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Broadchurch: Compelling – or trying too hard?

23FB35D000000578-2870505-image-a-1_1418326838060You’ll be forgiven for missing it as ITV did hardly any promotion whatsoever (snort!) but a little known drama called Broadchurch returned to our screens last night; picking up the story where we left off. The sleepy seaside settlement had been rocked by the revelation that Joe Miller had killed young Danny Latimer after the investigations of DS Hardy and Joe’s own wife, Ellie, outed him and prompted him to confess.  Continue reading


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The Missing: Cruel, but brilliant, to the very end

241D7EEC00000578-2877191-image-a-16_1418807640700Billed as this year’s Broadchurch, The Missing has been a somewhat brutal affair. I don’t know if it’s because James Nesbitt plays a father’s agony so well, if the subject matter was too hard to digest or if it’s just because the young actor who plays Oliver has the most adorable and innocent cherub face, but the outcome of last night’s finale has left my stomach in utter knots.

I was never expecting a cheerful ending to the year’s most grim series; how could it possibly have ended happily when Oliver disappeared from sight so many years back? As the lead officer Julien Baptiste pointed out to gutted Tony last night, better that he died back then than lived all of these years at the mercy of a paedophile or holed up in someone’s cellar. For the programme to have maintained its realism and integrity, there could only be one outcome for poor Oliver. But the question over what happened to him from the moment Tony tragically lost sight of him in that heartbreaking opening episode has plagued us for eight long weeks.  Continue reading

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Halloween Special: TV’s Scariest moments

simpsons-shinning-treehouse-of-horror-homerWhat’s the best part about Halloween? Is it terrifying the elderly into handing over their possessions in exchange for you to leave them alone? Is it sticking on a pair of horns and going scantily clad to a drunken party which mildly passes itself off with a Halloween theme? Maybe it’s just a milestone which means it’s officially time to start panicking about Christmas. (Yeah, 7 weeks in case you’re wondering)

To us in Pauseliveaction, Halloween means one thing and one thing only. The chance to reflect on those spooktacular TV moments that made us hide behind a cushion in sheer terror, spilling our Fizzy Haribo ghost and ghouls shapes all over the blood red carpet. So without further a-boo, here is my rundown of some of the most ghoulish TV moments of all time…


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The Missing: Hard hitting and haunting

Nesbitt_The_Missing-388765James Nesbitt last night endured every man’s worst nightmare. No, he wasn’t forced to watch a rerun of last Saturday’s X Factor; he was starring in BBC Ones new thriller/drama ‘The Missing’ in which he lost sight of his young son in a foreign country for a mere moment. This minor lapse in attention led  his alter ego Tony Hughes, and his family, into the horrific ordeal of a missing child situation; one that, 8 years on, where certain strands of this story pick up, still haunts him.

The Missing tells the story of the Hughes family’s agony on two separate timelines; one which builds up to and shows the immediate aftermath of Oliver’s tragic disappearance and the other which looks at how the characters continue to struggle in the present day, eight years later. The direction and writing of the episode, where characters are effectively introduced twice and events are portrayed in a non consecutive manner, keep viewers on their toes and hold attention perfectly. It is a tense hour of drama that you can’t take your eye off of for fear of missing anything; and the slow unfurling of the plot already allows, at this early stage, for pieces of the puzzle to start clicking together.

Any parent sitting watching ‘The Missing’ would have been wincing throughout the entire thing; feeling a cold dread in the pit of their stomach in the blink-and-you’d-miss-it moment where Tony loses sight of his son. Once it finished, I have no doubt many would have went upstairs and given their children extra tight hugs too for this is a drama that tells a brutally human story; in a non sensational way and it sticks with you long after it airs.

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Broadchurch: Mystery-on-sea

broadchurch(Ep.1) The trailer for Broadchurch really tells you most of what you need to know. David Tennant is in it and he’s looking haunted. Olivia Colman cries a lot. It’s about the murder of a young boy. It’s set by the sea and the sun is shining, but the town is full of secrets. There’s a cast of shadowy characters who will no doubt come to prominence as the series goes on (there are eight episodes) – the local reporter; the out of town reporter; the boy’s employer the grumpy newsagent; Olivia Colman’s son, the murdered boy’s friend, whose second reaction to the news of his friend’s death (the first was tears) was to delete every text and computer file relating to him; the young vicar; Pauline Quirke, who lives in a cliff-top caravan and hasn’t spoken yet but has been an onlooker.

It’s partly standard police procedural, but in the opening episode there were touches that lifted it above the standard. The presence of Tennant obviously gives it dramatic weight, but I was most impressed by Olivia Colman. As the local cop on the case and knowing the dead boy’s family personally, she’s heavily emotionally involved from the outset and Olivia Colman is totally real – she looks soaked in tears and grief, and it must have been a completely gruelling part to play.

Some of it was a wee bit obvious, like the boy’s dad’s progress through the town in the sunny morning before the murder was discovered, with a friendly word for every person he came across. We get it, it’s a friendly, tight-knit community. There were also some amazingly powerful scenes, such as when the boy’s mother was stuck in traffic and realised that the cause of the jam was that a body had been found at the beach. Already worried because her son hadn’t turned up for school, she left her car and set off running towards the beach in blind panic. I should think every parent in the country could relate to exactly how she was feeling. I bet more than one person went to check that junior was safe and snug in bed after watching this.

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