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Casualty: How festive can you get?

sam tom casualty(Series 28, ep.18)  A baby born in a stable! A bride looking radiant in white with a tasteful red bouquet! A carriage ride through fake snow! Extremely professional carol singers! It was everything you’d want in a festive Casualty episode, and I haven’t even mentioned the Christmas tree-related electrocution and the jack-knifed birthday tractor ride.

Tom and Sam decided to have a quiet wedding, just the two of them, nice and low-key. But before they even had their feet inside the registry office,  the Christmas tree-related electrocution happened. It was the same patient that Tess had almost killed previously with potassium instead of saline. The one Fletch had had an altercation with in the car park. How can one man be so unlucky? Particularly as he was a mess of old wounds and fractures which may or may not have been as a result of partner-abuse.

fletch casualtyBut, luckily for him, he got electrocuted within metres of two of Holby’s finest emergency medics, and his heart was restarted in no time and he was on his way to the ED. Unluckily this all ended up in Fletch being arrested for assault.   Continue reading


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Casualty: Strictly come by ambulance

fletch sam casualty(Series 28, ep.17)  On Casualty, the staff always get appropriate patients. This week Fletch, who has been having an affair and has been thrown out of the marital home by Mrs Fletch, had to tell the Fletchlings that he may not be joining them for Christmas. Therefore his patient came complete with an adorable little girl who was being babysat by a drug dealer who was oblivious to her peanut allergy. This meant Fletch had to fling himself into battle – without even calling Security as backup! – to rescue her from a parked car.

Army Major Dr Sam, meanwhile, was wrestling with her conscience after snogging Army Iain when she’s supposed to be with the very tall Dr Tom Kent. Her patient was a man who’d been secretly ballroom dancing behind his wife’s back.

jamie fletch robyn max casualtyI enjoyed both of these stories, because they added to the continuing storylines for the staff as well as being interesting in their own right. By the end of the episode, Fletch had been offered a place on the sofa at the house shared by Robyn, Jamie and Max. Fletch did not look like he was going to settle down happily to a life of ignored cleaning rotas and no milk in the fridge.   Continue reading


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Casualty: A busy one for Jeff and a big one for Tom and Sam

jeff casualty(Series 28, ep.12)  What a fantastic episode. It ended with an engagement – hurrah! – but, more importantly to me, it featured a great deal of Jeff. In scrubs. My word, scrubs really bring out the colour of his eyes.

Following last week when Rita had to spend a day riding with the ambulance crew, this time it was the ambulance crew of Dixie and Jeff who had to spend the shift in the ED shadowing the nurses. Hence the scrubs.

Jeff was paired with Fletch, who was a bit annoyed at Jeff’s maverick style and tendency to want to throw out people who look like they’re about to batter a patient. Jeff has instincts which have been finely honed by his work out and about picking up the lost and wounded of Holby and ferrying them back to the hospital. He knows a wrong ’un when he sees one.

casualtyHis patients were a father and son team of plumbers who’d come across a lot of cash in an attic. The cash belonged to a Very Nasty Man Indeed, and he didn’t waste time trying to get it back by any means necessary. This all resulted in Jeff having to commandeer Norman and an ambulance and go and rescue the younger plumber and his brother from a fate which, it had been promised, would be beyond the scope of doctors and nurses to fix. Stirring stuff.   Continue reading


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Casualty: Fletch, one of the most fertile nurses in the NHS

tess zoe sam casualty(Series 28, ep.8)  It wasn’t the easiest of shifts for Tess, bless her. Not only is she still getting over getting rid of the baby she was expecting, and splitting up with Fletch, but now she finds that Fletch is expecting another baby, with Mrs Fletch. Worse still, it was poor Tess who had to do the pregnancy test and deliver the happy news.

No wonder she was a bit distracted, and gave a man potassium instead of saline and nearly killed him. Luckily she doesn’t know about that yet, because it would just add further upset to an evening of shedding bitter tears into a lonely glass of Tesco Vin Ordinaire in front of Strictly.

Fletch knows about it, though, because he crossed her initials off the chart and added his own. He therefore faces career ruination at a time when he’s contemplating another mouth to feed. Mrs Fletch is not going to be best pleased, particularly when/if she ever finds out that he did it to save the skin of the woman he’s been having a secret affair with. What a deliciously messy situation.

sam casualtyTalking of messy, Dr Lily Chao was practising her suturing on a pig’s leg. The other staff members found this hilarious, even Charlie. I’m surprised at Charlie. He’s spent time in the wards upstairs at Holby City, so he should know that it’s standard practice up there to spend your off-duty hours in the wet lab with a sewing kit and assorted meats and fruits. Presumably they don’t let the A&E lot into their wet lab, or Dr Lily Chao hasn’t discovered it yet.

