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The Sound of Music revisited.

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“This freaky clown is controlling my every move”

I am old. I grew up in a household with a telly with clunky push-button controls on the front – remote controls hadn’t been invented. It is beyond the comprehension of my ten year old that there were only three channels which didn’t even transmit all day – there were hours when the only thing you would see would be the girl, the balloon and a terrifying clown of the BBC trade test transmission  –  and it was long before it was possible to record programmes, let alone watch films when you wanted to on videos, DVD, streaming, downloading, iPlayer…

angelaWhat with that and fairly strict parenting, Christmas day involved going to church in the morning, no presents from under the tree until after the Queen’s speech at 3pm (and we all had to watch it). The only chance to watch decent telly (such as was programmed) was after that. And, according to my memory, this pretty much always meant The Sound of Music (with my father snorting rudely about the direness of singing nuns)  or Mary Poppins or Chitty Chitty Cang Bang followed by the excellent Morecambe and Wise Christmas Special, which would include something amazing such as strait-laced newsreader Angela Rippon causing a furore by dancing in a skirt that ripped off, flashing a fine pair of pins. Continue reading

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