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Casualty: Dylan takes a bullet, Charlie makes a decision

connie charlie casualty 35(Series 34, ep. 35 by Dana Fainaru 30.5.20) My full review of this dramatic episode is over at Metro. Before you click over there to have a read…

– Phew. Charlie’s coming back. One of his main skills is not looking people in the eyes, and this is something he can teach to his colleagues. Faith and Dylan are going to find it hard to look each other in the eye now she knows how he feels about her and he knows that she knows. Charlie can show them how it can be done with style, with his trademark “pretend you’re watching a cricket match in the distance” technique.

– I loved the Connie and Charlie scenes. Top work from two top actors, with Charlie giving full vent to his rage.

– What did Faith think she was going to achieve with that needle? It didn’t even have some weapons-grade anaesthetic in it. Leave that sort of thing to John Wick is my advice.

– Why did Fenisha even feel tempted by Will’s “Now you’re no longer with child, would you consider getting back with me” overtures? There’s just something so creepy about his attitude. Or is that just me?


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Casualty: Bye bye Archie

Casualty - Series 34 - EP27(Series 34, ep. 27 by Colin Bytheway 7.3.20) I’ve given this a proper review over at Metro as usual. But before you click on that link…

– Line of the week: Dean hears that best friend Hazel is about to get married and says he can’t quite be happy for them, ‘But, like my Grade 2 clarinet, I will work towards it.’

– I feel like Ruby gave up on trying to look after Harmony far too easily. With Violette gone, I’m sure Robyn would have welcomed them back into her house and everything would have worked out nicely.

– I’m sad Archie has gone.

– And I’m sad to hear that Rosa has gone to Uruguay to look after her mother who has allegedly had a fall. I say ‘allegedly’ because Xiomara has a bit of a record of making up illnesses to suit her purposes. What I would really like to happen is for the two of them to come back to Holby and for Xiomara to get a job on reception.

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Casualty: The return of Connie Beauchamp

Casualty - Series 34 - EP18My full review of this episode is over at Metro, but before you go…

– Line of the week: (Patient Barney) ‘Is he [Dylan] always this grumpy?’ (David) ‘No, sometimes he’s asleep.’

– Line of the week 2: (Dylan) ‘If you’re going to be a doctor you have to tune your body like a fine instrument powered exclusively by sugar.’

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Holby City: Alright, who’s got the laser?

I didn’t blog about last week’s Holby, but if I had I would have called the post “Where there’s Hope, there’s life.” Because Elliott Hope spent the episode charming some lady from a medical organisation into promising the hospital one of these fab lasers that he needs to sort out Footballer Ben’s lung, at a bargain price. It seemed he’d done a brilliant thing for Footballer Ben and all the other patients who’d benefit from a state-of-the-art laser, plus bagged himself a nice new girlfriend. Result!

Sadly this week, as Connie and Elliott lurked behind the hospital’s front door waiting for a box containing a laser to pop through the letterbox (well, almost), it became increasingly clear that Something was Wrong.

Several desperate phone calls later, Elliott discovered that con artists come in many forms, including nicely-dressed, nicely-spoken, terribly nice-seeming ladies who work for medical institutions. She’d only gone and scarpered with Elliott’s cheque, and no laser was forthcoming.

While Footballer Ben projectile-vomited blood all over the ward, Elliott continued (against all the evidence) to promise that the laser would arrive in time. Connie is sceptical. I’m sceptical. But there’s something woolly and wonderful about Elliott’s faith in human nature, and you just have to hope that, by some magic method, the laser will appear after all.

Meanwhile, Mark “Jesus” Williams was getting a bit over-enthusiastic in his new role as CEO. When Sacha Levy made a clumsy “blonde” joke and an irritable woman complained, Jesus swung into action. When he heard that Sacha had been giving Jac Naylor “unwelcome” hugs, rather than commending him for bravery, he started investigating him for sexual harrassment. Of course it was all something and nothing, and the entire situation was beautifully defused by The Radiant Donna.

If only the tension between Dr Penny Valentine and Goth Sister Freda was so easy to sort out. Those two do not like each other, though Goth Sister Freda has taken a shine to Penny’s brother, Dr Oliver Valentine. They even arranged to meet up for a drink, but Penny scuppered that by telling each of them that the other one couldn’t make it. She took Oliver off to the cinema, leaving Goth Sister Freda at the bar with only the weird anaesthetist and vodka for company. Even that displeased her. Knocking back a glassful, she winced. “Vodka,” she pronounced. “But not vodka.”