Dr Lily Chao’s bedside manner is not improving as fast as her suturing is, though. Robyn was very concerned at the way she treated a patient who’d been self harming, and alerted Charlie, who’d stopped laughing about the pig’s leg by then and had his Concerned Face on. I have to say, I do like Robyn. She’s kind and caring, and she actually seems like a real nurse.

No sign of the most beautiful teeth in the NHS this week, as Jeff had gone down with some bug or other and was at home, leaving Dixie and Iain to roam the countryside in search of car crash victims without him.

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Casualty: Stabbings, burns, fake heart attacks etc

casualty(Series 28, ep.6)  There were a lot of patients in Casualty this week. I know that’s the whole point of it, but although the patient stories were reasonably compelling, it’s always the staff I’m most interested in. This is where Holby beats Casualty, because it’s a lot more about the staff and the poor patients are often there merely as a vehicle to express the emotions of the main characters.

We learned four things about the staff this week:

1 – Tom is moving in with Sam. She spent most of the episode looking a bit hesitant about the whole scheme, but at the end she was smiling radiantly at the prospect of going home with him. What had changed in the meantime? Or was she merely putting on a happy face/kidding herself (and him)? I’m confused.

2 – Jeff found it difficult to work with new boy Iain, especially when Iain pulled Jeff off a patient so he could help to counterbalance a toppling ambulance. “Don’t ever pull me off a patient!” snarled Jeff, baring the most beautiful teeth in the NHS. But I have to say I’m with Iain on this one. They’d have been in a right pickle if that ambulance had gone over. By the end, they’d ironed out their differences and were joining forces to trick Dixie into buying them a round. Lads, eh?

3 – Speaking of Dixie, she got some flowers from Carol the Prison Governor, but she’s not as keen on Carol as Carol is on her, apparently. We’ll wait and see if that gets tested by Unforeseen Events at the prison in the coming weeks.

4 – Robyn and Jamie were worried that domestic violence might be going on in the house next door. Jamie went round to borrow a cup of sugar and subtly let the man of the house know that there were people next door who could hear. Expect that situation to flare up before too long as well.

Next time: This is more like it – Zoe guesses that Fletch was Tess’s secret boyfriend.

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Casualty: Zoe unable to sit down for almost an entire episode

zoe casualty(Series 28, ep. 3)  Following straight on from last week’s dramatic episode,  Jamie was still locked in Zoe’s office with Ramin,  the illegal immigrant who was desperate not to be deported back to Iran, because he was gay and would not be facing a pleasant reception. Just how unpleasant was soon revealed when Jamie discovered whip marks on his back and X-rays eventually revealed previously broken bones.

Jamie and Robyn, being young and idealistic, thought they could handle the situation last week. Robyn contacted a (fictional) pressure group who specialised in This Sort Of Thing, but unfortunately the pressure group turned out to not have much to offer practically apart from covering Robyn in fake blood as a diversion, chaining themselves to Zoe’s door and blocking ambulance access to the hospital. I’m sure not all pressure groups are this daft.

zoe h casualtyThis all meant Zoe had to rush around sorting everything out without even the chance to sit in her nice comfy desk chair to make phone calls. When she wasn’t shouting at the infuriatingly know-it-all Dr Lily Chao, she was standing in a corridor on the phone, talking Jamie through various tricky procedures to save Ramin’s life.   Continue reading


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Casualty: What’s up, doc?

casualty(Series 27, Ep. 28) It’s lovely when Casualty goes all seasonal. The fairy lights and fake snow that signal Christmas. The hideous burns that say “Bonfire Night.” And, especially for Easter, an Easter Bunny off his face on stolen hospital drugs derailing a ghost train carrying one of Holby ED’s star junior nurses. Heartwarming.

robyn casualtyThe derailed nurse was Robyn, who was all aboard the train of fear with an old “friend,” who was one of these frenemy types who kept undermining Robyn’s career choice at every opportunity. Naturally when she ended up upside-down under a crashed ghost train carriage she was only too pleased to be in the company of a skilled and relatively unscathed mate.

tom sam casualtyMeanwhile, Tom and Sam were unravelling the complex family relationships of the funfair’s owner, his son, his secret daughter, his dead wife and his mother-in-law Anita Dobson off of EastEnders. This culminated in Tom pushing the fairground owner over (he deserved it) in a corridor and being sent home by Ash. Army Dr Sam rushed over in her annoying little car to see if Tom was ok and he had a little cry on her shoulder.

Next time: More Tom, more Sam and a “little boxing champ.”

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