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The Archers: Scones Out For the Lads

CG 1I’m calling it: Calendar Girls is the weirdest play Lynda has ever tried to put on. Yes, I do remember the one when she wasn’t sure, right up until opening night, whether Jim would read in English or Latin (you’d think that as the director she’d have needed to know that). And I also recall 2008’s effort, Jack and the Beanstalk, in which Lynda played the rear-end of a cow. I’m sure you’ll have your own examples of the craziest village plays. But there are three key reasons why Calendar Girls is even more bizarre than its predecessors.

  1. Everyone in Ambridge knows the film inside out.

Whenever Lynda approaches someone for a part, the person knows who she is talking about. Even young’uns such as Emma, who are unlikely to have even seen the film on the grounds of implausible demographics, know all the characters’ names. It is JUST NOT POSSIBLE. For one thing, CG has not entered the public consciousness in this way. And secondly, even if it had, the names are not memorable. They are all names like Chris, Annie and Ruth. Names like characters on The Archers, really, and look how long it took us to remember them. I still call Jenny, Chris and David ‘Thingy.’ Calendar Girls is not the Rocky Horror Show. There are no Riff Raffs and Frank N Furters in CG, more’s the pity. (Imagines exciting new mash-up, rings agent, explains idea, agents pretends to lose signal and puts phone down.) Continue reading


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Rob James-Collier disappears again

rob-james-collierFormer Coronation Street “heart-throb” Rob James-Collier (who played Lovely Liam – not the baby, but the murdered father of same) left Corrie to pursue his intention of being a serious actor. We heard nothing about him for many a month. Then we heard that he was taking on a role in the west end production of the play Calendar Girls.

Today I find that he’s been “replaced” in Calendar Girls by someone called Carl Prekopp. I can’t find any explanation why, or what he’s doing now. The Calendar Girls website has removed all mention of him, too.  It’s a mystery, but what I’m hoping is that his agent has called him about a job as a maverick surgeon on Holby. I’m sorry, but once the idea of him wearing scrubs got into my head, it just wouldn’t leave.


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Rob James-Collier reappears

rob-james-collierThe man on the right may not look like a suitable candidate for our Lustbox, but he scrubs up beautifully (see here) and is, in fact, the former Coronation Street actor and One of the Most Beautiful Men in the World, Rob James-Collier.

After a period of post-Corrie hibernation and beard growing, he’s now ready to venture out and have a go at theatre acting. From 3 November until 9 January he’ll be appearing in Calendar Girls at the Noel Coward Theatre in London’s busy west end. Hurrah!

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