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Holby City: Faye Byrne, the robo-nurse that men can’t resist

In a perfect piece of casting, the frozen-faced Patsy Kensit brings her full gamut of facial expressions (ranging from disappointed sadness to sad disappointment) to bear on the flint-hearted energy drain whom men can’t resist.

This week, she discovered that the child she’s carrying is a boy, which means he has a 50% chance of having the same profound disabilities as her late son, Archie. Clearly an awful situation and one for which we really ought to have the profoundest sympathy for Faye. But that’s next to impossible when she spends an entire episode wringing her hands and being horrible to the wonderful Joseph, at one point telling him more or less to butt out of her business, conveniently ignoring the fact that the child is his as well. “She’s cold,” said my other half. Yes, she is.

Meanwhile, the Doctors Valentine literally almost lost a patient, because they were engaged in a brother/sister spat because of Oliver telling Connie about Penny’s relationship with Scott James. While Penny pretended that the patient had died to upset Oliver, and Oliver pretended to tell the patient’s wife he’d died to upset Penny, the patient himself had gotten bored waiting in a wheelchair in a corridor and had gone walkabout. Luckily he collapsed within easy reach of a nurse who uttered the Holby/Casualty official cry of “Can we have some help here?” and all was well.  Apart, that is, from a dressing down from Connie and Mark “Jesus” Williams, and a humiliating stint in gorilla costumes as part of Jesus’ bid to raise funds for laser surgery equipment.

On the other side of Holby, Michael Spence was attending relationship counselling with his anaesthetist wife, Annalise. We knew when we first glimpsed the counsellor sticking an inhaler thing up his nose that he wasn’t going to last the session without crumpling into a collapsed heap, and thus it turned out. Luckily he had a consultant surgeon and an anaesthetist on hand, and to be fair to them they did remember to roll him into the recovery position before they carried on bickering.

Once they had him safely installed in the hospital, it looked for a minute like a reconciliation was on the cards. At least, Michael thought so, but he was left disappointed in the hospital coffee bar with nothing but a wilting bunch of flowers and two junior doctors dressed as gorillas for company.

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Holby City: A bad day at the office for Connie

The trouble with these ice-cool, in-control types is that when they fall, they fall hard – and usually alone.

Someone was out to get Connie this week. She was getting nasty notes, and someone smashed up the photo of her daughter which sits on her desk. Was it former old school friend Kevin, whose wife had just died? Connie thought so, and told him she’d call the police if he didn’t stop harassing her.

Then she was attacked in her office (quite savagely – Amanda Mealing twittered today that “I had serious bruises around my neck”) – but it wasn’t Kevin. In fact, Kevin was the one who rescued her. The attacker was the man from a couple of weeks ago, whose mother died. Remember Connie pinched his parking place, and he took so long to get to his mother’s bedside that she’d already died by the time he’d arrived? Grief has apparently turned him into a surgeon-clobbering fiend.

This was a slightly clunky twist which I’d guessed was coming two weeks ago, but almost more troubling than physical assault, as far as Mrs Beauchamp is concerned, is that patients are losing faith in her. While Joseph and Irish Dr Greg were running around some housing estate trying to retrieve a heart, Connie was back at the hospital waiting for the tardy organ and defending her reputation. This is not customary Connie territory – her reputation (more of a legend, in fact) and skills are normally beyond question.

It’s also usually a fact of the Connie Beauchamp persona that she really doesn’t need other people for support or affirmation, but in her hour of need she reached out to Irish Dr Greg. However, earlier in the episode when she was still her former self she was a bit cool with him, and he chose to repay her by being cool in return and going out for a drink with Joseph instead.

Joseph needed a swift half after work because of all the running around chasing missing hearts, but also because Faye told him she is with child. She is also with Linden, but the child is Joseph’s. It would be nice for Joseph to have a friend like Irish Dr Greg, who neatly balances Joseph’s OCD tendencies by being maverick and laid-back and letting his heart rule his head.

