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Casualty: Unrelenting death, delays, shortages, grief

(Series 36, ‘Remember Me Part 1’ by Barbara Machin 4.12.21) Take a look at my proper review for Metro (where I’m also doing some of the EastEnders and Corrie stuff these days). But before you get too engrossed in Metro’s world of soap, I’ve had a few thoughts.

What a brilliant (if initially confusing) episode. Well done to master manipulator of time Barbara Machin for such a complex and engrossing story.

I don’t think I was watching Casualty in 2006, so I missed Laura’s first appearance. It was a clever idea to bring her back, and to have a grown-up Rosie now working in the ED.

It was an absolute joy to see Tess again. Hopefully by the end of the next episode she and Charlie will have resolved their differences.

Also lovely to see Iain in his red HEMS uniform again. He looks very good in red.

The appearance of hapless social worker Adi made sense of why nobody was pleased to see him last week in the Paula storyline.

And what a cliffhanger ending, despite the fact that we know Iain doesn’t die in 2020 because he’s still alive and well in 2021. Unless he’s a ghost, like Cal.

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Casualty: Let’s have another go at giving it another go

(Series 35, ep. 3 by Colin Bytheway 16.1.21) Pop your sweet self to Metro for a look at what I like to call my ‘proper’ review. But before you go…

Has the Fenisha/Will/Ethan triangle been the yawniest thing ever? It seems that in every episode one or more of them will suggest they try to give one or the other relationship ‘another go,’ but for some reason it never happens. The reason is generally because Will and Ethan both tend to look like rabbits in headlights whenever Fenisha mentions babies. To be fair to Ethan, he has good reason to be concerned about impending fatherhood (the fact he might pass Huntington’s disease on to the little ‘un).

I wish Ethan and Fenisha would just talk to each other though. 

My favourite piece of acting of the night was when Charlie was going on about the trust exercise where you fall backwards and, in an ideal world, your colleagues catch you. ‘I know the one,’ said Will, in that polite yet slightly impatient way PLA Jr reacts when I start going on about how Christmas Top Of The Pops used to be the highlight of the festive season, in the olden days when music was good.

Where do you think the Rash/ITU woman storyline is going? She seems very irritating with her ‘humour,’ but I thought that about Fenisha at first. We’ve already got Dylan in love with a married woman (though the Faith/Lev marriage is currently hanging on by a thread). I don’t want Rash to get into all that as well. Plus Mr ITU Consultant is probably a wrong ‘un.

When Ffion got involved in the fake kidnap gone wrong, I thought it would be her who’d end up a casualty. The Curse of the Holby Relative/Friend and all that…

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Casualty: Dylan takes a bullet, Charlie makes a decision

connie charlie casualty 35(Series 34, ep. 35 by Dana Fainaru 30.5.20) My full review of this dramatic episode is over at Metro. Before you click over there to have a read…

– Phew. Charlie’s coming back. One of his main skills is not looking people in the eyes, and this is something he can teach to his colleagues. Faith and Dylan are going to find it hard to look each other in the eye now she knows how he feels about her and he knows that she knows. Charlie can show them how it can be done with style, with his trademark “pretend you’re watching a cricket match in the distance” technique.

– I loved the Connie and Charlie scenes. Top work from two top actors, with Charlie giving full vent to his rage.

– What did Faith think she was going to achieve with that needle? It didn’t even have some weapons-grade anaesthetic in it. Leave that sort of thing to John Wick is my advice.

– Why did Fenisha even feel tempted by Will’s “Now you’re no longer with child, would you consider getting back with me” overtures? There’s just something so creepy about his attitude. Or is that just me?


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Casualty: The one where Charlie quits

Casualty - Series 34 - EP29(Series 34, ep. 29 by Hilary Frankland 28.3.20) As usual, you can find a full and frank review over at Metro. But before you go…

– It always amuses me that when people leave their jobs on TV programmes they always take a box of stuff with them. Never a carrier bag – it’s always a box. There’s usually a plant in it as well, but Charlie didn’t have a plant. I bet he had a picture of Duffy so he’ll probably have to go and get the box back out of the bin when nobody’s looking.

– Will he be back, though? I mean properly? Casualty without Charlie feels like the end of days, as if we didn’t have enough apocalyptic stuff to worry about already. The ravens will be leaving the Tower of London next.

– It also always amuses me when they have ‘famous’ people on Casualty and Holby. I don’t mean Sharon Gless-type real famous people. I mean pretend ones like Cameron the graffiti artist, AKA Brian Brain or whatever it was. Everyone had heard of him. There used to be a man in my area who would paint tiny pictures on lumps of squashed and dried chewing gum on the pavement (seriously. They were quite good) but his arrival at the local hospital would not have caused anything like the Brian Brain level of excitement.

