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Never Mind the Buzzcocks: filthy Hound & Dirty R2D2

I think I’ve wibbled on this point before, but I’m not keen on programmes  that carelessly lose presenters then have a series of guest ones. It’s feels like having multiple foster parents to me. Even though the idea of the delightfully barking Simon Amstell as a ‘parent’ is patently ridiculous. Non-regular hosts make me feel insecure. Even the capable hands of Jack Dee could not contain the hyperactive, narcissistic, attention seeking idiocy of Jedward, which felt like a show where the lunatics had bought the asylum as a theme park.

So, despite my enduring love for the adorable Noel Fielding, when I saw that Terry Wogan was going to be hosting Never Mind the Buzzcocks, I almost didn’t bother watching. I guess, partly I feared it might be sentimental and a bit schmaltzy, but I was wrong.

It was a terrifically funny, silly show that swiftly descended into pure filth and remained joyously in the gutter for an entire splendid thirty minutes. It was like unexpectedly seeing your headteacher off duty and off his tits, telling blue jokes at a wedding. Not that Sir Terry has not been known for naughty mischief in the past especially hosting the Eurovision Song Contest. Nor was he inebriated in any way, he just seemed de-mob happy and thoroughly enjoying the bawdy talk around him. He was also sharply and enjoyably rude about David Bowie and Chris Moyles. Continue reading


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Twatbox: David Walliams

“I’ve just been watching that new Chris Moyles thing,” Mr PLA said. “David Walliams is humping somebody again.” Turn on any panel-type quiz show and the chances are pretty high that you’ll find David Walliams pretending to hump someone. In this case it was Peter Andre, who has surely suffered enough.

Now, I like a good sexual innuendo as much as the next person. I was practically brought up on giving Julian Clary a warm hand on his entrance. But the thing with Julian Clary is that he has charm, style and charisma to spare, whereas David Walliams is just… embarrassing. There are obviously people who find him hilarious (one has gone to the trouble of editing “highlights” from an appearance on 8 Out of 10 Cats), but he makes me feel all creepy with his lechy manner and his great big face.

This may just be me, though, so feel free to tell me I’m very, very wrong and he is, in fact, a comedy genius.


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