I didn’t blog about Holby last week because I was away, but I saw the episode (eventually) and loved the bickering/flirting between Sacha and Jac. I wonder if that’s going to go anywhere?

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Holby City: This is not a drill. Oh, hang on – it is

I’m sure I remember someone in Holby having to drill into someone’s skull with a hand drill, in Africa probably. Joseph, was it? Or Abra? I’ve always been impressed by that kind of on-the-fly improvisational TV surgery since Dr Clive Gibbons did a tracheotomy on Lucy Robinson on Neighbours with a Bic biro and a fruit knife.

It’s not something you’d actually want to try yourself though (unless you’re very, very disturbed), and it wasn’t something Mark “Jesus” Williams felt like doing in Holby last night. He was locked in a tool cupboard with a porter who was suffering from a subdural haematoma. Linden was outside the door shouting out helpful advice. “He’s going to die, unless you relieve the pressure!” “No!” Jesus yelled back, feeling under pressure himself. Luckily he was wearing scrubs for once rather than his suit – being his last day as a nurse before he took up the CEO job, he’d wanted to get his hands dirty. Not quite as dirty as covering them in bits of skull, though. “Drill slowly!” Linden instructed. “How slowly?”  Jesus said. One sensed that he was just putting off the actual moment. He was right to do so, as a key was found, and the porter was rushed off to a more sanitary location to have his head drilled professionally.

Things went a bit pear-shaped for Connie and Joseph this week. Connie’s old school friend Elaine is never going to be the same again following the oxygen deprivation she suffered due to the power cut following the experimental surgery Connie and Joseph did on her. Connie was naturally devastated, but also very keen to make sure that Elaine’s husband Kev didn’t find out that the procedure had never been done before on a live, living, actual patient. It’s one thing disabling your old school friends; it’s quite another possibly being sued for malpractice.

Kev, up till that point quite satisfied that Connie wanted only the best for his wife,  stepped out for a soothing latte, and was standing at the coffee bar with Joseph when up popped Jac Naylor, very amused because Joseph’s research project has gone tits-up.   “Guinea pig numero uno is in a coma isn’t she?” she grinned. And Kev realised she was talking about Elaine.

Kev was naturally upset, and nothing Connie or Joseph could say would calm him down. Later on, Connie discovered that her car had been smashed up. Was this Kev’s work – or could it have been the grieving relative whose car she beat into a parking space earlier? I have to admit, I’m worried for her.

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Holby City: What a friend we have in Mark “Jesus” Williams

The second part of the previous day’s flood-tastic two-parter, and immediately we’re pitched straight into the action. Donna and Maria are still stuck in a lift, Mark “Jesus” Williams is trying to hold back the floodwaters, two kids are still missing and there’s a paedophile roaming around somewhere, and in the operating theatre Connie’s sockets are on the blink and so, by the look of it, is her patient.

Tense. As. Hell. But when all hell is breaking loose, what you need is a man so calm and serene and wise that he could have once played the Son of God in a famous TV series. Holby is fortunate to have that man in the suit-wearing, gum-chewing form of Consultant Nurse Mark “Jesus” Williams. While the Acting CEO flapped around in her oversized high-visibility jacket, Jesus calmly took control.

Pretty soon Donna and Maria were freed from their elevator, though Donna’s happiness was shortlived when she was informed that little Mia was missing. When the paedophile turned up, Jesus again took charge and gave him a gentle grilling (“You’re the only one who’s looked me in the eyes since I got here,” the nasty man told him) and discovered that he didn’t have anything to do with the children disappearing. He’d merely been off looking for some tools to try and fix the hospital’s generator. And, even better, he knew a man who could get exactly the cables that were needed to plug Wyvern wing into the next door wing’s mains and get the power back on.

So where were the kiddies? Not entirely sure on that one, but they turned up safe and well anyhow, and that’s all we care about.

Maria spent the episode reassessing her life’s goals. She had been planning to go and work for VSO in Tanzania, but had taken the ward sister job instead. But when she saw (a) how brilliant Donna was at suturing and (b) how brilliant Donna was with Mia, she decided that Donna deserved the job more, and told Jesus she was withdrawing her application and catching the next flight to Dodoma (it’s the capital of Tanzania. I googled).

