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Stella: Pomp and circumcision

eternally soft.PNG(Series 5, eps. 4&5)  Double header recap for Stella for me this week, and if the anniversaries, arranged marriages and trekkie funerals hadn’t made it hard enough to fit even one in, you can bet the investitures, boxing classes and Frisky Strictly have pumped it to exploding point. It’s been new loves and old loves dominating over in Pontyberry and as always things are never that simple in the valleys.   Continue reading

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Waterloo Road: The one with the old soldier

waterloo road(Series 9, Ep.5)  Is Audrey the worst teacher in the history of Waterloo Road? I know there’s stiff competition from the likes of Steph Haydock, Grantly Budgen and Cesca Montoya, but Audrey is in a league of her own. She’s a perfect storm of hand-wringing sincerity, gullibility and a total inability to predict the consequences of her own actions.

She worked out last week that her online friend Moira was none other than Lisa Brown, out to get revenge after Audrey caused her brother Larry to get banged up. Cheerfully disregarding Lisa, Lenny and Larry’s troubled upbringing and the fact that Lisa and Lenny are officially in the care of some kind of Social Services/Waterloo Road deal because they had no one who could take parental responsibility for them, Audrey gave their grandfather a call.

kacey waterloo roadGrandad was played by Clive Russell, who’s been in nearly everything (including Game of Thrones as Brynden Tully), but I’ll always think of him as Phil Nail, AKA Phil the Foot Fiddler, Gail Platt’s reflexologist boyfriend in Coronation Street. As far as Gail’s boyfriends go, Phil was only mildly psychopathic, but he was one of the few people I’ve seen scare the crap out of David Platt. So I wasn’t expecting him to be all cuddly and loveable. He was actually a lot more interesting than he could have been – one of these types who’s left the army, but the army’s never left him. He thought he could bring a bit of old-school discipline to new-school Waterloo Road. Let’s face it, someone had to now that Nikki Boston has her hands full coaching Kacey and doing spot checks for indecent images on mobile phones. Continue reading


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Casualty: Another nasty man

(Series 26, Ep.18) I don’t know about you, fragrant reader, but I’m getting a bit fed up with watching violence against women in Casualty. It feels like there’s hardly a week goes by without us having to watch some poor woman being terrorised by a nasty man. There was Maverick Nurse Kirsty and Nasty Warren, then poor Tina O’Brien and her mate were victims. This week we had another one, when last week‘s mystery man turned out to be (surprise, surprise) the abusive former husband of the woman whose child was in the car accident. And he wasn’t a happy man.

He was a proper nutter, as well. Luckily, dashing new doctor Tom Kent ensured he was caught out via the simple expedient of getting his fingerprints on a glass of water. I do like Tom Kent. He has a nice nose, he’s tall and he talks like he’s gripping a drinking straw between his teeth, all of which spell phwoar as far as I’m concerned. Scarlett likes Tom Kent as well. She likes him so much, she googled him, as you do. When she was caught out, she pretended she was checking the spelling of his name for admin purposes. It was pointed out that there aren’t that many variants on “Tom” and “Kent.”

Of course a nice nose and a way with fingerprints isn’t going to catch a criminal without official help. This was provided in the form of one DCI Yvonne Rippon, a copper with a sweet tooth and an eye for a handsome A&E consultant. She and Nick Jordan were flirting like nobody’s business. Unfortunately, Dr Zoe Hanna was busy with something or other and didn’t see all this flirtation, otherwise she’d have had something sarcastic to say.

In other news, Army Dr Sam’s fireman patient (Corrie fans will remember him as Gail’s former beau, Phil the Foot Fiddler) died.

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