” would be the most accurate description, but the police are treating it as assault or GBH or whatever and the rapist is currently languishing in the ED with Dr Cal poking sharp implements in his eye in a therapeutic, successful, yet queasy-making (for this viewer) effort to stop him going blind.

casualtyI’m hopeful that next week the rape victim, who has gone home with her husband and is not telling him anything about what happened, will need to come to the hospital to get her broken wrist sorted out, and Rita will recognise her and apply gentle pressure to get her to speak up on Dixie’s behalf. Or the brother of the rapist will discover either a backbone or a conscience and will tell the police what really happened.   Continue reading


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Casualty: Zoe unable to sit down for almost an entire episode

zoe casualty(Series 28, ep. 3)  Following straight on from last week’s dramatic episode,  Jamie was still locked in Zoe’s office with Ramin,  the illegal immigrant who was desperate not to be deported back to Iran, because he was gay and would not be facing a pleasant reception. Just how unpleasant was soon revealed when Jamie discovered whip marks on his back and X-rays eventually revealed previously broken bones.

Jamie and Robyn, being young and idealistic, thought they could handle the situation last week. Robyn contacted a (fictional) pressure group who specialised in This Sort Of Thing, but unfortunately the pressure group turned out to not have much to offer practically apart from covering Robyn in fake blood as a diversion, chaining themselves to Zoe’s door and blocking ambulance access to the hospital. I’m sure not all pressure groups are this daft.

zoe h casualtyThis all meant Zoe had to rush around sorting everything out without even the chance to sit in her nice comfy desk chair to make phone calls. When she wasn’t shouting at the infuriatingly know-it-all Dr Lily Chao, she was standing in a corridor on the phone, talking Jamie through various tricky procedures to save Ramin’s life.   Continue reading


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