Yesterday we left Connie busily grafting bits onto the heart of her old schoolfriend, being snappy with the anaesthetist, and exchanging meaningful glances with Joseph (I’m definitely sensing something brewing between these two). The operation successfully concluded, all that remained was to get the old schoolfriend safely installed in intensive care. But there was a snag – all the HDU’s, ITU’s, AAU and other places ending in U were closed due to lack of power. There was one still open in another wing, but it would involve carrying the unconscious schoolfriend up and down several flights of stairs and along Holby’s maze-like darkened corridors.

Off they went, and at some stage old schoolfriend’s breathing tube became blocked. She was “down” for several minutes, and a head CT (they had power to do CT’s, by some lucky chance) showed she would possibly have brain damage. Not good news for Connie, who rather badgered the woman into having the surgery in the first place.

So Connie is down but not out. Maria is out, but not down. And it looks like Jesus is in – the Acting CEO told him she wouldn’t oppose his CEO application, and the job is virtually his.

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Holby City: Hell or high water

Oh my lord. It was all kicking off in Holby last night. Picture the scene: the fictional town of Holby is experiencing non-stop heavy rain. Roads are flooding, rivers are breaking their banks, and the waters are seeping ever closer to the hospital.

Mark “Jesus” Williams is trying to hold back the floodwaters with sandbags, but this is even beyond Jesus, and he warns Linden that they might have to evacuate the operating theatres.

Busy as bees in various operating theatres are Linden (sorting out a road accident victim), Ric and Sacha (some palliative surgery for a woman with cancer) and Joseph and Connie (the brand new experimental surgery on Connie’s old mate from her “Con from Peckham” days). And the power has gone off! The lights all go out, the machines that normally beep stop beeping, machines that aren’t supposed to beep start beeping, everyone looks tense as hell, then the back-up generator kicks in… for now.

Back up generators are usually located in the basement, and the basement is going to be the first place to flood, despite the valiant efforts of Jesus and his sandbags (it would also help if he shut the door, but then we wouldn’t be able to see him framed in the door phoning people while sandbagging goes on at his feet). Meanwhile Donna and Maria are trapped in a lift.

It can’t get any worse, surely? Well, throw in a couple of missing kids, one of whom is Donna’s Mia, and a paedophile on the loose, and yes it can get worse.

Luckily we only have till tonight to wait for the breathless denouement.

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Holby City: Just don’t mention the time I had an affair with a patient

It was the best of times and it was the worst of times for Young Dr Oliver Valentine in last night’s Holby (rescheduled from Tuesday). To start off with, he got some good news. He’s not an F1 any longer, he’s an F2. Hurrah! That means he’s on the same level as Lennie, May and Yuki on Casualty, which is a bit weird because Dr Oliver always seemed like a far more competent doctor than any of them.

Anyways, so he’s an F2, and his sister Beautiful Dr Penny Valentine isn’t. Penny, however, is used to being in the shadow of her gloriously brilliant brother, so she swallowed her disappointment and got on with the day’s work. She even offered him some helpful hints and advice, which of course he dutifully ignored. He is the F2, and the brother, after all. And no surprises really when it turned out that Pen was right, and by ignoring her advice Olly almost killed Connie’s old school friend and star patient. Oops.

While he was defending his actions to Elliott and Connie later, Dr Oliver, who has always been a bit of a slippery character, had a little hissy fit about how Penny is always given the benefit of the doubt – even when she’s been sleeping with patients (or rather, one patient – Scott James). Oh my stars, you don’t drop that kind of news in front of Connie Beauchamp and expect to live, but she turned her wrath on Penny, who was immediately dumped into the netherworld that is AAU (or sick-on-the-shoes-central as it could also be known). Since Penny’s heart is really in heart surgery, this is a bitter blow.

To be fair to Dr Olly, I didn’t think he’d have the balls to admit to Penny that it was he who told Connie. I thought he’d let Elliott take the blame. But he owned up, and his sister is not a happy kitten.

The Radiant Donna’s not happy, either. Being a mother is taking its toll on her, sleep-deprivation-wise, and she wasn’t coping well with the new duties of being a ward sister. Lovely Nurse Maria, however, takes to responsibility like Connie takes to Jimmy Choos. Thank goodness her bad back seems to have been forgotten about. At the end of the episode both Maria and Donna had applied for the permanent ward sister job. There’ll be tears.

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