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Holby City: Three little words

bonnie holby(Series 16, ep. 25) Jonny and Bonnie’s wedding day. What could possibly go wrong? Given that the groom’s heart didn’t seem to be entirely in it, there was scope for quite a lot to go wrong. A jilting at the altar seemed the most obvious choice, and when Jac contrived to have Jonny assist her on a tricky piece of surgery on the bride’s brother, of all people, it looked like there was every chance he’d see the error of his ways and decide he wanted Jac.

jonny jac holbyThere was a lot to love about this episode, but one thing bothered me a bit – even assuming that no one wanted to give Bonnie the news that her brother was undergoing heart surgery in case it spoiled the wedding, didn’t she notice he wasn’t there? Didn’t anybody else? And wouldn’t she have rather been at her brother’s bedside?   Continue reading


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Holby City: Henpecked

jac holby(Series 16, ep. 24) Due to moving house and living in a circumstance that looks like an episode of Extreme Hoarders before the tidying people come in, I only got time to sit down and watch Tuesday’s Holby last night and my recollections about the episode might be a bit confuzzled due to having to watch it through a canyon between cardboard boxes accompanied by the faint smell of cat poo (our traumatised cat had decided the new sofa was the best place to go to the toilet and the smell is taking days to shift).

hen night holbySo… Predictably enough, Bonnie has turned into Bridezilla and her head is full of wedding cake (metaphorically-speaking) and she wants everyone to share her happiness (say that aloud in a kind of breathless squeak for the full Bonnie effect). This includes Jac, because they’re going to be all mums together as far as Emma’s concerned, aren’t they (grrr…)? So Jac is invited to the wedding, but obviously wouldn’t be seen dead at the hen night. Or would she?   Continue reading


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Holby City: The one with the nude portrait of Serena

bonnie mo jonny holby(Series 16, ep.23) This is going to be a quickie, and late too, thanks to me being in the middle of packing to move house and having internet that works about as often as the HR woman on Holby.

This episode was part 2 of the one started last week and continued with the triple shocking storylines of Jess running her husband over and Ric taking the blame, Zosia making a formal complaint against her father, and Jonny’s out-of-the-blue marriage proposal to Bonny.

Starting with the JonBonJac situation… Mo is going to be Jonny’s best man, which is excellent news because you couldn’t think of anyone better to make a speech and arrange a stag do (plus, Jonny doesn’t have any other friends). On the downside, Discretion is not Mo’s middle name, so it wasn’t long before Jac found out. Was she ruffled or bothered at all? Well, yes she was. But apparently not as R and B as Jonny was – he did his best to make Jac beg him not to marry That Bonnie Creature and marry her instead, but she didn’t, because she’s Jac (and he isn’t Joseph. I’ll never give up on Joseph, you know). So the wedding of the year is still on, Rodolfo’s is booked (or it should be) and Mo is after ideas for her speech. It’s just a shame that Jonny doesn’t seem to know a great deal about his bride-to-be.   Continue reading


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Holby City: The thin line between love and hate

(Series 16, ep.22) Ricin had been discovered in the ED. Or was it a raisin? There was some linguistic confusion, but the upshot was that emergency patients had to be channelled towards other wards (rather than to the Mythical St James’s) while Charlie implemented a quarantine-type situation. As RoboNurse5000 strode around with a clipboard acting like she was Deputy CEO rather than queen of nurses (she’s presumably passed the HR woman’s test as we haven’t heard anything since), Selfie said he thought it was about time the ED had a consultant who could whip it into shape. We have seen the future, people, and her name is Connie Beauchamp.

But, with all the extra bodies arriving in AAU, it was all too easy for Jess’s nasty husband David to turn up and persuade her that, even though she’d had her operation moments before and was still groggy from anaesthetic, it was time she legged it away from the hospital. So off they went in his car, hotly pursued by Ric (also in a car – he’s not as fast as he used to be on foot).

Seatbelts, emergency braking and freshly inserted surgical stitches don’t mix, and pretty soon Jess had become as unzipped as PLA Jr’s purse in Topshop. Ric caught up with them, there was a bit of an altercation and Jess ended up running David over.   Continue reading


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Holby City: A kitten, a birthday and a loose cannon

dominic holby(Series 16, ep.21)  Keller has acquired a new little wing which was temporarily dubbed the “Tressler Neurological Wing,” as it was funded by Dr Posh’s dad. I say “temporarily,” because by the end of the episode the nice new sign was being removed and Tressler  flounced off after calling Selfie a loose cannon.

What had happened to provoke this reaction? It seems it was Selfie’s habit of letting patients with a very poor chance of survival clutter up beds.  It’s “not a good look” for a showcase neurological facility, apparently. So it’s goodbye to Tressler Sr., but what will Selfie do with himself now his neurological wing is no more? He’ll have to find something else to do, because gazing mournfully at “Zoshy” and frightening Sacha are not full-time occupations, and he never seems to do much administrating.   Continue reading


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Holby City: If only work didn’t get in the way of my personal life

jonny jac holby(Series 16, ep.20)  Thanks to the fluid staffing configurations of Holby, Jonny Mac is now King of All the Nurses on Darwin. That’s him, Bonnie and a handful of mostly non-speaking extras (though the one with the blonde ponytail gets to say “Thank you” or “Yes” when it’s her birthday). It’s a hefty responsibility and with it comes a new set of scrubs in “hunter green.” “Straight from the garden centre,” according to Jac. Jonny thought she just couldn’t handle the fact that he was now at the same level as her – and anything she can do, he can do better. Let’s have a parachute stitching contest and we’ll see if he’s right about that.

