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Casualty: Not really intubated

(Series 33, ep. 5 by Jerome Bucchan-Nelson and Dana Fainaru 15.9.18) I’ve reviewed this week’s Casualty for Metro, so please head over there and take a look. First, some random thoughts.

– Asan N’Jie, who played Femi, has previously guested in Holby City in Series 19, ep. 23. When I spent some time in AAU as part of the research for the Holby book, he was the patient in the scene I saw being filmed. He was being intubated by Jasmine with help from Fletch and Morven. Needless to say, they didn’t really intubate him or he probably wouldn’t have agreed to be in Casualty.

– I wonder how Dylan’s going to react now he’s found out that Ciara is married?

– I also wonder how long Iain will hold out before he begins to love Ruby as much as I love her. There’ll probably be an episode where she has to do some ninja-level work in order to prove herself. And even that will have to be accompanied by Charlie Having A Word with Iain.

– Ethan has a heart of gold, but is he being a bit full-on with Alicia, do you think? I can’t quite decide. If it was anybody but Ethan you would probably think so. At any rate, I would not be happy about another person choosing the paint colour for my bedroom.

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Casualty: Stop the plane, I want to get off

sam strachan casualty(Series 30, ep. 24) My opinion about Sam Strachan has completely changed from last week, when I described him as an “arrogant twonk.” The phrase I would use now is “complete tit.” Whereas Jacob Masters has now achieved the status of The World’s Most Perfect Boyfriend, if you ignore the fact that he calls Connie “sweet cheeks.”  Continue reading


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Holby City: Career suicide

morven digby holby(Series 17, ep.49) AAU was all about Digby this week, but obviously the first question we wanted answering was whether Fletch survived last week’s explosion. It looked quite grim at the beginning, as the patient Raf etc were working on went beep, and despite everyone’s desperate efforts, he died. But we never saw his face, until we’d already seen the face of Fletch, watching through the window and very much alive. The dead person was Ron, and Fletch had escaped with just a flesh wound. “You’re a bloody hero,” Raf told him.

Selfie was bloody, but he wasn’t a hero. He slumped about in a shirt covered in Ron’s blood for so long I was screaming at him to get himself to the scrubs cupboard and get something clean to wear. He did manage to mumble a thank you to Fletch, who said not to mention it because Selfie would have done the same for him. You could tell by Selfie’s face that he wouldn’t have done any such thing, but that he wasn’t proud of himself for it.  Continue reading


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Holby City: Looming marvellous

ric serena holby(Series 17, ep.30) The new CEO was going to be introduced at a specially convened meeting. Everyone sighed and looked a bit bored or cross as they trundled towards the board room. Many of them expected to see the mythical Olivia Sharpe installing her shoes under the table of corporate power (though Elliot had bumped into Olivia and she hadn’t mentioned anything), or some tedious pen-pusher in a suit. Nobody noticed that Serena Campbell was wearing a Knowing Expression. Then the door opened to reveal… an empty table.  Continue reading


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Holby City: A proper cad

amy selfie holby(Series 16, ep.34)  There’s been a massive development in the Smug/Smug/Posh triangle! I can exclusively reveal that the Triangle will henceforth be known as Smug/Queasy/Posh, since Dr Amy Smug spent most of the episode gipping into her own mouth and unable to look a muffin in the face. Lightweight. By this stage of her pregnancy Jac was on a heady combination of chocolate and anchovies.

There’s a sinister side to the triangle, too, as Dr Harry Posh (currently unaware that Dr Amy is pregnant because, unlike Selfie, he hasn’t had his hands on thousands of pregnant women in his career yet) is blackmailing Amy. Basically she has to smooth the path of his career-haltingly troublesome relationship with Dr Raf Smug, or else Posh will spill the beans about their night of drunken lust. The cad! “I’m a proper cad,” he told Amy. The proper cad!

As previously mentioned, Selfie knows at a glance that a woman is pregnant – it’s just one of his billions of skills – so he twigged that the Smugs are multiplying and took Amy to Pulses for a heart-to-heart, where he also worked out that Posh might be the father. Just why he thought Pulses was the venue for a woman with a muffin aversion is a puzzle, because muffins are the only food they sell.   Continue reading


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Holby City: If only work didn’t get in the way of my personal life

jonny jac holby(Series 16, ep.20)  Thanks to the fluid staffing configurations of Holby, Jonny Mac is now King of All the Nurses on Darwin. That’s him, Bonnie and a handful of mostly non-speaking extras (though the one with the blonde ponytail gets to say “Thank you” or “Yes” when it’s her birthday). It’s a hefty responsibility and with it comes a new set of scrubs in “hunter green.” “Straight from the garden centre,” according to Jac. Jonny thought she just couldn’t handle the fact that he was now at the same level as her – and anything she can do, he can do better. Let’s have a parachute stitching contest and we’ll see if he’s right about that.

jonny emma holbyThe thing is, he can actually be helpful when he gets the chance. He had an excellent idea involving a diathermy loop in theatre, and when he and Jac work together on either work things or baby-related things, they’re a very good team. The problem is, with Emma just about ready to leave hospital, they haven’t quite negotiated how life is going to be. At least they admitted as much by the end of the episode.   Continue reading


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Holby City: Making yourself feel better

digby chantelle cameron holby(Series 15, ep.41)  That Chantelle is made of sterner stuff than you’d think. She seems so pink and pretty that every time she laughs a new baby fairy is born, but she must be hard as nails really. How else do you explain going straight back to work after you’ve been mugged, with your false eyelashes glued firmly into place on your bruised and swollen eyelid? That’s got to smart, but she bore it with her shoulders back, her head held high and a professional smile on her face.

The same could not be said for Digby. He was suffering from the aftermath of the attack. Not so much any physical injuries, although his glasses had to have first aid, but the realisation that he’d failed the woman he loves when she needed him most. He spent the rest of the episode trying to make himself feel better, as Chantelle pointed out to him, by being a bit too stroppy and ready to call the police on the potential mugger, who was the kid who was giving Chantelle trouble last week, Cameron.

chantelle digby holbyIn turn, Cameron accused Chantelle of trying to make herself feel better with her caring, sharing style. At the end of the episode, Chantelle and Digby sat on the curved bench of contemplation in an outdoor area I don’t remember having seen before (they must have had Lottery funding to expand the Linden Cullen Memorial Shrubbery, as there seems to be more of it every week). She said she felt daft for being such a soft touch, and he said (I’m paraphrasing) that her soft touch was exactly what was lovely about her, and not to go changing because he loves her just the way she is. He was bold enough to put his arm around her shoulders as he said this, and was rewarded for his efforts with a kiss. It’s been a long time coming (since New Year’s Eve, when Chantelle first set eyes on her Consolation Nerd), and I hope now they can be happy for a while and neither of them will be diagnosed with a brain tumour or end up doing something they might regret with Mary-Claire after a drunk night at the bar.   Continue reading


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