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Casualty: Our hero

charlie casualty(Series 29, ep.6) To throw the loss of Jeff into terrible and heart-breaking perspective, his beautiful teeth were front and centre in many of the scenes in this episode. Not just his teeth, obviously – that would be very macabre indeed. And a bit sick. But the many photographs of him at the funeral, in lockers, at the wake etc, all showcased the former nicest pearly whites in the NHS.

The funeral itself was genuinely moving. For once there wasn’t the usual scene where someone tries to give a eulogy, gets overcome with tears and the eulogy has to be finished by someone else. Jamie (who’d jetted in from Australia) and Dixie (who’d come direct from answering a shout to a rubbish dump) gave lovely speeches, and then all the paramedics held up their radios so someone in the control room could add one last call to Paramedic Collier before signing him off for the last time. There was even a faithful dog to watch the coffin make its final journey.   Continue reading

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Casualty: Jamie goes to the land down under

jamie robyn casualty(Series 28, ep.24)  He’s a lovely lad, Jamie. Sweet, kind, fairly small, loveable. Not all that exciting, but pleasant enough. He was given a suitably sweet, loveable send-off for his last episode in Casualty, joining the very small band of people who gets to have (at least the hope of) a happily-ever-after by going with new boyfriend Ramin to live in Australia.

What I liked most about him leaving was the sight of Jeff trying not to cry when he dropped Jamie off in the town centre to catch his bus to the airport. I also liked Robyn failing not to cry in the pub after he’d gone, and being comforted by Good Old Charlie.

Also in the pub and sharing a table and a discussion about whether young women actually do find older men attractive was Dr Lily Chao (a young woman) and Dr Martin Ashford (an older man, whom Lily does find attractive). The official topic of their conversation was Ash’s daughter Ella, who’d been spending the day observing what goes on in a busy ED. I really liked Ella – she was opinionated, a bit lazy, helpful despite herself and independent. As such she reminded me of the early days of The Radiant Donna Jackson in Holby City, and I’d quite like to see her join the staff.

Next time: Lily becomes a magician’s assistant. Seriously.


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Casualty: Dixie is free, and Max and Zoe flirt

gina rita casualty(Series 28, ep.23)  Dixie’s wrongful arrest for overbalancing a rapist has all been sorted out and Dixie is a free woman. This was thanks to the rape victim running the rapist’s brother over and everyone (including the rapist’s mother) ending up at the hospital. I know I always go on about how I enjoy the story lines of the regular cast members rather than the patient story lines on Casualty, but in this case I’m not even sure it was necessary to include Dixie’s arrest in the story. I thought the whole thing was really well done, from the brilliant acting of Holly Matthews as the victim, Gina, all the way to the use of that horrible song ‘Blurred Lines’ in both episodes. I really cared about Gina and what had happened to her, and I was glad her husband stood by her.

zoe max casualtyTo balance this rather intense story, Max (who has the most beautiful smile in the NHS) somehow persuaded Dr Zoe Hanna to be a porter for a day. This gave her the chance to demonstrate how one can still look foxy in a burgundy polo shirt, and gave the pair of them the chance to flirt like nobody’s business for an entire shift. And Zoe got through an entire day of pushing trolleys and wheelchairs while wearing high heels. What a gal.

Next time: “Dixie and Jeff help extract a man sinking in mud.” Can’t wait.

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Casualty: Dixie arrested!

rita dixie casualty(Series 28, ep.22)  Poor Dixie. One minute she’s enjoying an unexpected snog with Rita at Holby’s premier night spot (no disrespect to the late Carol #RIPCarol, but Rita definitely counts as an upgrade), and the next she’s banged up in Holby’s most depressing police station.

But what was her crime? Not much, as far as I could see. “Overbalanced a rapist” would be the most accurate description, but the police are treating it as assault or GBH or whatever and the rapist is currently languishing in the ED with Dr Cal poking sharp implements in his eye in a therapeutic, successful, yet queasy-making (for this viewer) effort to stop him going blind.

casualtyI’m hopeful that next week the rape victim, who has gone home with her husband and is not telling him anything about what happened, will need to come to the hospital to get her broken wrist sorted out, and Rita will recognise her and apply gentle pressure to get her to speak up on Dixie’s behalf. Or the brother of the rapist will discover either a backbone or a conscience and will tell the police what really happened.   Continue reading


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Casualty: Stabbings, burns, fake heart attacks etc

casualty(Series 28, ep.6)  There were a lot of patients in Casualty this week. I know that’s the whole point of it, but although the patient stories were reasonably compelling, it’s always the staff I’m most interested in. This is where Holby beats Casualty, because it’s a lot more about the staff and the poor patients are often there merely as a vehicle to express the emotions of the main characters.