– And anything at all that happens, gets videoed and put on the internet is always seen within 5 minutes by a staff member (usually Jade) at the hospital. Does this really happen? I’m somewhat old and therefore not quite as glued to my electronics as some, but still…

– I hope we get to see Noel dressed as an elephant on an exercise bike. Though I can’t help thinking there may be trunk/handlebar entanglement issues.

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Casualty: This is the chance we have to say goodbye

Casualty - Series 34 - EP23(Series 34, ep. 23 by Oliver Frampton 8.2.20) I’ve reviewed this episode over at Metro. I don’t really have many further thoughts this week. My further thoughts tend to be a bit more flippant and there wasn’t anything flippant about this episode at all.

– Though I did wonder whether having a funeral cortege pulled up outside the entrance to A&E was a good look for people who were there hoping they were going to be made better. Especially when the entire staff team bobbed out as well.

– If you didn’t cry at the end when Charlie was crying you have a heart of stone. Stone, I tell you.

– It was almost as moving as after Stan Ogden’s death in Corrie, when Hilda sat holding his glasses. Ask your gran if it was before your time. She’ll remember.


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Casualty: She’s gone

TCasualty - Series 34 - EP22(Series 34, ep. 22 by Katie Douglas 1.2.20Have a look at Metro for a full review of this tearjerker of an episode, plus an extra piece about Duffy. But first…

– This was such a sad episode. We’ve known it was coming, really, but like Charlie we hoped it wouldn’t have come so soon.

– Derek Thompson and Cathy Shipton played their scenes perfectly. Has there been any other soap couple which has endured so long?

– It was nice that Connie made her peace with Duffy and also, to an extent, Charlie.

– Robyn breaks my heart.

– Violette is lovely. I want her to train to be a paramedic or nurse and stay.

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Casualty: Such lovely suits

The episode started with Dr Zoe Hanna drinking her way down a bottle of wine, and leaving lots of messages on Nick Jordan’s answering machine. As she got drunker, the messages got more and more fond. “You’re always in suits,” she slurred. “And they’re always such lovely suits.” They are indeed, but in the sober light of a working day she concluded that letting her boss know how she feels about him is perhaps not the most sensible plan, so to correct it she came up with another not-sensible plan, and pinched his keys so she could go and erase the messages.

But he’s got two sets of keys! He came home and caught her red-handed. Ooh, she does feel silly now. As a fall-back position she has an admirer in the form of an anaesthetist called Matt, but he’s a very poor substitute for the fabulous Mr Jordan and his bespoke suitery.

Adam Trueman was sent to the staff counsellor. Is it just me, or does that staff counsellor get punched fairly often? He goaded Adam until he got punched, but that always counts as progress with these TV psychologists. Adam admitted that it was very hard for him that Jessica had got rid of all of Harrys things so there was no tangible proof that he ever existed – and then he spotted a tiny baby sock under his desk.

No baby socks in the near future for Louis, who told his dad (back in the ED for a visit after his heart operation) that Shona terminated her pregnancy.

There was a cocky new bloke who was after an F2 job. May wasn’t keen on the idea of yet more competition for the fellowship, and complained to daddy, but changed her mind because she quite fancies Cocky New Bloke.

Dixie was keen to plan her wedding to the lovely Geoff, but Geoff’s an old-fashioned kind of guy who thinks marriage vows mean something, and they don’t mean marrying your gay mate so she doesn’t have to fess up to her dying dad.

This week’s medical issues were a woman who’d lost her memory after a series of strokes and had a condition that meant she took on any identity that cropped up – she was a waitress, a doctor and a police officer in the space of ten minutes. And a man who was injured in a go-karting incident on a stag weekend. This latter event is all too frequent, as my other half can testify.

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Holby City: Charlie’s best Hope

“You broke his heart!” Shona accused the useless Louis when he finally showed up at the hospital to see his dad. Holby has never been a programme to shy away from a medical metaphor, but in this case it was more literally true – stressing about his waste-of-skin son can’t have helped Charlie’s medical condition.

Elliott Hope, however, could and did help Charlie, but it was a bit touch and go in theatre. Elliott was not having a good day, what with being over-tired, his angina playing up, and having the life of the most revered man in Holby in his hands. Indeed, without Nick Jordan’s timely intervention, it could all have gone horribly pear-shaped.

