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Holby City: Goodbye, Carole

(Series 23, ep. 36 by Joe Ainsworth 7.12.21) Pop over to Metro to read my proper review of this sad, sad episode. But before you go…

I was in pieces when Carole died by the lake. How absolutely brilliant were Julia Deakin and David Ames? I loved how you could see Carole’s lovely warm sparkle was intact despite her failing health. She wanted to make sure Dominic knew how much he was loved. In the scene with Hanssen, too, she managed to convey just enough of how much she valued him.

When Carole said ‘Love’ to Hanssen, it made me remember that Love is his middle name.

Full credit to Guy Henry and Bob Barrett for their parts in making this storyline touch our hearts so much. And of course credit to the always brilliant Joe Ainsworth for the beautiful script.

Hanssen’s admission that he once thought his relationship with Carole ‘might go beyond the cha cha cha.’ Oh, if only it had.

But line of the week: (Carole) ‘Dazzle, my special boy.’ My hayfever is giving me hell today…

I’m so glad that covid filming restrictions have been relaxed now. If Dominic hadn’t been able to hold Carole’s hand, or sob in Sacha’s arms, it would have been wrong.

Jeong-Soo is going to be very sad when he hears about Carole. He was very fond of her too.

In other news: Eli and Amelia have both landed on opposite sides of the Amelia/baby decision, but that was always going to happen. And Claudia is threatening Ange’s confidence in her relationship with Josh, but ditto.

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Holby City: Be more Carole

Happier times…

(Series 23, ep. 16 by Becky Prestwich 20.7.21) Please have a look at my review of the episode for Metro. But before you go…

Dominic and Carole absolutely broke my heart. Under his cocky exterior (“Behind every brilliant surgeon…”) you can see the little boy Dominic used to be, scared and lacking confidence but knowing his mum would always be on his side.

Julia Deakin plays Carole so perfectly.

Line of the week: (Dom) ’Be more Carole.’ Obviously.

I don’t even want to think about the Evie Fletcher storyline. It’s too horrible to contemplate.

Fashion icon of the week: Hanssen in uncharacteristically casual style at the beginning – the top button of his shirt was undone! – and then in a ‘very swaggy suit’ for the party.

Baby daddy of the week: Josh is entirely lovely, isn’t he? I liked how the news that he and Ange are expecting twins just seemed to make them twice as happy. I hope it lasts.


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Holby City: She’s done herself a mischief

(Series 23, ep. 15 by Patrick Homes 13.7.21) Pop along to Metro for my review of this episode plus all the soap stuff you could wish for. But before you immerse yourself in that…

Line of the week: (Carole’s back!) ‘Darren! I’ve done myself a mischief, Dazzle.’

Carole’s return is brilliant news. But it’s not brilliant news that she has dementia. This has upset me almost as much as discovering that she wasn’t Dominic’s biological mum. Carole is so lovely, I don’t want bad things happening to her.

Line of the week 2: (Dominic explains why he didn’t tell Carole about his accident) ‘Because for the first time in my life you couldn’t help me.’ I love that this carries the implication that for all the other times in his life she did help him, and expresses they bond they always had. Lovely writing from Patrick Homes.

Line of the week 3: (Chloe is not impressed by Ange’s love life) ‘You’re having it off with one inappropriately young subordinate. There could be an entire cohort I don’t know about.’

Line of the week 4: (Max ponders Abs’s arrival at Holby) ’Why come here?’ (Chloe) ‘It is a hospital.’ (Max)’It’s also the scene of the crime.’ So many crimes, Max. So many.

I really hope Ange and Josh do have a proper sit down to discuss what they want to do about the baby and we don’t have to endure the predictable ‘Josh has to rush to the clinic to stop Ange doing something they might both regret’ scenario.

Admin must be really piling up on Hanssen’s usually pristine desk while he’s struggling with his demons in the hospital basement. That man really needs some time off.

But don’t leave it in the hands of Jeni, who as well as running some kind of sex ring also seems a tad deluded on the work front. Getting Dominic to give a speech because he’s ‘this hospital’s shining star.’ Sorry, what? He just successfully sued the hospital for an unspecifically large sum of money. A hospital which is so short of cash that Max had to pay for PPE out of her own purse. He is to the words ‘shining star’ what I am to the words ‘Olympic hopeful.’

(Picture: BBC)


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