We learned four things about the staff this week:

1 – Tom is moving in with Sam. She spent most of the episode looking a bit hesitant about the whole scheme, but at the end she was smiling radiantly at the prospect of going home with him. What had changed in the meantime? Or was she merely putting on a happy face/kidding herself (and him)? I’m confused.

2 – Jeff found it difficult to work with new boy Iain, especially when Iain pulled Jeff off a patient so he could help to counterbalance a toppling ambulance. “Don’t ever pull me off a patient!” snarled Jeff, baring the most beautiful teeth in the NHS. But I have to say I’m with Iain on this one. They’d have been in a right pickle if that ambulance had gone over. By the end, they’d ironed out their differences and were joining forces to trick Dixie into buying them a round. Lads, eh?

3 – Speaking of Dixie, she got some flowers from Carol the Prison Governor, but she’s not as keen on Carol as Carol is on her, apparently. We’ll wait and see if that gets tested by Unforeseen Events at the prison in the coming weeks.

4 – Robyn and Jamie were worried that domestic violence might be going on in the house next door. Jamie went round to borrow a cup of sugar and subtly let the man of the house know that there were people next door who could hear. Expect that situation to flare up before too long as well.

Next time: This is more like it – Zoe guesses that Fletch was Tess’s secret boyfriend.

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Casualty: Zoe unable to sit down for almost an entire episode

zoe casualty(Series 28, ep. 3)  Following straight on from last week’s dramatic episode,  Jamie was still locked in Zoe’s office with Ramin,  the illegal immigrant who was desperate not to be deported back to Iran, because he was gay and would not be facing a pleasant reception. Just how unpleasant was soon revealed when Jamie discovered whip marks on his back and X-rays eventually revealed previously broken bones.

Jamie and Robyn, being young and idealistic, thought they could handle the situation last week. Robyn contacted a (fictional) pressure group who specialised in This Sort Of Thing, but unfortunately the pressure group turned out to not have much to offer practically apart from covering Robyn in fake blood as a diversion, chaining themselves to Zoe’s door and blocking ambulance access to the hospital. I’m sure not all pressure groups are this daft.

zoe h casualtyThis all meant Zoe had to rush around sorting everything out without even the chance to sit in her nice comfy desk chair to make phone calls. When she wasn’t shouting at the infuriatingly know-it-all Dr Lily Chao, she was standing in a corridor on the phone, talking Jamie through various tricky procedures to save Ramin’s life.   Continue reading


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Casualty: Nothing is as bad as it seems. Apparently.

fletch rita casualty(Series 28, ep. 2)  Another week, another new girl. And I have to report that this one seems to be more “normal” than last week’s newbie, Dr Lily Chao (still busy frightening the patients to death). She’s a nurse, and she’s practical, independent, feisty and knows what she’s doing. Her name is Rita Freeman (Chloe Howman) and she started her first shift, as so often happens on Casualty, by finding herself in the middle of An Incident.

The incident was a collapsing floor in the building she’s just moved into. I wasn’t clear whether the floor collapsed because there was an extreme hoarder living there, or whether that was a coincidence, but at any rate Rita proved she has both a cool head in a crisis and a head for heights. All in the same head, obviously.

jamie casualtyFletch thinks her head is quite pretty, but he was missing Tess, who was having a rare day off when he got back from his holiday. There was no Charlie either, which left Fletch in charge. It was a nice easy shift, though. Only an extreme hoarder and her son, a man who thought he had cancer but didn’t, and a gay Iranian illegal immigrant who was terrified of being deported. It’s this latter patient we have to worry about, because when last seen he was locked in a small room with Jamie and getting increasingly panicky because of the police hammering on the door.

In next week’s second half of this two parter, Jamie’s going to be in hot water, Robyn is going to get hurt and before you can say “Jac Naylor” Army Dr Sam is going to discover her maternal side when she rescues a baby.

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