Meanwhile, Thandie was under threat of being deported if she and Ric didn’t satisfy the Home Office that their marriage was real and not an immigration scam sham. Ric was in no mood to play happy families with the fifth Mrs Griffin, so when the immigration people turned up it soon turned into a proper bicker-fest, with both of them dredging up long-held grudges and niggles. And it was those very grudges and niggles which – ironically – actually persuaded the immigration people that they were a for-real couple. Apparently people who only marry for convenience try too hard to pretend they’re in love. And, wouldn’t you know it, no sooner were the snooping officials out of the door than Ric and Thandie were kissing. Bless! He’ll probably be hating her again by lunch time.

Maria thinks she’s found true love with the Unblinking Canadian Paediatrician, but we saw last week that he has a roving eye for the ladies. Tonight we discovered that his roving (unblinking) eye extends to the laddies as well, when he copped a feel of Pale Thin Nurse Nicky Van Barr. What we really need now is for Pale Thin Nurse Nicky to grow a pair and let Maria know what’s going on, but since he’s practically the living embodiment of the word “wimp,” this may take some time.

Stunningly Beautiful Dr Penny Valentine has been ordered to repeat her Darwin rotation because of her misdemeanour with Scott James. But, now she’s dumped Scott on Elliott’s instructions, all will be well. But wait – she hasn’t exactly dumped Scott. In fact, she hasn’t even mentioned the d-word to him. Oh, Dr Penny, it’ll end in tears one way or the other.

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Casualty: It’s Charlie!

Charlie Fairhead occupies a position in the A&E department of Holby City Hospital akin to Nelson Mandela, the Queen or Cheryl Cole. He’s that revered. So when this episode ended in him having a heart attack (ooh, it was a messy one, as well), the entire cast literally dropped what they were doing and jogged back to work to be by his side.

He needed to go “upstairs” to the hospital proper for immediate surgery, Nick Jordan decided. Lovely Staff Nurse Faldren wasn’t keen. “We look after our own!” he protested. Well, of course you do. You’re in a completely different programme.

However, what with it being Charlie and the situation being serious and all, “upstairs” he duly went, to be received by the kindly old uncle of Darwin ward, Elliott Hope. As Amanda Mealing (Connie Beauchamp) tweeted on Saturday, “How funny to see my lovely Elliot at the end of Casualty?!” Yes, it was. And on Tuesday it will be funny to see Charlie on Holby, but that’s where he’ll be, as Elliott and the rest of the Holby staff try to save the life of a national treasure.

Meanwhile, Dixie had a dilemma. Her darling old dad is dying of lung cancer, and his last wish is to see her happily married to a lovely man. Having a gay daughter, Dixie explained to Geoff, has never been part of dad’s world view. The solution? Simple – Dixie proposed to Geoff. If they need someone to be a bridesmaid, I would be absolutely thrilled to do the honours.

It looks like the Holby A&E football team is no more – they’ve been reported for misconduct after Adam gave an opponent a good kicking. It was his way of releasing a bit of the pressure he’s been under. Dr Zoe Hanna’s way of releasing pressure is to go outside and smoke a lot, and put abusive messages about Nick Jordan in the comments box. Not a good idea – and she’s duly been warned.

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Casualty: Old faces in the ED

Casualty was just stuffed with familiar faces the other night. We had Antony Costa from Blue, who’d fallen in love with a prostitute played by Mika from Waterloo Road (Lauren Drummond),who was involved in a fire started by Curly’s wife from Corrie (Angela Lonsdale). She was in a bed next to Layla from Tracy Beaker (Cara Readle).

Anyway, enough about the patients because they’re completely disposable on Casualty – you know there’ll be another set next week. Only rarely does a patient make it past one episode, a notable recent exception being Ruth Winters’ brain patient Amir. This week it was Amir’s funeral, but as usual Ruth was trying to pretend she had no feelings, and it was business as usual. Only it wasn’t, because she had to work alongside the F2’s who had possibly been responsible for Amir’s death, and it made her even more spiky and unpleasant than usual. It also made her take her eye off the ball, so that if she hadn’t been bailed out by Nick Jordan, she could have caused serious harm to a patient.

The upshot to this is that her frosty boss has told her there’s not really a place in the brain surgery world for that kind of distractedness, and Ruth has had to go cap in hand to Adam to see if there are any jobs going in the ED.

Meanwhile the F2’s learned that Amir had died of a heart attack which they couldn’t have foreseen or prevented, so they’re off the hook.

Charlie brought his son Louis to work. Louis never appears without getting involved in some bother or other. In this case Charlie discovered him indulging in hanky-panky in the on-call room with a patient’s sister. Teenagers, eh? Though Charlie is also keeping an eye on Tess and the vicar, who are spending a lot of time together. She’s clearly spotted that he’s none other than Don Warrington from Rising Damp, and while he’s got a bit chubbier over the years, he still has that voice that could melt Miss Jones into a puddle of pure liquid hormones. Tess can’t hold out for long against that.

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