jonny emma holbyThe thing is, he can actually be helpful when he gets the chance. He had an excellent idea involving a diathermy loop in theatre, and when he and Jac work together on either work things or baby-related things, they’re a very good team. The problem is, with Emma just about ready to leave hospital, they haven’t quite negotiated how life is going to be. At least they admitted as much by the end of the episode.   Continue reading


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Holby City: A multi-slap episode

digby dominic sacha holby(Series 16, ep.17) I spent the majority of the time during this episode wanting to slap one or other of the characters. Looking on the positive side, I suppose this meant there were characters I cared enough about to make me want to slap people who were being horrible to them, but still… all this aggression can’t be good for my blood pressure. Each story line had its own slapable person in it – some of them even had two – and the worst part of it was that one of them was Sacha, formerly the Nicest Human Being on the Planet.

sacha holbyAs the slapability count was highest on Keller, let’s get that one out of the way first. Following on from last week, Sacha was carrying out his threat of making Digby, Dominic and Zosia do tests in which a failure by one meant a failure by the group. This despite the fact that Digby is a year ahead of the other two and has only recently been crowned Doctor of the Year. Sacha, meanwhile, has morphed from being Mr Cuddles to being all stern and cross, and I don’t like it at all. Power used to not sit comfortably on Sacha’s shoulders – I remember once when he was put in charge of AAU and had a half-hearted attempt to get Mary-Claire to call him Mr Levy, which lasted for about twenty minutes. Maybe it’s because he’s been so horribly treated at the hands of Chrissie, but he seems like a different person now.   Continue reading


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Holby City: Top quality doctor material

raff holby(Series 16, ep.16)  New boy Raffaello Di Lucca is known as “Raff” to his friends and to people who can’t be bothered typing out his full name. Raff it is, then. But he’s not riff raff – he’s Top Quality Doctor Material, as he wasted no time in informing Ric Griffin and Selfie, who were interviewing him for the post of new registrar on AAU. Perhaps unsurprisingly, there was no sign of the HR woman from two weeks ago, so appointments are again being made on a nod and a whim and someone can be interviewed and then start work five minutes later.

Ric likes a maverick, and this Raff practically has ‘Maverick’ written on his forehead, just under the words ‘Arrogant’ and ‘Up Himself.’ Selfie wasn’t as keen as Ric, but Raff came prepaid (something to do with the NHS already having paid for him), and what CEO can resist a bargain? Also, what CEO could resist the challenge, “Henrik Hanssen had a vision… I’m gambling on you having a vision, too.”

raff mo holbyRaff didn’t employ any kind of dimmer switch to his brilliance once he hit the Ward of Doom, either. The first thing he did was rip into Dr Posh for his rubbish CPR technique. Presumably Dr Posh has been employing this same technique in front of various tutors, mentors, Sacha, Ric and so on for months, but none of them has spotted just how badly he does it. Did Raff take him quietly aside and spend some time demonstrating how it should be done? Nope. Humiliation was sufficient. Honestly, if Raff has been sent as a way of making me side with Dr Posh, he’s succeeded.   Continue reading


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Holby City: A new man

malick digby holby(Series 16, ep.7)  It was Malick’s farewell episode, and didn’t we just know it? He was given maximum opportunity to do all the classic Malick things – rush around going “Grrr,” shout at Digby, have an almighty strop, mess up a bit of surgery and try to worm out of it, and wrestle with his conscience about what kind of father he was to Jake. The only typical Malick thing that he didn’t get to do was have a steamy encounter in the locker room, but there was hardly time for any of that nonsense because he was so busy elsewhere.

malick serena holbyIt was actually all rather magnificent (apart from the sloppy one-handed chest drain incident – what happened to the standard cry of “We need some help in here”? And surely there’s a call button in the CT scanner room?). Since he damaged his hand, Malick has (understandably) been a tad immersed in self-pity, which has at times been fairly tedious to watch. By the end of this episode he’d recovered his mojo, but incorporated a few life lessons into it and become a humbler and wiser man. He’s The Malick again, but he’s Malick 2.0 – teacher, mentor, father. Ego restored and off to Sweden with his son and a James Brown soundtrack.   Continue reading


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Holby City: Jac and Sacha friend-zoned

jac jonny bonnie holby(Series 16, ep.4)  Jonny and Bonnie. It just can’t happen. It rhymes, for a start, and it’s impossible to make into one of those portmanteau names – though I have come across “BJ” on Twitter, which is almost certainly meant to be rude. Because the main reason Jonny and Bonnie can’t happen is that it’s making The Glorious Jac unhappy, and anything that makes Jac unhappy makes me unhappy.

jac jonny holbyBonnie (she’s nice, darn her, and pretty too) is no longer an agency nurse. She’s a full-time, fully paid-up staff member, although obviously that means less within the fluid staffing configurations of Holby City than it would almost anywhere else. She is also “stepping out” with Jonny Mac, a fact which got our Jac so rattled she made a too-deep incision during surgery. Obviously she’s Jac, so she saved the patient anyway and treated her to a most beautiful piece of post-operative Naylor sarcasm. When the (annoying new-agey) patient complained that Jac had done an open procedure instead of a laparoscopic one as promised, Jac replied, “This morning you were suffering pericardial effusion as a result of your own actions and now, as a result of mine, you can go back to shopping and having lunch.”

Jac is aware of how she appears to other people, though. “I’ve just been called grouchy,” she said to Mo. “On a good day, maybe,” Mo replied.   Continue reading


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